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Poll: If A Final Fantasy VII - Cross over was wrote by an Mega fan and his friend what would you as the readers like to see, from heros to villans to what ever thats in FFVII Saga? If You want to tell me what excatly you would like PM Or Email Me Vote Now!
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Author has written 7 stories for +Anima, Final Fantasy X, Trinity Blood, Naruto, Pokémon, and Final Fantasy XII.

Lucian Jay (Uchiha) Raidijiu

As of 3/21/2012: Reason I've not done any new stories is Becuase I've changed jobs and now work 6 days a week. Also I'm in college so I don't have as much free time. If you liked the stories so far please email me and In my spare time with is not much I'll do my best to finish the un completed ones off for you.
All my best,
Lucian profile:

My Name: I have Many Lucian, Lance, Greg, Troy, Vaclov, Delacroix, Sieg, Albel, Calintz, and Jafar & Agreian. Been known to RP as Sephiroth from time to time & Cloud.

Age: 6/26/88

Homepage: (That is my Fourm Site please join it's free)

Contact Info: Aim- greglmciver, Msn Live-, Face book- Greg L McIver (Lucian Raidijiu), Gamefaqs- Dark_God_Lucian

Favorite Anime & Magna: Trinity Blood, Naruto, DBZ, and Bleach & Many Other’s I have seen bits of

Favorite RPG’s: Final Fantasy, Magna Carta, Fable, Demon Stone, Morrowind, Chaos Legion, Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts & Few Others

Music Types: R&B, Reggae, Reggae Rock, Rock, J-rock, Metal, Alt, Jazz, Blues, Motown, Oldies, Some World Music & Light pop, light rock, Hip-hop, Dance/Club. Some Techno.

Music Artist’s That Inspire My Writing: The Brand New Heavies, Teddy Pendergrass, Maxi Priest, Enigma, Depeche Mode, Hot Like Fire, Kevin “Mighty Mystic”, Metallica, Dir En Grey, Girugamesh, H.I.M, Godsmack, Terence Trent D’Arby, Soul II Soul, Bryan Ferry, Evanescence & Jody Watley. And a Couple others.

Note: I’ll be updating My Profile’s “Currently Working on” Part from here on so just check to see if there’s a new chap you’ve been waiting on.

Past Story’s: The Saga Of Rule Chap’s 1-3, Songs To Rule For Chap’s 1-3. FFX-3rd The Things That We Lost. Trinity Blood.

Currently working on:

The Saga Of Rule: By Lucian Raidijiu. –Yuri/St8.

Final Fantasy X-3rd: The Things That We Lost: Chap#4 (11/09) By Lucian Raidijiu–Yuri/St8/Yaoi (Very Little Yaoi just in passing)-

The Winds Of Change: Trinity Blood A Dark Year Saga: By Lucian Raidijiu. 11/09

Final Fantasy VII The Rising Storm By Lucian Jay Raidijiu & Shinobi of the Onyx Sands. Rated M For Yuri, Violence and Language.

Songs Written For Final Fantasy X3rd: By Lucian J. Raidijiu 11/17/09

Songs to Saga of Rule Part 2: for chap's 4-8 and last 2 11/09

Final Fantasy 8 –Untitled- By Lucian Raidijiu & Shinobi of the Onyx Sands Will start work on this after FFVII

The Empire Of Nightfall: By Lucian Raidijiu This will come out some time in the new year. Look for it. Rated M for: Violence, Language, Yuri, Yaoi & Vampire sences

The Nightmare: By Lucian Raidijiu W/ input and Advice from Shinobi of the Onyx Sands. This my OC's Naruto Story I might upload it only for the C2 of mine I moght not. I have to think about it

Currently Updated:
Final Fantasy X-3rd: The Things That We Lost: By Lucian Raidijiu chap 5 in works

Final Fantasy VII The Rising Storm By Lucian Jay Raidijiu & Shinobi of the Onyx Sands. (Look here for updates about FFVII TRS.)

The Winds Of Change: Trinity Blood A Dark Year Saga: By Lucian Raidijiu. (Chap 8 In Works)

Saga Of Rule By Lucian Raidijiu: chap 7 in works

Info For Sending Request’s: If you wish to request a Story please send PM or email and I’ll let you know if I can write it.
Please Do Not Send Any SAILOR MOON Request’s, as those will be deleted.

For other writers: I’m on Vacation as I’ve got to many projects at moment I’ll be free soon to help if help is needed. Thank you in advance and for your patience.

Info About Me:

Story’s I Enjoy writing Final Fantasy of Any kind. Trinity Blood. Any Kind of Fantasy, RPG & Horror.
I will write whatever comes to mind and how I write is how I feel. I will change how I write a little to make a story better if some one asks but must often I will write how I feel.
I never made it past 5th grade and was home schooled I’m working on getting My G.E.D when I have money. I work from home from time 2 time so I have very little time to write, as I don’t have a laptop. But with some patience I will post up my chapters slowly just be calm.
I Rp a lot on Aim, Live, Face book & A few other places.
I’m an Independent Musician I write lyrics So I have been known to write songs that go to my stories as well so please don’t be surprised by this.
I don’t really write Yuri Novels much I write more St8, Yaoi & B-&-D, then Yuri so any feed back from others is welcome.
I appreciate input regardless if it’s bad or good and I’ll do my best to improve on something. So send away :)
If you send me reviews calling my attention about something in my stories that’s positive I will do my best to improve on that for future writings and if you point out something negative to my stories I will work on that and try and fix it so it flows better and you the readers can understand and follow along to.

Thanks for stopping bye here and learning more about me & my style of writing I truly appreciate you taking some time to visit. ;) If you like my stories or want to ask me a question about my stories or want to send me anything and I don’t get back to you here, here’s two options of getting into contact with me my email or send a message to Shinobi of the Onyx Sands he knows me and other way’s of getting in contact to me so hope you like my stories I hope to read your reviews and input. Catch Ya Around The Net sometime

~Lucian (Lance)~

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This takes place 13 years after the anime left off, Esther, Seth & the pope are going to meet in the Vatican. But Cain is laying in wait for this. This is like my season 2 in a way of TB. It's St8. No Yuri had thought about it & I might add some to it.
Trinity Blood - Rated: M - English - Horror/Fantasy - Chapters: 8 - Words: 22,101 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 3/16/2011 - Published: 11/22/2009 - Abel N., Cain N.
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Here is the songs That can be found in The First 3 chapters I'm only posting this For the first three however If you want more then maybe I will do a new one with them all once the Saga Is done
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