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My Fleeting Touch
Emi Amami
(Japanese name. I had entered it backwards earlier and that's how I got Ayumu Fujimoto the other time.)

"The truth hurts and lies worse,"

Dear Anonymous Viewer,
Unless you like lightsabers, jedi and Hogwarts, I have nothing to say to you. Hahaha, I'm just kidding.
Anyway, so I'm 'MFT' which, in my head, sounds a bit like 'Mifty', so if you want to call me 'Mifty' go ahead. That's not my real name but does it matter? No. I thought not. So I'm MFT or Mifty or whatever, and I like similes like a chocolate-addict likes Lindt after dieting for two weeks (which happens to be my favourite chocolate.)
I'm also an Australian, and I'm not going to change my spelling ways to fit your needs. Deal with it.

I'm also learning to drive, so anyone out on the roads, watch out. (And those who are not on the road, watch out anyway. I almost drove over my neighbour one time.) I'm a drama student, and I tend to over exaggerate things quite a bit - like my facial expressions, which always cause much hilarity. I've been writing stories like the ones below since I was... erm... fourteen, except they've gotten better over time (hopefully. I used to add Japlish to my stories and we all know how annoying that is.) I'm sarcastic, cynical and pessimistic and please, whatever you do, don't ask me to tell a joke. My humour comes in the form of spontaneous one-liners, slap stick, or sarcasm.

I like ice cream with milo on top.

And lightsabers. Lightsabers are cool.

I wish I had a lightsaber.

Or that I was a wizard.

And I don't like cabbage.

x. MFT

I also like to draw and take pictures so if you want to click on that there, you'll reach my deviantart account. I'm planning on doing some art for my stories.

Visit my blog: The Fading Sky - it's a blog where I post all my work, original stories and art, fanfiction and fanart, lyrics and songs and musings.


I write a mixture of stories. So far I've written shamozzle (I've been waiting to use that all day.) for Gakuen Alice, Bleach and Pokemon. I'm terrible when it comes to writers' block and updating. I usually have this great idea for one chapter and write it with ease, and it's funny and cool and so on and then I start the next chapter and I'm all like, "I have no idea what I'm supposed to write in this one."

I also like to create Original Characters. The ones I use most in Gakuen Alice are Ayumu Fujimoto (who appears as the main character in my Bleach story as well.) and Hiro Shun. In my Pokemon story (which is basically an original story all together) there is Jaye Falconer, Archer Hawken, Kyle Ryan and Neo (something a rather) as my main characters.

In my next few stories I hope to use some different characters like: Emi Amami, Takumi Ishiguro, Ryou Fujimoto, Taiki Shimizu, Michiyo Matsuo, Ayumu Saruwatari, Asuka Watanabe and Michiyo Watanabe. (Basically just my friends' names in Japanese.)


Oh yeah. I used to write under the account 'Tragic Lullaby' so some of my old work is there, I did take some of the stories from there because I really wanted to finish them but I can't sign back into my account.


Chill out peeps. Browse the stories, please read them and I'd really love some reviews. Reviews make my day. Every time. I will love you forever if you review.

If you want to send me a message at anytime, please go ahead as well, I love messages and I'm just far too excited to see that there is an inbox and outbox for them now. It makes my day.

My Fleeting Touch, over and out.

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