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okay first of all im 15, and unhealthily obsessed with twilight and harry potter...

my favourite pairings in all fictiondom are esme and carlisle and rose and scorpius (obviously) and then j'adore alice and jasper and Zuko and Mai and teddy and victoire and james and lily

i'm african and i live in nigeria... i'm bossy and read excessively...i'm very clingy and protective of my friends... i hate swearing it irritates me and smoking... errr what else?... i would die if i didn't have a laptop for more than 24 hours...hate school...and i go to an all-girls one... i bite my nails.. i don't even have any nails anymore...i hate my hair its too short and it DOESN'T GROW...favourite word: candyfloss, worst word: cancer...ummm can't think of anything else...

0n FanFIctiON:

might be the best creation since candyfloss... i love fanfiction to a disturbing level. mugglenet, harrypotterfanfiction, twilighted, sugar quill and ofcourse would i do without you??

0n tWilIGht/ HarRY PoTTeR

i have no idea which one i love more... some days its edward... some days harry...

randomn facts:

i once read the 5 twilight (is midnight sun really part?) and 7 harry potter books and the twilight movie and all 5 harry potter movies in 5 days

i love all moonprincess 92's fics... getting it right is so mahhhhhhhhhd and so's french plaits...

i wish stephenie meyer would finish midnight sun...i luv it so much its ahmazinnn

i love Peter Facinelli sooo much, oh and Alex Meraz, and i think Billy Burke and Anna Kendrick are the best actors in the movies...

i am still shocked till today about that equus thing... its been how long but still it freaks me out...

the best harry potter book is by far deathly hallows

oN RevIewINng

One of the nicest things you can do is sending a review reply to someone who reviews your story. It shows you appreciate it and it encourages the person to review more of your chapters/stories. I always send review replies and i love getting them.

oN EsME aNd CarLIsle

doesnt everyone wish they had their own carlisle...sigh...

this couple is sooooo underrated... i mean seriously... and Peter there really hotness like that in the world??

On rOSe anD ScoRpIuS

i just love the stories when they hate each other...and any other really... i don't understand why i particularly love this pairing so much but i do!! And i just recently saw my first official picture of the actor playing scorpius and it is soooo cool!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

oN ZUko AnD mAI

I recently discovered this couple and i am seriously seriously now really obsessed with them!! Zuko is soooo hott and his voice is the sexiest ever... And in spite of the fact that she seems to hate everything/one in the world except Zuko (awww), i totally Luv Mai too. And i love them together... they are soo freakin' cute

On slAsH

excuse me but ewwww... especially harry potter ones... i think it's just wrong... no offence...

oN thE eCLipSe mOVIe

The Second it came out in my country, i literally went crazy... i got a scratch on my arm racing to watch it... and im quite proud i have a scar to show my own kinds wen i grow up just showing my DEDICATION to twilight!! lol :) It was sooo excellent!! Totally what i imagined it to be and loads more. David Slade, you are seriously awesome. And i really love the part in the training scene when Alice jumps on Jasper and kisses him. It is the cutest thing everrR!!

And now the 1and a half year wait for Breaking Dawn 1 BEgiNs!!

oN J.k ROwlInG aND stEphenie MeyER

thank you for your wonderful imaginations!! you are heaven sent geniuses lol...

i also lurve Night World:...

Have you read those books?? Seriously, if you haven't you need to get to the nearest bookstore and get them. They are amaazing. They're written by Vampire Diaries' (which i actually really don't like. The books i mean, i love the show.) L.J Smith. They are beautiful and fascinating. And the love stories are beautiful. i especially love Ash x Mary Lynette (though i think she was really dumb for what she did), Quinn x Rachel and Jez x Morgead


Avatar: The Last Airbender- Why?? God why did it have to end???? whyyy?? I miss Zuko evryday *sigh*

Legend of the Seeker- my FAV show EVA (SAVE OUR seeker!!!!!)

family guy/ american dad- hee hee guilty pleasures

greys anatomy- just to stare at sloan and sheperd

heroes- annoyingly addictive... Sylar and peter are so hot

desparate housewives- also annoyingly addictive

little britain- hilarious

8 simple rules- i love watching all the old episodes...

The nanny- I know its old but I love it so much

The big bang theory- hahaha I’m obsessed with this

Codename Kids Next Door- Like one of the best cartoons of all time

Futurama- I think it’s actually better than the simpsons

CSI NY- For some reason it’s the only CSI I like

Project Runway- I love design shows

MAD Tv- lolll the best parody show

True blood- Who doesn't luv eric????

Vampire diaries- I am in lurv with ian somelhalder

Supernatural- hotties..!can't remember but theres more (much, much more)

oh, yeah and i plead to you oh public, who knows a good Alice/jasper beta?? I really really really REALLY need one and would appreciate it loads if someone would recommend one!

Dealing with James Potter

This was not happening.

This had to be happening.

How could this be happening?

I was probably back in that weird universe.

I was sitting across from James Potter and I couldn’t hear a word he was saying because I was staring at his eyes. Well his contacts. But they’re clear so I could see the perfect hazel colour….. like autumn leaves and acorns and…………

Aaargh what’s wrong with me?



“You listening to me?”

“Autumn……. And acorns”

Storie de VicTeddie et Storie de RoseScorpe

now named One Hell of a Summer

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