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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Hi, my name's Tim, and welcome to my profile. I'm sick of changing my age on here, so I'll say I'm born on the 4th of September 1990, and you can work my age out yourself. I spend my time working as a Support worker for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. I love my job, and it gives me a big insight into people lives. I'd love to put my knowledge of learning difficulties into a story, but itd take loads of planning. I'm also in a rock band, you can check us out at I play bass guitar, but want to try my hand at songwriting one day. We have an album and an EP, and you can find our songs on the youtube channel AlreadyGoneOfficial

I may be old and past it, but I'm a big kid at heart, and do anything to keep my childhood memories alive. As such, I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon, and have been for years.

I began fanfiction a long long time ago, but my early works weren't imaginative, and never got finished, but the premise is there. Mostly they were re-write of the Final Fantasy games in novel form, which never really got past the first boss fight. However, I really enjoyed the writing process, and found I had what I'd call as a small talent budding that needed working on. Truly, my fanficion love started a few of years ago, with Harry Potter. I got interested in a couple of stories, and found a site which had a huge variety for me, called SIYE, which dealt primarily with Harry/Ginny fics. Since then, I've built a wide range of knowledge of how I like things written, and developed a style to write in for myself. I got myself involved with Role Playing forums to do with Harry Potter, which brought creativity into my mind, and taught me how to improve my description so that I wasn't making a three word post entirely of speech.

Since then I've written a couple of stories, and a couple of songfics. Everything has been generally well received. I like to mess with my style a bit, otherwise you end up getting a bit bland and boring. I've yet to really challenge this idea yet though. I'd love to delve into people's emotions and write something truly heartbreaking, or incredibly dark, but they're just ideas.

Im heavily influenced by music as you can imagine. To challenge myself, I've noted down some of my interpretations for whole albums and how I can channel the feel of the songs into a story without writing songfics. I may start releasing these next year.

All of my Harry Potter stories are Beta-d by Ginny Guerra from SIYE, who does a brilliant job making my work readable and acceptable. Recently, I have also utilised the services of seekers_destiny, also over at SIYE for my Beta work.

I have gained a few fans who read my story, Breaking the Silence, and reviewed every chapter. I do want to say thank you to those people, and I'm so sorry that Breaking the Silence was rather abandoned. I still have the ideas, but they weren't going anywhere, and need thinking about in greater detail, but I'd love to continue this work, as it was so well received. In fact, I have the next chapter written, and I'm hoping to start work on the next few very soon.

My latest work 'The Hogwarts Takeover', my first ever comedy, has been incredibly well received, And even won the September/October Dumbledore's Silver Trinket award for best comedy over at SIYE. I'm hoping I place highly in the annual awards too, but competition is tough. Thank you to everyone who has read/reviewed/voted for this, it's amazing.

Currently I have a WIP called 'Oppression by Association' for Harry Potter. This story is being written for the 'Dudley's Turn' challenge over at SIYE, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys think of it.

For those who are waiting for new chapters for Oppression by Association and Breaking the Silence, I'm afraid I'm currently having some major issues with a laptop, in that mine doesn't work well enough to really crack on with anything. Rest assured when I can get a decent computer, I'll post some new chapters.

Current WIP:

Breaking the Silence - Harry Potter

Oppression by Association - Harry Potter

Entwined Destinies saga - Final Fantasy XIII series

Future Works:

Untitled - Harry Potter (some reviews in Oppression gave me some great ideas for a second story that relates to it, like an alternate version. The story would not fit with Oppression's original purpose though, thus it will be a new story, possibly with the same opening 1.5 chapters, possibly reworked versions.)

Six Degrees of Seperation - Harry Potter (8 chapter fic based on The Script's song of the same name)

Untitled - Final Fantasy X (Novel Length, Tidus/Yuna, ideas in mind)

Untitled - Pokemon (One Shot, Ash/May)

Untitled - Call of Duty (multiplayer comedy)

Untitled - Harry Potter (Time Travel AU, mild Dark!Harry ideas, Harry/Ginny)

Styles I want to attempt:

Harry Potter Soul-Bond (No plans)

Full, Novel Length Fic (Final Fantasy X may be my first, if not, Time Travel HP)

Final Fantasy X Time Travel (I have a great idea and it will need lots of planning)

I'd also love to try something in the Kingdom Hearts world, but I've got no plans.

About Me:

Name: Tim

DOB: 4th September 1990

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Playing guitar/bass, Video games, listening to music, reading fanfiction, writing, kickboxing, going to the gym

Likes: Rock music, Final Fantasy, Anime, Harry Potter, fast and beautiful cars, hanging with my mates drinking beer, kickboxing, gym

Dislikes: People who hate for no reason, bad spelling/grammar (I'm not perfect, but some things you see...), Flamers


Ash x May (Pokemon)

Ash x Misty (Pokemon)

Ash x Dawn (Pokemon)

Cloud x Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)

Zack x Aerith (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)

Squall x Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)

Zidane x Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)

Tidus x Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Shuyin x Lenne (Final Fantasy X-2)

Vaan x Penelo (Final Fantasy XII)

Vaan x Ashe (Final Fantasy XII)

Hope x Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)

Sora x Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

Harry x Ginny (Harry Potter)

Ron x Hermione (Harry Potter)

Other Usernames

SIYE: BraverLeonheart

Youtube: fflover4ever

GameFAQs: tbuxton

TrueAchievements: BraverLeonheart

Xbox Live Gamertag: BraverLeonheart

PSN ID: BraverLeonheart

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