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Oh wow. I feel famous! Yeah, well I am a boring writer who is in love with books, music, (trumpet, baby!)Matt, drugs, and life in general... oh yeah, the drugs happen to be caffien, sugar and maybe some peach cooler. I'm a good little kid, though I hate to say it.

I really, really, really like Johnny Depp. Like disturbingly obsessive-type liking. And see pirates of the caribbean, it is way better than you would think... and Johnny is really hott in it. Same with Sleepy Hollow. So see them. NOW.
My absolute favorite band is Weezer. I havn't met a Weezer song I didn't like, burn, then listen to until I knew all the words. :D And Our Lady Peace is good too. I can relate to them, being the moody hyperactive thing I am, and plus their Canadian!

By the way, if you like murder mysteries, read Jonathan kellerman books, the ones I like best are the Alex Delaware ones. I love you, Jonathan, wherever you are.

Useless Trivia: I once argued with my friend at the top of my lungs over who could drink more paint. We were screaming at each other.

Oh yeah, thanks Nyaneave Sedai for getting my hooked on the site!I thinhk she changed her name, but we met over neopets and really hit it off, we both like wheel of time. Unfortunatly, as most internet friendships, we havn't talked forever, plus I stopped reading wot and read other things.

I like Remus FanFics (or possible Remus?) and the mauraders.
I like daydreaming about my crush Matt...and Yes he IS real! Actually theres two of them, both named Matt C. and I like both of them, one more than the other. So If he's reading this (they're not so smart so I doubt it...) I'm crazzzzzy about you!!

My fave Harry Potter pairings are odd ones: percy/hermione,
fred-george/hermione, draco/hermione, and remus/hermione. Yah, I like ones that are... uhhh... different and with Hermione. Pissed that they killed sirius, me friend Becca freaked as she loves him. I'm just glad it wasnt any of my fave characters.

I have read alot of books, good ones are also; His Dark Materials trio, obviously Hary Potter and LotR, Alex Delaware novels- by Jonathan Kellerman, Angela's ashes was awsome, I also like... ummmm well basically everything!

Well, bye!

-Penny Arcade- (NOT copyrighted by me!)

"Where are your pants?"
"We can't go to the EB anymore."
"WHERE are your PANTS?"
"I think we'll hafta start going to Software Ect. again."
"I am asking a SERIOUS QUESTION about the LOCATION and CURRENT STATUS of your pants."
"A man took them."
"Thats it, shhh. I've heard enough."
"It wasn't like that, this guy was huge."

"You seem more evil today. Are you evil?"
"Evil? No, no. Why I just helped a tiny Jawa across the street! ... And Into A FURNACE!"
"What? A what now? Furnace?"
"No... furnished! A... well furnished apartment, which I obtained with entirly legitimate funds."

penny-arcade, I think I love you too much. Btw, those are my fave comics, plus the witch-dog repeller. You probably think I'm crazy, now.

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Romantically Blinded reviews
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