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Hello. My name is Emily/Emma/Shiver-n-Shake.

My favourite TV shows are Glee, Bones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Bones, The Graham Norton Show, Primeval, John Adams, Tin Man, The Catherine Tate Show, Top Gear, Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsey's F word, Castle, basically anything anime, Keeping Up Appearances, and The Vicar of Dibley.

I currently reside in the United States, but I'm considering moving to Europe.

There are too many books that are written normally or manga that are my favourites that I can name, so here are just a few: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, anything by William Shakespeare, anything by Agatha Christie-my favourite book being And Then There Were None, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, any manga that isn't cutsey (I like Fruits Basket. That's where I draw the line.), The Harry Potter series, The Canterbury Tales, Vive La Revolution by Mark Steel, and MANY MANY OTHERS that I currently can't think about.

I'm currently a member of a DCA Drum and Bugle Corps (I'm not going to tell you which one because strangers will be able to find me...) and because of the practice schedule and schoolwork I don't have a lot of time to update. Please don't hate me!

And now for the clicky copy pastie thingies.

Do you have all of the episode names and order memorized?

Can you not help but quote Bones on an hourly basis?

Did you start watching Buffy because David Boreanaz is in it?

Do you feel obligated to introduce everyone you know to the amazingness called Bones?

Do you worship TJ Thyne?

Do you know Zack's middle name is Uriah?

Have you ever considered a career as a forensic anthropologist?

Have you ever wondered how it's possible for Bones to not have an MD?

Do you know exactly what episodes Bones and Booth first hold hands, hug, and kiss?

Do you find Bones to be the only show that you can watch the same episodes over and over and NEVER get bored of them?

Does the number 12402510221 mean anything to you?

When someone says dirt, do you picture Hodgins freaking out?

Have you become a conspiracy theorist since you started watching?

Is it obvious to you that the Jeffersonian is modeled after the Smithsonian?

The fact that you even read this proves you are obsessed with Bones.
Copy it to your profile if any of these apply to you!

MUSIC LIST ALPLHABETICA: The name of any artist/band that you can think of starting with the given letter.


B: Beastie Boys


D: Def Leppard

E: Emery

F: Flogging Molly

G: The Gaslight Anthem or GLEE!


I: Ingrid Michaelson


K: Kelly Clarkson

L: Linkin Park or LMFAO


N: Nickelback

O: Owl City

P: Plain White T's


R: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus



U: Usher

V: The Veronicas

W: Wicked

X: Xavier Rudd

Y: Yu-Xiao Guang

Z: Zac Brown Band


The Doctor Who Survey

Who is your favourite Doctor? Tenth Doctor

What is your favourite episode? The Idiot's Lantern

Who is your favourite companion? Rose

Who/what is your favourite villain/monster? Ooh, this most definitely is a tie between the Master and the Werewolf from Love and Monsters

Who do you ship? 10Rose, MarthaMickey(for Doctor Who) then JackIanto, JackGwen, OwenTosh

Chris or David? I LOVE THEM BOTH! But if I had to choose it would be David... sorry! I have to embrace my scottish heritage :) Although, whenever I see Christopher Eccleston in random movies, I ALWAYS scream; CHRISTOPHER EEEECCLESTON!! In a scary fangirl voice!

Rose or Martha? Rose. I am a COMPLETE Martha basher. I just don't like her... Sorry Freema

Rose or Donna? Rose once again, but I still love Donna! Catherine Tate is my all time favorite comedian!!

Donna or Martha? DONNA!!

Daleks or Cybermen? Daleks. Although cybermen are really creepy, I can still remember watching an old doctor who movie where the daleks are red and blue or something on the cover...

River or Reinette? I hate them both. Reinette was kind of a whore (whoopsy daisy, there goes my clean profile) and River screwed up the timeline

Who's the hottest Who celebrity? David Tennant!! MOST DEFINITELY!

What's your fave piece of Who merchandise? DVDs and Posters... And sonic screwdrivers with psychic paper, and the cute little figurines, and the books, and the life size cardboard cutouts, and... EVERYTHING!

How would you improve the show? Rose and 10th Doctor stay until they're both old and farty and they regenerate or die or something. The End :D

Who's your favourite member of Torchwood? Toshiko Sato or Gwen Cooper.

What's your favourite episode? Contrary to popular belief, I thought the episode with the eye was GOOD. I LIKED IT. THERE. But my favourite episode is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Jack/Ianto or Jack/Gwen? Ooooh, hard choice... I'd have to say that JackGwen would be a better choice for canon. But JackIanto is canon... BOTH DAMN IT. BIGAMY! I also like Jack/Donna now :D

Who is your favourite Doctor from the Classic series? NUMERO 4!! TOM BAKER IS MY DOCTOR WHO IDOL :D

Who is your favourite companion from the Classic series? OHMYGOD! K-9!! And yes, I know he turned up again.. I love him. I wish he was my super awesome tin dog. Romana as well, I think her and Tom Baker got along pretty well (LOL :D).

Which Classic series character would you love to guest-star in the current series? Well since K-9 and Sarah Jane already did, I'd have to say um... erm... OH! TEGAN!

Who would you like to be the next Doctor? I kind of don't like Matt Smith because of the whole River Song thing... Sorry but, I think the next Doctor should be Dylan Moran! He'd be hilarious! That'd never happen though...

Who do you want to be the next companion? Hmmm... I think I would personally be the best choice but if not me, then I would say Molly Quinn :) I LOVE Castle and I think she'd be good for the part!

DOCTOR WHO PAIRINGS I'M AGAINST: Anyone with Rose but the Doctor and anyone with the Doctor but Rose, GwenRhys, ROSE10.5 (I HATE YOU)

Pairings that just don't make sense: Owen and Amelia Earhart in Out of Time in Torchwood. What the hell was that?? I mean, Tosh was so freakin jealous and then he SLEPT with her!! Thank god she left.

As for Harry Potter, my favourite pairing is Remus/Tonks. Everyone else can do whatever the hell they like, just keep those two together and ALIVE *tears of insane greif*

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