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My name is Lily and I'm a 14 year-old-girl who loves to read and write and loves to sing, no matter what people say.

If you had read my profile before and what it said was different from this, I must apologize for my behavior, for I realize that I came off as a b!tch with a big ego, when I had nothing to brag about.

Just to let you know, I am open to any new friends, just as long as you act like an actual friend. I like talking to people, so message me, have a conversation with me.

I just started my first story on Fanfiction.net and its called Guardian: the Legend of Aria. If you have any advice, dont be afraid to tell me, because I would really appreciate it. I tend to come up with alot of ideas for stories and not go through with them, so if you have writers block come to me, because I could help you, and its sad to look back on the stories I've started and know that they will never be finished. You could take my ideas, as long as i give permission, you just have to give me at least some credit, I'd like to be acknowledged.

I will have pictures for my characters up soon, when I find the perfect people.

Here is a list of fanfiction that i have read and am capable of writing:

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender (Sokka)

2. TMNT (Any of them)

3. Harry Potter (Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasly, just cuz I cannot write a story where Fred will die in the end)

4. Twilight (Jasper, Emmet, Jacob)

5. Minutemen (Charlie Tuttle)

6. Mostly Ghostly (Nicky)

7. NCIS (Timothy McGee, Gibbs)

8. Wizards of Waverly Place (Justin, Max)

9. What I Like About You (I actually havent read any of these but ive seen so many of the episodes i could write stories. And i ask, why isnt there any stories with Gary/OC? I just cant imagine him with Tina, I just cant.)

10. National Treasure (Riley Poole, and possibly Ben Gates, if i kick Abigail out of the picture ... hmmmmm ...*planning my evil plot*)

11. Victorious (Andre)

12. True Jackson, VP (Ryan, yes, yes, I know, 'ewwwww!!!!' but I think he's cute when he's not being gross, and we kick that girl from school that he likes out of the picture, too!)

Also, I would love to do a collaboration for a story for any of the fanfics above, I think it would be totally fun. Check out my current stories, please review, message me, I dont like not knowing any people on this website.

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