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Oh man! It's Annie.

Twilight Addict!

Stephanie Meyer is my own personal Jesus.

I live in my fantasy vampire world 24-7.

I wish I could be one... I would honestly give Anything!

I am hooked on Fanfiction.

Anytime I even see I computer I think...
"hmmmm, has JanJiz uplaoded new chapters?"

So yeah, go find her... and all your vampire-related-wishes will come true!

(: Anyways, Im trying to write a fanfic (key word: Trying)

So, I'll get back to you on that one.

I was just doing a quicky- laughs- and so I will add more later.



I'm totally pumped!
Go read it and tell me what you think?:)

Thank you bunches!
Oh and PM's/Reviews/Favorites make me uber happy!

Sooooooo... make me feel the love!
I just got 6 shots today!
Hurt like a bitch too.

I'm working on the next chapter.


I'm Baaaa-aaackkk!:)

I just finshed a five and a half hour monopoly game!
:) I was contemplating suiside the whole time!?

Oh and my mom took my phone last night and read all my texts

and one was me texting my best guy friend about his allergic

reaction to strawberries and he sent me a message saying

"I puffed up!" and my mom thought it was some new term for

smoking and thought I was smoking? so she was like Im taking

your computer and so I just now stole it from her closet

(she thinks she's sneaky)

And now Im here!(: Idkk, I thought it was kinof funny.

Writing a new chapter as we speak!

:) I dont think anyone has read it, so please...

Go read it, and tell me what you think.

Thankyou Bunches!



Youre Awesome!

Charactors for Midnight Fantasy:

(Idkk, how to make them clickable on this website? It doesnt use regular code sooo, just put these in the address bar? Thankyou!)







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