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Name: Tory

Description: A hyperactive bundle of insanity

Hobbies: Anything that interests me

Obsessions: Anime and Manga / the 1960s / Books / Video Games / Batman / Mythology

Lifetime Wish: To publish a novel

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Daily Update


I did a lot of thinking and I've decided that - for the time being - I'm going to delete all of my fanfics.

I will keep the fanfics on my computer in case I change my mind and decide to put them back up, but I highly doubt that that'll happen.

God bless


I just read an article that says that fanart and fanfiction may become illegal, and it got me thinking . . .

Technically, fanart/fiction is stealing.

You're using characters and worlds that don't belong to you and posting them on the internet without the original creator's consent. You wouldn't do that to your best friend, so you shouldn't do that to your favorite authors and artists.

Therefore, I am considering deleting all of my fanfictions and leaving this site entirely.

I haven't made a decision yet - I don't wanna act too hastily - but if you see all of my fanfictions disappear, that will be why.

Let's see what happens . . .

God bless