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Hi, I'm Stereophonic Aftershock.

About Me: Well, I live on the Isle of Wight, but I'm from the East Midlands, so don't expect me to act very 'posh'. I read stories and fanfics when I have nothing to do, and read sporks and recaps... again, when I have nothing to do.

What I Post: I post my own fanfiction and parodies here and also under my LiveJournal account here. In my LJ account, I also spork (comment) on bad fanfics.

Favourite Genre: Fantasy. I can't help it. Fantasy novels are dynamic in a way that action or adventure books aren't. There is so much backstory and character development (one of my favourite aspects of writing) and you can really get the feel of the characters.

Character Development: Okay, I love this because of how (obviously) the characters can change. You can have something like Harry Potter, in which the main traits of the characters are the same, but you can watch as they mature, or in Draco Malfoy's case, spiral down and find themselves in deep trouble. There is also the case of characters like Gary Oak from Pokemon. This was a guy that was a complete jerk towards Ash (although who could blame him?), and was so cocky and arrogant that it was one of the major things that hindered him in his important league battles. He doesn't care for his pokemon as a trainer should do, and that also works against him. He at least has the skills to back him up, but is held back by his flaws. At the end of the Orange Archipelago, he looks after his eevee, which later evolves into umbreon (which you get from levelling it up with HIGH FRIENDSHIP at night). After losing, he realises that what he wants to be is a researcher like his grandfather, and actually becomes a decent person.
Character development is so important for a character, and the plot for a story! If a character never learns a lesson and is static, then how can we connect with them? That's one of people's biggest grievances about Ash Ketchum (wait, he does develop in the sense that he goes backwards)!

Current Projects: Danger Days: My Killjoy fanfic. It's the second rewrite of the original, and will expand more on the characters and shows development and maturity that finds a place in the current situation, rather than what there used to be. Also the writing is better.

My Immortal Thesaurus Edition: *giggles* This is so much fun. I'm just putting every word into a thesaurus, and not paying attention to the context that it should be in. You know, like a Suethor does.

The Annihilation of the Mary-Sue Brigade: I originally wrote this to parody a bad FMA fanfic I read once, and was intended to be a one-shot. I realised that you can't leave that all just to one chapter! I have rewritten it from the original, and the humour is much better.

Who IS Charlie Harris?: Charlie is my favourite character from everything that I've ever written. He is the main character from my book Evolution, that I am in the process of writing. He's sarcastic, likes drama and more camp than intended. Charlie was a student at a private school, and is now in his early twenties. My profile picture is my drawing of him as his Killjoy, Electrifying Romance.

Who is Enoby/ Stereophonic Aftershock/ ARE YOU?: Well, Enoby is the sporker, and so she's more of a critical thinker. Her work in the above spork has left her a cynic, and is more determined than ever. She is the critical and sarcastic side of me, and is the one to interact with Charlie the most.
Stereophonic Aftershock is my writing side. Her name actually came from the Killjoy name that I made for Sharon den Adel (from Within Temptation). Stereophonic is creative and loud, but also awkward, and prefers to invent characters and their backstory, sub-plots and arcs.
I, obviously, am both of them and more. I tend to channel my rage and my rants into Enoby for my sporks, but my inspiration and writing flow into Stereophonic. I myself am a calm and awkward, but cheerful (and cynical) at the same time. My personality is more of a mix between Enoby, Stereophonic and Charlie; they were each (yes, even Charlie originally) created as a part of my personality- obviously Charlie was made for different reasons.
I'll also add here: I'm incredibly narcissistic. I don't think that it's a bad thing, no, just that it explains a lot of my behaviour. This entire section is just me demonstrating that fact.

Black Masquerade: Black Masquerade is my Killjoy persona. She has some of my flaws and personality traits, but her own also thrown in the mix. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll update this section when Danger Days has expanded.

Favourite Anime/Manga: My favourite manga has to be Pokemon Adventures. It's not the darkest of Pokemon manga out there, but it's dark enough. The characterisations are done so well, and the main characters, even Yellow, don't come off as unlikable. The best parts are the character arcs and how awesome the villains are. Koga, Lieutenant Surge and Sabrina are all part of Team Rocket, and Team Rocket aren't even useless like they are in the anime! It is genuinely a manga that should be adapted into anime format, just not dubbed by 4Kids... or PokemonUSA... Someone new, preferably.

My favourite anime... Hmm... it would have to be the FullMetal Alchemist 2003 series. I know some people like Brotherhood because it sticks close to the manga, but at the time, the anime had come up to where the manga was last updated, so they had to create their own plot. Arakawa liked their new plot, and so do I. It's original, and unique. It certainly has more thought put into it than Brotherhood (I mean, the animation on it? Like when Ed is teasing Roy? That works in manga, but not a serious anime like Brotherhood). Al's voice actor in the 2003 anime, Aaron Dismuke is a lot better than his Brotherhood one, I mean, you know in the first anime that he's a young boy, not even in his teens. It's difficult to focus on Al's character when he sounds like an annoying, whiny eight-year-old girl.

Favourite Book: This is also a hard one... I'm torn between the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series, and the Alex Rider series. Sure, they're both marketed for 10 year olds, but like Disney, you can also read it if you're older than that! Percy Jackson shows a gradual character development due to age and quests. The title character doesn't suddenly have a crush, he's eased into it. The prophecy doesn't make him out to be The Chosen One like Harry Potter, instead Percy is one of three kids who could be the one. He earns the respect that he is given, and has the skills to back up his role in the prophecy. In Heroes of Olympus, he's a guy that's looked up to by the other kids, and when his chapters are there, you can see the genuine emotion. As a 17 year old reading Son of Neptune, it wasn't that hard to connect with him. Not only that, but in House of Hades, Riordan was brave enough to out a as certain character gay, and he does it in such a tasteful way. We need more of that in literature

When it comes to Alex Rider, this is a kid who is blackmailed into working for MI6. He's 14. Alex is a 14 year old boy, who is forced or manipulated into saving the world, when all he wants is to be a normal teenage boy. The series shows a downward spiral of his life getting darker and more dangerous; rather than being threatened with torture or coming close, he gets waterboarded in the last book. At 15. By the CIA. He loses his childish innocence, and steadily becomes a heartbreaking character that needs to get out.
I can't decide which of them is my favourite, so it's a draw.

Favourite Film: Easy. The Secret of NIMH. I first watched this as a kid, and managed to find it again on Youtube. Oh. My. God. The character of Mrs. Brisby is so perfect! You can clearly see how much she loves her children through what she is willing to do! I don't want to give too much away, but I recommend it! (Just don't watch the sequel)

Favourite Parody: This is even easier. Pokemon 'Bridged by 1KidsEntertainment. It's funny, has few references, and the ones that ARE there are mostly in the stingers, where they should be! Yes, LK. I'm looking at you! The humour is their own, and the jokes are just so well-done!

So, that's all for now, if anything else comes up, I'll be sure to update.

-Stereophonic Aftershock

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