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Author has written 4 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Xiaolin Showdown, and BioShock.

Name- HollowAvarice

Age- old enough...to party

Location- right behind you

Current/Future projects-

1) Age of the Dragon- Dojo screwed up and discovered a secret about the Xiaolin Warriors. A demon enters the human world with the desire to resurrect his master. A war between the human world and the demon realm begins. What's the worst that could happen? Its not like it's going to be 10,000 years of darkness. Oh wait, it is? Whoops.

2) Ancients' Quest- Sequel to Age of the Dragon. The Xiaolin Team must race the forces of evil for thirteen mythical items. The resurrection of the first Demon King is at hand. The only person who can help is the descendant of Grandmaster Dashi.

3) Cirque De Xiaolin- Sequel to Ancients’ Quest, recovering from their great quest, the monks decide to take a break and go to see the circus, but this is just the opportunity for a new crime family to rise, using some freaky magic powers the Dragons will face their most annoying foes, the family of Le Mime.

4) You Don't Know Jack- Sequel to Cirque De Xiaolin. Jack Spicer goes on a crime spree, and after amassing a grand fortune he begins a new organization of evil, including many familiar and new villains. In his attempt for world domination he forms a hit squad to destroy the monks.

5) Xiaolin Explosion (Working Title)- Sequel to You Don't Know Jack. The final story in my series. Now that the monks have become full Dragons, Raimundo must lead them on their greatest quest ever. Chase Young has recruited the greatest beings of evil from across time and space. Fairy tale creatures, evil demons, mutant school children, and more crazy characters than you can count on one hand. The final battle for the world has begun. Xiaolin vs. Heylin. Gong Yi Tanpai!

6) Percy Jackson & Olympus High: The Mascot Thief- Percy Jackson in a normal world. Starts a new adventure in high school. When he is suspected of stealing a mascot, he and his friends must find the thief.

7) City of Man- Creatures begin invading Camp Half-Blood, the come from the sea. It is up to Percy and his friends to uncover the secret beneath the waves. A crossover between Percy Jackson & Bioshock.

8) Presumed Dead- During the Second Titan War, Michael Yew fell from the Williamsburg Bridge and is presumed dead. What his fellow campers didn't know, is that he was swept away by the Spirit of the East River with the numerous demons and traitor half-bloods to the depths or Tartarus. Now Michael has to climb out of the pit and get back to his friends and family.

9) Tales From Camp Half-Blood- A story taking place after the original series. The tales will follow of team of known and new demigods on a series of adventures.


"It takes an idiot to do cool things thats why they're cool"

"When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite." Sir Winston Churchill

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- point is if you're not immediately good at something it’s not worth doing. Like snowboarding…or martial arts…pottery…and math

- I would rather be happy than right any day.

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