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Hello all!

Welcome to my profile page! It isn't a grandiose, spectacular embodiment of what my description page could be, but what can I say, I'm lazy, unmotivated, and simply put, lack the time/energy! Someday I have every intention of making this more presentable, I promise! (Hmmm...promises are candy-coated lies, yes?) In any case, I am pleased to be back on this website after a considerable "x" amount of years. I really had no intention of starting all over again, but what can I say? Fanfiction can be SO impossibly addicting.

And now, a very little about my writing tendencies and preferences...
A. I solely write Yu-gi-oh fanfiction. I'm not sure why. I probably could write about other fandoms if I tried, but for some reason, this anime/manga ended up being the one I know a startling amount on. Maybe I will deviate from this fandom, but I don't know, I feel like I've made a cozy "home" writing for this specific fandom! (and I'm doggedly loyal...)
Note: If I DID write fanfiction from another fandom, it would probably be from: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, maybe Cowboy Bebop (which is seriously the coolest anime ever and I highly doubt I would do it justice)
B. I don't discriminate against certain pairings! If you can make it work, make it work. Convince me!
C. At the same time, I am a sort of realistic freak. I appreciate characters that act how they are supposed to...I value this detail 1000xs more than if a story applies to the actual plot...after all, it wouldn't be fanfiction if there wasn't some deviation.
D. My "favorite" characters (used subjectively and liberally! The list may or may not change, depending on my mood): Ryou, Yami Bakura, Yuugi (so precious), Atem, Malik, sometimes Seto. Am I forgetting anyone? I hope not. Note that there aren't any female characters...not because that I don't like them, it's just that I feel Mr. Takahashi didn't portray the female characters strongly, or at least with as much depth as I would have liked (you may throw your cyber trash at me now for disrespecting the creator of our obsession). I suppose the same argument could be made for Ryou, although he's more excusable since he's got an attention hog stealing the spotlight the whole time. In any case, Anzu especially had so much potential to have been one kick-ass character! She still is, in her own subtle way, but not as much as I would have liked.
E. Bashers/flamers/rage-aholics= immaturity. Enough said. Respect is a two-way street, friends.
F. I tend to write not-so-happy pieces. This doesn't mean I have depression issues, I swear! It's just easier for me (i.e., it's my crutch) to evoke more emotion through these circumstances.


8/28: I finally posted the most recent chapter of "Ryou's Story." I thought I'd never get around to doing it. People probably forgot who I am, it's been so long! I felt like I was forever stuck on page 5...then at last a burst of inspiration came to me and I just got the sucker done. As I said in my A/N within that chapter, I really am sorry about absolutely no updates for the longest time. I was first working on the second part to my "Repentance" one-shot, then it all went downhill from there. It'd be interesting to see if I can persevere like the "little engine that could" and keep chugging away...

5/22: Oh hey guys, remember me? No? I'm just a lowly fanficcer without any sense of mercy for those who actually care to read my see I never finish my stories...BUT! As it happens, I have finished the rough draft to the final installment of "Repentance" and Animom has agreed to help me with revisions. So it's in the works, friends! This means it might be out in as soon as a week! Now the next chapters to "Ryou's Story" is another matter...I'm working on it...honestly, I am so sorry I'm so terrible at updates. My semesters are relentless and now my summer classes are going to start soon; it never ends! But as I always do during the summer, I will try my absolute best to keep writing as much as possible!

1/6: Hey all, happy new year! I'm kicking this year's message board off with a random comment: there is a new YGO series coming out (yes, ANOTHER) called "Yu-gi-oh Zexal." Don't worry, it looks as stupid as it sounds. I took one look at the protagonist's character sketch and literally burst out laughing because he looks so moronic. If you need a good chuckle, look up YGO Zexal and check out the main character's haircut (or a lack of a decent one). So essentially my question is, "When will they stop?" Why do they continue to dish out crap spin-off after crap spin-off? I swear, with every new series, I think a part of my soul just dies. Now if the creators were really smart, they'd go all "back to basics" and continue the original storyline with Yuugi and pals. And as a dying fangirl's wish, I'd hope for more Ryou screen time. Ah, but hell, that's about as likely as YGO Zexal having a decent plot.

Which YGO "Angel" relates the most to you? Find out!

1.) A person you like, but not romantically, comes up to you and asks to go on a date—dinner and a movie. What is your reply?

a. I would assure my friend that although I value his/her friendship, going on a date might complicate things. I would try to be as straightforward as possible without sounding harsh.
b. Oh, no. Another one? And I try so hard to keep to myself too. Why people keep wanting to hang out is beyond me. It’ll probably take several failed attempts to explain myself, which will only worsen the situation, knowing me. Then I’ll have to apologize…um, I’d probably end up running off to avoid dealing with the awkward situation any further.
c. I would be flattered that my friend is interested and tell him/her that. Afraid to hurt my friend’s feelings, I would probably agree to go on the date. What harm could it do? It’ll be just like old times.
d. A date? Someone likes me? Really? Wow… well, I may not like my friend romantically just yet, but who knows how things might play out?
e. So someone asked me out—can’t say I’m surprised! Who cares I don’t like my friend in that way? Nothing wrong with leading a few people on…besides, you never know when you might need a rebound girlfriend/boyfriend!
f. Well, a date sounds a bit too serious, so to lighten it up I’d ask we go out and play a game of paintball instead! Wicked fun, right? Let’s hope my “date” doesn’t dress up!
g. Goodness, would accepting the offer be too misleading? I would never want to give someone the wrong impression, so I’d have to decline the date, unfortunately. I’d probably end up saying it the wrong way though…I can be so shy with these things!

2.) Your rival marches right up to you and challenges you to a game. Loser must do winner's bidding for a month! Your response?
a. Sounds interesting, but it depends on what game. If I’m familiar with it, maybe only then I’ll consider! I don’t like to gamble much, you see.
b. Oh, I didn’t know I had any enemies! Maybe I should ask that person why he/she doesn’t like me so much! I never intended to get on anyone’s bad side…I wonder what I could do to make it up…um, this doesn’t have much to do with the question, does it?
c. My rival is truly a moron for even thinking he/she had a chance at victory. If there’s a game, then I say bring it—only let’s raise the stakes!
d. How dare that person make fun of me! I’ll kick his/her ass to China! It’s on!
e. Oh gosh, that person needs to calm down! But, um, yeah, I accept the challenge! Hope I win!
f. First off, who does this person think he/she is for being so demanding? I can see right through that arrogant façade. Well, although I don’t like to bring anyone down, sometimes we all need a little ego deflating.
g. This is familiar territory, my friend. I thrive off of these sorts of bets! I accept, though I must warn you—my devilishly good looks may get distracting.

3.) You failed a test. Literally bombed it. Even worse, your teacher refuses to help you bring up your grade. Your reaction?
a. Aw man, again?! I swear I studied! Or maybe not, but still! This sucks!
b. I don't fail at anything. Next question?
c. I have no one to blame but myself. If I had maybe put in a little more time studying for this exam, maybe my grade would have reflected that. No hanging out with friends tonight!
d. Um, truthfully, I don’t remember whether or not I studied…but then again, I’ve been forgetting a lot of things lately…
e. Oh noooo! I failed? But I tried so hard! Why does the teacher have to be so mean?
f. The teacher refuses to negotiate, you say? I’m sure I can fix that…
g. What? I really failed? There’s no way I can recover from this! I guess I could try to talk to the teacher again, although it doesn’t look good…

4.) A short distance away, you see a man sprinting down the street with a handgun and a woman's purse. You hear a woman screaming for someone to stop him. What do you do?
a. How terrible! What a bad, bad man! I suppose I’d call the police, if someone hasn’t done so already.
b. Although I really do feel bad for that woman, I don’t think there’s much I could do. I definitely wouldn’t be able to catch the guy…I’m not the athletic type!
c. This world is a scary place. I’m not surprised that man would take advantage of someone weaker…now as to what I’d do about the situation, nothing. Let’s be realistic.
d. I’d try to help where I can, of course! If he happens to be coming my way, well, let’s just say I’d have no problem “accidentally” sticking out my foot.
e. Justice must be served! How dare that filth meander the streets and endanger the lives of innocent people! I’d go after him, and he’d better hope I don’t catch him.
f. Stealing someone’s stuff is so not cool. I hope he trips. Maybe I’ll throw a rock at him or something, I dunno.
g. What an asshole!! I’m chasing that guy until I catch him, and then I’ll bang him up until he apologizes to that woman’s face. Bastard.

5.) You win the lottery. How do you spend your money?
a. I go out a lot, so I bet a large chunk of that money would come from entrance fees for the most extravagant clubs…oh, and I wouldn’t mind buying those uber-expensive bottles of champagne to share with friends. Let the good times roll!
b. I think education is so important, so I’d save that money until I need it to get into the college of my dreams. And it wouldn’t matter where it’s at, because the travel expenses wouldn’t be an issue! How awesome is that?
c. I’d imagine that I’d get out of my cramped apartment and move into a much nicer home. Maybe one that’s really far away from the populated areas—I don’t like crowds. In the end though, I could have all the money in the world and it wouldn’t matter much. Money can’t fix problems that are on the inside.
d. I wouldn’t have a direct use for that money. But I’d do anything to make the people I care about happy, so I’d be sure to share my prosperity in any way I can. Their happiness is my happiness.
e. Well I’d be overwhelmed at first, and probably do some really stupid things with it. But I know at least one person who’d talk some sense into me, and I’d likely end up saving some of it…and spend the other half on who knows what!
f. Oh wow, the lottery? I’m a pretty happy person, so I don’t really know of a specific thing that I’d spend my money on…but if you must know, a new Ipod would be nice! Oh, and a brand new wardrobe! And a car!...Well, I don’t drive yet, but it’s wishful thinking I guess!
g. Ha! I knew good things happened to good people! Shoot, I’d buy a whole bunch of things….where do I begin?

6.) Who is your best friend?
a. My best friend is my partner (or partner-in-crime, if we’re going there) and the only person I’ll share my deepest thoughts with.
b. My best friend is my sibling. We’ve grown so close, no one can replace him/her!
c. The person I’ve known since childhood is definitely my best friend. We’ve been through so much.
d. I...don't have a best friend.
e. The better question is, who isn’t my bff?
f. Funny thing, my best friend was once someone I thought was a total loser. But the more I got to know him/her, the more I realized what a great person he/she is. We’ve been tight ever since.
g. Never thought I’d be saying this, but I have several types of best friends. All of them would be there for me no matter what, but I talk to each of them about different things.

7.) Last (and easiest) question. Favorite color and why?
a. Pink! It’s feminine and happy. Plus, I look good in it!
b. Dark purple. There’s something about that color that seems majestic.
c. Yellow! It’s so cheerful, like the sun!
d. Green. Preferably, an electric green. It’s bold and just awesome.
e. Red! Dunno why, but it’s a loud color and speaks to me, you know?
f. Blue. It’s a calming color that reminds me of the sky, the ocean…freedom…
g. I would have said light blue, but then I realized that gold is now my favorite color because it represents something I have that is very dear to me.

Add ‘em up! Give yourself points for the following:

1.) a=0, b=5, c=3, d=4, e=1, f=2, g=6

2.) a=5, b=6, c=0, d=2, e=4, f=3, g=1

3.) a=2, b=0, c=3, d=5, e=6, f=1, g=4

4.) a=6, b=4, c=5, d=3, e=0, f=1, g=2

5.) a=1, b=3, c=5, d=0, e=4, f=6, g=2

6.) a=0, b=6, c=3, d=5, e=1, f=2, g=4

7.) a=3, b=0, c=6, d=1, e=2, f=5, g=4

0-7: You’re Atem! You have a certain degree of poise that not many others possess. You know how to handle most situations with tact while still showing the world the leader that you truly are. There may be a fiercely competitive side to you, but for the most part, you try to not let it get in the way of your relations with the people you care about.

8-14: You’re Otogi! You may be a bit of a player and you’re damn proud of it. Of course, you never mean to get someone’s feelings hurt, but somehow that’s usually how it ends up. A chill person with a suave attitude, others will flock to you for a good time.

15-21: You’re Jounouchi! Full of energy and spontaneity, you are one hyperactive person. You are honest and tell it like it is to people. You refuse to sit back and let life pass you by; instead, you happily take the driver’s seat. You have a bit of a mischievous side, too.

22-28: You’re Anzu! There is a nurturing quality about you that not many people have. When there’s a problem, your friends typically come to you to vent. Paired nicely with this is your proactive nature to get things done yourself. Cheerful and responsible, many people admire you.

29-35: You’re Yuugi! There is a very gentle quality about you. You’re generally very sweet and people recognize that. Unfortunately, others may view you as a pushover, so be sure you hold your ground when you believe in something. There is an untapped potential inside of you just waiting to come out!

36-42: You’re Ryou Bakura! Because of your reserved nature, many people see you as an enigma. They want to get to know you, but there is something that keeps you from letting them. There may be an unresolved issue in your past that is tainting your view of the world, although there will always be a faint glimmer of hope for better times to come.

43-49: You’re Shizuka! Although shy, you are a very cheerful person. There are undoubtedly a few people who have been pining after you for a while, but you’re not sure if you’re ready for a relationship yet. You want to have fun first! You are quite indecisive though, so maybe in a week you’ll change your mind.


Random Shipping Guide! Ever wonder about where these relationship names even come from? Here are a few that made me laugh:

1.) Airshipping- (Theif King Bakura, Preist Shaada)- ‘Cuz nothing’s there!
2.) Annoyshipping- (Seto, Jounouchi, Noa)- Yeah, I’d be annoyed too.
3.) Apocalypshipping- (Yami no Malik, Seto, Isis) – The world would have to be ending for this to work. I’d call it an apocalypse too.
4.) Arrogantshipping- (Seto, Mai) -Soooo true!
5.) Bananashipping- (Malik, Honda)- I think that like a banana, this pair is random.
6.) Bickershipping- (Jounouchi, Seto, Malik)- That would be easy to believe.
7.) Butterflyshipping- (Mai, Ryou, Anzu)- Someday, I’ll be a be-yoo-tee-ful butterfly!
8.) Conspireshipping- (Malik, Yami no Malik, Ryou, Yami no Bakura)- I’ll say…
9.) Driveshipping- (Mai, Malik)- Because they’re pretty much the only 2 characters who aren’t lazy and have a license!
10.) Evilshipping- (Yami no Malik, Yami no Bakura, Rebecca)- Who are they referring to, the girl or her teddy bear…?
11.) Hairshipping- (Honda, Yami no Yuugi)- No, my hair’s got more product in it than yours!
12.) Illogicshipping- (Seto, Isis, Shizuka)- Enough said.
13.) Jiishipping- (Sugoroku, Arthur)- That’s sick. Translates to ‘grandpa-shipping.’ Can you imagine? “Wait, stop, my back hurts!”
14.) Midriffshipping- (Malik, Amelda)- I’ve no clue who the latter is, but yay belly shirts!
15.) Pervertshipping- (Sugoroku, Anzu)- You got that right.
16.) Scandalshipping- (Priest Set, Pharaoh Atem) Scandal, indeed.
17.) Stoicshipping- (Preist Set, Seto)- Yeah, nothing’s gonna happen here.
18.) Twistedshipping- (Shaadi, Pegasus)- It’s twisted all right. Who would do that?
19.) Whispershipping- (Seto, Possessed Jounouchi)- Okay, that’s ridiculous. If anybody’s possessed, doesn’t that mean that really, Seto has a crush on the possessor? (who in this case would be Malik)

Disclaimer About My Writing:

So we probably learned all about it in English class: the divine power of editing. Aside from your own eyes, you need another fresh pair to critically glance over your own work to make it better. We all have our own biases and reservations, and another opinion can help you target flaws within your work to make it better. I admire every writer who has a beta/editor, and you can usually tell when someone is graced with one.

That all being said, I struggle spectacularly with updates. Therefore, when I write something, I unfortunately just post it after a couple read-throughs. Is this a bad thing to do? I'm sure of it. My writing would come off a lot cleaner if only I had the time for an editor. So, please forgive me for my inability to ask for extra help...definitely not an arrogance/ignorance issue, it's just an issue of time.


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