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Hey. You may know this name from Tempest-Slash's story Catastrophe, Disaster. The reason i took this name is because that character is based off me! Me and Tempest is bff.

You should read the story, it rocks my socks. and she has some of the best detail i have ever read.

so most people hated my lord of the rings story, so let me explain something... the point of the story ws to bring out the bad in all the good characters and the good in the bad... but most people didn't get that so inorder to stop the hate reviews, the story will remain as is with no adjustments, and i will not be continueing it. however i will be starting a Princess Bride story someitme very soon.

the story will take place after Inigo has passed the ship onto another captain and he is now living with his daughter Arianna and they have just left Guilder for Florin where Arianna will be taught how to be a lady by Buttercup since her own mother, Charlotte, passed away a few days after her birth. she is now sixteen and in need of a mother figure... but will love complicate everything?

You should read the story, it rocks my socks.


I'm old enough to be here.

Auburn hair

Green/brown eyes


And am a great friend. Message me and maybe we be friends. I like friends.

Any whozie, I makes up words very often, so I'll explain them at the end of anything I publish. I can't spell worth shit, so if I spell wrong don't hate me. I'll ask Tempest to fix it, I swear. She's a fucking dictionary. I will pay you big time if you can find a word she accidentally spelled wrong in a story. Not purposely, accidentally. BIG MONEY.

-Sooooooooooo fanfic can be really confusing so if you have any hints and tips and such tell me. I'm an idiot. Don't judge me. And don't believe Tempest! She tells you that I'm not retarded BUT I IS.

More bout my X-boyfriend. He broke up with me on our anniversary at the same time I was trying to break up with him. And when Tempest says I told you so, don't believe her, because she never told me NOTHING. So I ain't looking for a bf right now. But I wish I knew a gay guy. They make the best friends. Darn you Tempest, for having gay guy friends! Er...cousins. Whatever! Still darn you!
-The one guy I liked told me that we'd only ever be friends so my love life sucks.

-the other guy i like is dating one of my friends, and i have been friends with him since i was four


-We put 'ness' at the end of alot of stuff. A LOT.

I will continue this list later but now i can't think of anymore. Except squee.

Message me. And I will be uber nice. Just remember if you're nice to me I'll be nice back. Except maybe to Tempest.

I like noticing things and I have noticed a pattern, which is putting up shippings you like or support. Here's mine (though i don't know all the names, and I stole some from Tempest. But her random shippings are amazing!)

MayXDrew/Contestshipping (I've loved this one forever. Even though I know most people hate it, it's just so cute. Much better than MayXHarley/Cookieshipping :P)

AshXMisty/Pokeshipping (Another long time favorite. I wish she was still in the series)

BrockXMisty/Gymshipping (Totally random but I think it's cute)

AshXMay/Advanceshipping (Not a favorite but cute)

PaulXRichie/Neglectionshipping (My bff Tempest made this up. It's so uber cute.)

Jailshipping, FollyxTrudly- (they shared a jail cell. Read Tempest's story!)

Penguinshipping, DawnxKenny- (KENNY IS NOT GAY! SO NOT GAY!)

Rocketshipping, JessiexJames- (...canon. It's basically canon. And besides, they're perfect for each other! I mean, James' crossdressing automatically counters out Jessie's sadism) (Sorry 'bout stealing your crap Tempest)

Neoshipping, CassidyxButch- (a clone to Rocketshipping. Butch needs to get a grip though. Yes, we know everyone messes up your name. But at least it's a TVY7 show so they can't call you Bitch.) (Sorry Tempest but I agree with you)

Krazyshipping, MeowthxPikachu- (Pikachu is totally a girl. All I have to say)

Harry Potter
harryXhermione (wish it happened but didn't)

dracoXhermione (again didn't happen and totally random)

harryXdraco (one word, GAYPRIDE!)

ginnyXhermione (yayayaya i know)

ronXlavender (only because i wanted harry and hermione together)

thats all right now, ill add more as i think.

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