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Well hay! I don't have much for myself on this because I am kind of new and yes, I admit it, I am a wicked noob. Yea, I said it! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? If so, then you can take it up with The Gate. That is all I am going to say!!

A little info about me:

Name: Emerald

Anime Character That Best Describes Me: Envy ((because it's true. I am the female Envy. Here's how it works: Emerald is another color of green, and green is often symbolic to the sin envy. My middle name is Rain which is very symbolic and has a lot to do with the "sacking" (shall we say) of Maes Hughes and Envy was the one who DID the sacking. So there. Also I have a circular birthmark on the outside of my left thigh. Any more questions?))

Interests: I love writing, more than just fan fictions. I have a real story going on right now and I must say, it is pretty gating awesome! I also love drawing, even though I fail miserably, and I quite enjoy gummy worms, Batman ((I have just aquired a full collection of comic strips from the Sunday paper from the years 1943-1946)), Avatar ((mostly Sokka)), my favorite sport is soccer, I love all of my friends, drawing transmutation cirlces in the sand, writing death notes to Edward in the sand... ((not Death Notes but notes... of death)). Oh and I also recently required a liking for the beach!

Married To: Jean Havoc

Animes Seen (listed in order of obsession): Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Elfen Lied, Basilisk, Visions of Escaflowne, Peacemaker, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Fruits Basket ((the ones in itaclics are pretty much equal. and let the record show that I hate HATE Fruits Basket. Except for Shigure and Haru.))

((Let the record show that I am also not finished in editing my profile, but have been booted off the computer!! ))

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