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Hi, I'm Charlotte from Leeds, England, I like writing fanfic even thought I don't think I'm that good, but I prefer reading anyways. I am 18 but that doesn't mean I always have to act like it :P I love chick flicks and my friends think I'm weird cos of it :(

I am friends with some people that have fanfic accounts and it is one persons fault since she introduced me to it and got me hooked.

Favourite Books: Harry Potter, Bridget Jones etc

Favourite TV: House, Supernatural, Top Gear, Friends, Doctor Who, Vicar of Dibley

Favourite Films: Pirates of the Carribean (Jack Sparrow *scream*), Star Trek, Disney Classics (they are awesome and you know it)

Just so you know if I am writing a story it might take me a while to upload since Caroline gets me to write fanfic for her and if I dont she nags me until I give in lol love you really caz xx

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