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So, first off, sorry about this set of updates being several days late. I'm not going to lie; I really had a hard time finding the motivation to work on any of my stories this time around. True, I had everything written and typed up in a relatively timely manner, but the actual editing portion was like pulling teeth from a duck. And I'm a little worried that I might find myself in the same rut when it comes to Harry Potter, GetBackers and CSI: Miami.

Right now, I'm working on an outline for the next set of chapters for Harry Potter and the Pack of Shadows. I kinda have an idea for the explanation regarding to Harry's titles, but the second segment is a little hazy. I would like to introduce a new character, who is going to be Ginny's mentor in the Art of Healing. If anyone had some ideas or suggestions, please PM me
so we can talk.

As for the other two, GetBackers and CSI: Miami... yeah, I'm going to have to review last year's postings to get inspired.

And you know what's really horrible about getting into a rut; getting ideas for other stories that you KNOW you shouldn't even be thinking about writing 'cause you don't have time! Let's see... I have several story ideas for Harry Potter and Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Harry Potter and Walking Dead. While I wouldn't mind working on them, I already have a Harry Potter
and Transformer story lined up as being the next story that I'll work on as soon as I finish up with CSI: Miami.

Oh well, I'll stop here for now, and get back to work. I hope that everyone has a happy holiday season.

Until then! Tschuesla!
- Azteka



Another six months have come and gone... Unfortunately, it's been a rough past six months. Our family cat, who has been with us since '99, passed away last year, and I found myself struggling to find the motivation to write anything. Of course, my previous employment didn't help much in giving me the opportunity to write; not even random little notes.

Currently, I have new employment; standardizing training material to be used by personnel in my particular career field. No pressure there... Anyhoot, it's only temporary; however, my boss is looking to see if he can find more resources to keep me on longer. But if that doesn't pan out, I received a tentative offer of doing the same thing (training material development), except it would be for a special unit within law enforcement. I'm actually looking forward to that.

Well, I suppose that's enough about my personal life. A bit on my writings... Going back to my earlier remarks, I - unfortunately - didn't get a chance to finish writing the chapter for CSI: Sentinel - The Awakening. I'll try to get something posted for that one - sometime this month, but I'm not sure how that will go. The next set of stories that I'm going to work on are the third installment of Naruto, Bleach and of course the Walking Dead. I've also be working off and on the Harry Potter/Transformer cross-over that was selected a while back (like in 2015). I'm not planning on posting that one until it's complete; so, it might be awhile before anyone has a chance to read it.

I've also been randomly writing outlines for other stories that I would like to see, but I don't know if I'll have a chance to write them. I've written an outline for a Harry Potter/Walking Dead cross-over; several Harry Potter/Marvel Cinematic Universe cross-overs; and a Spideypool.

Well, until next time!


- Azteka


Hey! And Happy Holidays!

Where did the 6 months go? And more importantly, where did the year go?!

Normally, I would be rambling about one thing or another; however, this time around my mind is blank.

I know that some of my readers are looking forward to my Harry Potter updates, which I'm about to begin writing. I'm not sure if there's going to be a lot of chapters for my Harry Potter, CSI: Sentinel and GetBacker's FamilienVermaechtnis since I'm limited in writing them during weekends only. You see, I started a new job, and it requires a lot of my focus. Heck, half the time when I get home, I just want to decompress and read; so yeah, the weekends are my only days for writing. May be I should get a Barnes & Noble membership since I usually hide away there whenever I write.

Well, until the next time! You take care and have a safe holiday season!


- Azteka


Normally, I would ask where the time had gone, but this time around, I can honestly say, I know where it went...

In my previous message, I remarked that I would be working on my Master's Thesis. Well, I'm happy to announce that it is completed, and I have my Master's degree. Woohoo!

I want to thank all of my readers that have patiently waited for this round of updates. I'm not sure if it meets my usual standard of quality; mainly due in part that I had to focus on my paper. If I'm ambitious enough, I'll probably will go back and edit everything once again, but at this time, I'm content with the work.

So, this time around, I'll be working on Naruto, Bleach and my first-ever Walking Dead piece. Speaking of my Walking Dead piece, the poll has been closed since March 1st, and oddly enough, the only thing that was polled was the relationship; whether or not it should be a Triad. Then again, I don't think I've had a lot of readers or viewers. Perhaps it's too early to tell in regards if this piece is looked upon favorably.

Anyhoot, I'll stop here for now, and I hope you enjoy the updates!

Until next time!


- Azteka


Hello and Happy Holidays!

So, another 6 months have come and gone, and in less than 30 days, this year will come to an end as well. I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned this once before, but it does seem like as you get older, the faster the year seems to go by. Hopefully, I have quelled some of my ravenous readers with my Naruto and Bleach updates. The next set of stories that I’ll be working will be Harry Potter and the Park of Shadows, CSI: Sentinel and GetBackers’ FamilienVermaechtnis. And just a heads up, I’m still going to post on the first of June, but I’m not too sure on how many chapters I’ll be able to complete since I’m also working on my Masters’ Thesis at the same time. Now onto my latest project…

As some of you may have noticed (or at least not yet), I have started a new story called afAmxnt (the word is pronounced effa-mech-net) Chronicles, which is a Walking Dead fanfic. I’ll be upfront about this particular fandom. I have not read the comics nor seen the series. I actually got hooked onto this fandom when I stumbled upon one of uoduck’s stories called “Bad Blood”. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend that you do. Now, before you start bashing about how could it be possible for me to write a story on a fandom that I haven’t read or seen, the answer is quite simple: Episode Summaries! I’m not ashamed to admit that I use to get the summary of each episode, which in turn I use as an outline for this story.

Now, I’ve gathered that Walking Dead stories don’t normally fall under the category of fantasy, but I placed this story under fantasy for two reasons. First, demented_queen, a very talented author from AO3, made a comment that this story had a fantasy feel to it, and second, because of I did to Rick.

So, while reading the episode summary for TS-19, it mentioned the flashback where Shane thought Rick had died when his monitors flat-lined, and then I thought what if Rick had died and his soul went to the Spirit Realm, where he eventually becomes tasked with returning to the Human Realm to protect the survivors of the apocalypse. And thus, this story was born. Now, some of you may have already the first installment of afAmxnt Chronicles and noticed my little post script in regards to polling options, and here they are:

1. Should Ric-Ci save Duane and Morgan Jones?

2. Should Merle also be an afAmxnt?

3. Should this be a Triad between Shane, Ric-Ci and Daryl?

I’ll leave the polling open for three months, which means come 1 March 2016 I’ll close the polls. So, if you want to have a say in this, you better vote.

Well, I think I have rambled long enough. So until next time! You take it easy and have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

- Azteka



So, another 6 months have pass, and I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, but it seems that time is going both faster and slower. Well, either way, for the next 6 months, I'll be working on Naruto and A Breed Apart, and maybe start another story, which I know I shouldn't but it's something that has started playing around in my mind.

Also, as some of you may have noticed, I closed out the poll for my next Harry Potter project, and that project will be Harry Potter and Transformers. Before you get all excited, I won't be posting any chapters for this one until I am done with Pack of Shadows. I know, a bummer for you, but it works out for me because I'm still working out the outline for the storyline.

Now, before I sign off, I have this really random question to ask of you... If Rick Grimes from AMC's The Walking Dead had a totem, an animal spirit, what would it be? Send me a PM on your thoughts on my questions, and yes, it is related to the other story that I might be working on for December's Posting deadline.

Well, until next time!





Another 6 months have come and gone, and yet it has only felt like yesterday that I last posted new chapters. For my Bleach readers, I'm sure you noticed a small number of chapters have been posted in comparison to previous postings, and probably as annoying as most you read this, it is unfortunately true that real life gets in the way of many things. However, I would like to give a shout out to MDI, who helped out as a sounding board prior to his leaving for work overseas. So thank you, MDI.

So for a heads up to my other readers, I'm currently working on Pack of Shadows and CSI: Sentinel. I'm going to try to squeeze in my GetBackers piece as well, but we'll have to see how life and work treats me.

Also, I'm keeping the poll open for a little while longer so if you have preference on which next Harry Potter project I should do, you still have that option. The synopsis of each storyline is available under my 2140601 post.

Until next time, Happy Holidays!






It has been a while since I last left any remarks on my profile... 6 months ago, my computer crashed, and I had feared that most of my posting would have been set back. Luckily, I had majority of the original drafts and outlines already written out or at least detailed in my head, making writing and editing my pieces fairly painless.

This time around, I'll be working on Naruto and A Breed Apart... I might also squeeze in one of my other pieces as well, but I'm not certain which one at the moment. It'll depend on my class workload. Currently I'm taking an online course for my Master's degree, and while most would think an online course should be easy, in reality they are quite challenging... But as I said, I will definitely be working on Naruto and A Breed Apart.

Also, for some of my Harry Potter readers, I would like your assistance in deciding which of these two story lines I should work on once The Pack of Shadows is completed. Harry Potter and Transformers or Harry Potter and Grimm?

The story line for Harry Potter and Transformer, it'll naturally be AU and takes place after the Goblet of Fire: Dursleys take a business trip to the States, taking Harry with them. During the Battle of Mission City, Harry joins in the fight, helping getting civilians to safety and protecting the service members on the ground. At the high point of the battle, Harry witness Sam falling from a building in attempts to escape Megatron... Acting on instinct, Harry apparated in mid-air to catch Sam and disapparate to safety, but... the energy source within the cube could not sustain its original form while surrounding by the pure energy of Harry's magic... energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed... therefore, the energy source found itself new vessels to contain itself... Harry Potter and Sam Witwicky... This story will have Harry and Barricade pairing.

The story line for Harry Potter and Grimm, it will be pseudo Epilogue compliment: After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry attempts to pick up the pieces of his life with little projects to keep his mind off of the horrors of the war. One of these projects was updating his family tree. While at Gringotts, Harry discovered that his own mother had started a similar project, leading him to discover that he had distant cousins living in the US. Desperate for any relations, especially from his mother's side, he contacts Marie Kessler and arranges a visit with his cousins. Nick Burkhardt and Harry become close as brother in a shared pain of being orphans and a strong sense of what is right and wrong. Harry returns to England but maintains contact with his family in the States... years gone by, Harry, recently divorced from Ginny, moves to Portland with his children and godson to get away from all the hype that still hounds him. While in Portland, his little family is thrown into a world of the Wesen and Grimm, making friends, family and finding new love. This story will have Harry and Sean Renard pairing.

And there you have it, two choices... now, click on a poll and decide which Harry Potter I should do one Pack of Shadows is completed.

Until next time!





Another 6 months have come and gone, and I'm sure that a number of you have been waiting patiently for my updates, which I thank you sincerely.

Most of you will probably notice that I did not post a lot of chapters for my Harry Potter piece. I had hoped that my assignment in Texas would not have affected my concentration nor my writing, but as it turned out, it did. It even prevented me from completing my CSI: Sentinel piece. As the French saying goes, c'est la vie...

But I am not going to let that deter me... I'm currently home, and soon going on vacation, which means I have plenty of time to focus on my next series of projects - Naruto, GetBackers, and A Breed Apart. I'm also going to attempt to squeeze the missed CSI: Sentinel chapter as well. I don't think I'll have that much of an issue since I have that one mostly written out already.

Until next time, and as always, thank you for your continuous support! Have a wonderful summer holiday!



Gottswille! Has it been already 6 months?!

Well, back in June, I told you that I had survived Alabama, and now, I'm in Texas until March, which I'm seriously looking forward to going home. As cliché as the ol' saying goes... there's no place like home.

I hope that everyone enjoies the chapters that I have posted for my Naruto, GetBackers and Bleach pieces. My current projects will be my Pack of Shadows, CSI: Sentinel and hopefully the allusive Bleach one-shot that I have hinted at for a little over a year. If everything goes well, I'll be able to post these chapters on June 1st.

Until then, I hope to have your continuous support, and I wish everyone Happy Holidays!



Hello Everyone!

I have survived my 6 weeks in Alabama, and unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to work on Loptr Laufeysen. However, I did manage to finish working on a couple of more chapters for Pack of Shadows, which I hope everyone will enjoy.

My next project will be working on my Naruto, GetBackers and my multi-chapter Bleach pieces - all of which will be posted on December 1, 2012. I'm also going to try to squeeze in Loptr Laufeysen; however, I cannot make any promises on it.

Thank you for your continuous support, and you will be hearing from me again come December 1st.




While I may have posted my pieces on this site for a while now, this is the first time that I have used the profile section. Normally I prefer to stay a mystery to my readers, but certain events in my life has come up that will most likely disrupt my writing cycle.

I do have a method to my madness. Because I have so many pieces that I am writing, I usually work on three of them in a 6 month period, which is why most of you have noticed a yearly update to my pieces. The next 3 pieces that I'll be working on will be my Harry Potter, CSI: Sentinel and a Bleach One-short with the tentative title of Loptr Laufeysen, Prince Consort and Qebehout, the River Moon.

In January, I'll be leaving for Alabama for 6 weeks, and I don't know if I'll have the chance to write much, but I do promise that whatever I have written will be posted on June 1, 2012.

I want to thank everyone for their continuous support, and I wish everyone Happy Holidays!


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