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Author has written 7 stories for Castle, Body of Proof, X-Files, and Lie to Me.

Old pen name - BensonNYPD

HEY THERE. I am an avid fanfic reader, sometimes I try writing but meh usually I stick to letting others do the work.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Castle and The X-Files. I obviously ship Caskett and MSR. Personally not a fan of any other ships from those shows, ESPECIALLY Krycek/Mulder or Ryan/Alexis. Although I do enjoy a good Espo/Ryan fic on occasion.

I watch SVU and like it, but the main reason I watch it is for Olivia Benson. I love everything about her and for that reason I will ship her with anyone who makes her happy, be it DO or EO or AO or NO. I'm actually warming up to NO more than I thought I would, Nick is just too cute.

Body of Proof? Yes. We need more fics. And a better ship name for Megan/Peter - I'm sorry, a meter is a unit of measure, NOT two wildly attractive people who need to have hot sex in the morgue.

I watch Glee and adore it, but I don't read too many fics. I like Faberry the best, then Fabrevans and (if it's well written) Finchel. I also ship Klaine, although not as much as most Gleeks.

LIE TO ME SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. Callian all the way (and Ria/Loker, depending on my mood and how it's written).

Finally...Bones. Yes. They were the first couple I ever shipped hard. B&B all the way. Not a fan of Hodgela, but hey, if Hodgins is happy then I am too. And don't judge, but I always thought Cam/Vincent should get together...but then ya know he got shot and he's all dead so looks like that won't happen. Boo.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell. Because honestly all I really do is fangirl anyway.

TA :)

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