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Well, hello there! Welcome to my profile page. I don't really know what you're doing here, since there is virtually nothing to see. I guess that's your problem.

Anyway, the general things about me:

I go by Silver Rook, duh.

I’m female.

I’m a cat person, though dogs are fun. Until they roll in something better left unsaid and think it’s A-Okay to go and give you a big sloppy kiss, doggy hug included.

My Status as a FanFictian.

No, I am not currently a writer. I do have some ideas swimming around in my head, but I have the strange inability to just buckle down and type them out and then actually continue them. I’d just get bored with the story after awhile and then there would be unhappy and ticked off readers. It’s happened to me often enough to know the feeling when you find a great story- or at least an interesting one- but only to have it quit on you or never update to the point where it’s no longer worth it. Truly dedicated readers are few and far between, so a word to all you writers - if you can’t update at least once every five or six weeks, you might want to rethink your idea or really hope your story is good enough for people to want to stick with it.

I sometimes review and when I do, they get kinda lengthy and rambling I think that annoys the writer sooo… I’m working on that….

Then Why Do I Have An Account If I Don’t Write?

That should be easy. Since some authors like to have their potential reviewers sign in to help tone down flames and spam, I tried to accommodate them. And I did. And that’s the purpose of this account. End of story.

Well, not really, since the favorite story/author tracker is really convenient too. So I suppose there’s another reason.

If you're here because I reviewed your story and want to see who I am, that's really all I got for you. Your story is great, keep writing, and maybe one day I'll join the world of authors.

Disclaimer: My avatar pic was not created by me. It was one I found on Google Images. If you know who created it, or if it was you, please PM me so I can give the credit someone most definetly deserves.

Beta Reader

Since I have not published anything on FF, I am illegible to be an official beta. Sad day, I know. I should just get off my lazy butt and post something. But then it feels like cheating, you know? Just posting something to be a beta. My heart needs be in it, as gag-me-now, cheesy as that sounds. However, I still want to offer my help. Here's my copied beta profile, if your interested:

Beta Bio

About me? I stink as a writer, but love editing and critiquing the stories and essays of others. My experience comes from helping out friends and classmates with their work. As a rule, I’m not a pushy person. I want to work with you and for you, not shove how I think things should be done down your throat. I’m not naturally a very loud person anyway – the typical wallflower here. If you want to be friends, fine. If you want to just send me the work and expect it to be run through for mechanical errors, that’s fine too. Advice on ideas and plot will take a little more work on your part, mostly in conversation. I don’t expect anything from you. If you don’t like my ideas, fine. If you use or think up new ideas from mine, excellent. I’m here because I want to improve the reading experience for the large audience we authors cater to. Any story will become a hundred times better if it has good grammar and spelling. If you agree, I’ll be happy to work with you.


I'm very good with the mechanics of writing. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and awkward phrasing are things I excel at finding and correcting. If you’re looking for a living, breathing spell check that is ten times better than the robotic one, then I can help.

Weaknesses (what weaknesses? :P)

I'll be honest - big picture plots are not my forte. It's especially hard on fanfiction since only the author knows exactly where they want the story to go. Or maybe they don't. Point being is that I'm not that great with suggesting plot points and character traits. I’m not saying I can’t; it’s just that story and plot epiphanies are so few and far apart for me. I’ve been described as a great dart board to bounce ideas and their feasibility off of. Just don’t ask me to throw the dart.


Preferences? I’ll read anything. As a general rule when browsing the collections, I look for multichaps that have at least 1,000 words a chapter and a clean looking summary. Oneshots are all good and fine. I’m not a fan of poetry and songfics, but I do read them on occasion as well. All content goes for me. Slash, gender benders, major OOC-ness (though that one depends on the story and character), violence, mature content, angst parties are all things I can read with varying degrees of happiness. Yaoi/yuri and lemons aren’t my favorite, but I do and will read them.

Not My Cup of Tea (Cute...)

I’d hope that most people are mature enough not to go bashing different religions and cultures. If you feel the need to rag on black people, white people, Jewish, Christens, Muslims, etc. then I can’t help you. Personal opinions are not meant to be shoved down peoples’ throats. Otherwise, everything is “my cup of tea”. I’m not picky.

Dang, I felt like such a snob typing that. It did say that being honest wasn't the same as boasting... whatever. If you think you want to try this, PM me. I believe an arrangement can be done with DocX and a little communication. If you did, it would make me very happy and I would feel loved. :)

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The Fourteenth Apostle by Hane no Zaia reviews
Slightly AU. Before he was Allen Walker, he was simply Red. A distrustful, realistic and cynical opportunist. A survivor. Holding the power to either make or break the world, will he take his rightful place in the war or simply stay out of it? COMPLETED. Editing underway.
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