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Hi, guys and gals

Green eyed Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy is Absolutely droolworthy!

I am currently on hiatus

I love the Harry Potter series and Gundam Wing; the latter have the cutest guys. I am obsessed with Harry, Malfoys and Gundam Wing boys. I hate stalker Relena and I watched the whole first season; I don't know how Heero puts up with her. I don't agree with JKR on some points which could have been better like Ginny being Harry's wife; absolutely not. Personally I think that Fanfiction is one of the best things to read after finishing the actual novels. I adore the crossovers; Gundam wing/Harry potter is one of my favorites.

I read a lot of fanfiction but like a very tiny percentage. Hermione is treated even worse than Harry by the lot of fanfic writers and while I dislike Ginny I wouldn't wish the forced scenarios for either Harry/ Hermione; It makes me to wish to kill them in my stories than fall into such traps. Instead of writing multiple flames to a lot of writers I simply write at my own page.

Things I hate in Harry Potter fanfiction:

Fem!Harry: No, I don't hate him being portrayed as a female; I what I hate is that the moment he turns into a female, he becomes STUPID and Helpless (and I thought that cannon Harry was thick). Too much crying, stalking, leering, shopping and makeup talk in them to take them seriously. Acting like a girl must be difficult for a male turned into female.

Forced unions are not romantic: That is why arranged marriages were abolished in the first place. There is no such thing as single mate in animal/ creature world normally. The females/ submissives choose from a lot of available mates not the other way around. I mostly hate veela, forced marriage, marriage law, slave stories as the protagonists hardly have a choice. They are often raped and trapped for eternity in a marriage with no recourse to escape their fate. Magic may be wonderful but I hardly believe that any binding or bonding could not be undone with a choice or a price mostly because one party was unwilling in the original binding.

I don't like fics where Weasleys are treated as dirt for being poor. Ron Weasley is so despised for being less than content with his second hand possessions and a little jealous bouts. GUESS WHAT! Every child/ teenager throws tantrums/ fights with their friends. Its called being normal. The majority of writers forget that it was him Ron Weasley, who sacrificed himself so that Harry could go on to rescue the stone in first year; he rescued Harry from starvation in his second year and gave him a family.

I may not like Ginny but I sure as hell understand Ron not being able to afford materialistic joys of life (belonging to a big family myself). gotta have more sweets and less coffee!

I do like reviews and good feedback is appreciated. Bad feedback/ flames makes me want to do better.

Doodles and smirks.

Something I found on the internet; sounded fantastic. It made me consider writing Mpreg.

'The reason men have nipples is because their lactiferous ducts develop before testosterone enters the fetal picture. (Yes, we all start as females.) Men also possess a “leftover” uterus. It hangs off the prostate gland. We have a lot of useless body parts leftover from previous adventures in evolution. Wisdom teeth, the coccyx, the appendix, and in fact, body hair are all unnecessary remnants of our evolutionary past.'

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