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Author has written 8 stories for Pitch Black / Riddick, X-Men: The Movie, and Firefly.

Please have patience I am very much a Sagittarius and tend to be distracted easily by shiny objects and random plot bunnies.


SQUEALS! I have the best fans ever ArtLightLove has posted a Firefly Chronicles image you can find it at http:// artandlight. deviantart. com / art / Ode-to-The-Firefly-Chronicles- 160698214 (just remove the spaces) and a second image :D http:// artandlight. deviantart. com /art/ The-Firefly-Chronicles-Poster1-161302824 (just remove the spaces)

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

Douglas Adams

Story Notes:

The Firefly Chronicles- This is the one I am proudest of. Admittedly the first few episodes are not as strong as I would like and it took me a minute to get the hang of inserting Riddick into the series, but I stand by it one hundred percent. Now nearly 600,000 words in, this one is my obsession, and for my new readers, this is the most active story I have at the moment. We're nearly through the series now, but we still have a long way left to go. I do try to give you a decent chuck of completely original material when I can, and as we draw closer to the Riddick arc that amount will drastically increase, it just takes a bit more time than the series/movies' storylines do.

The Beast and The Ballerina- In the beginning stages of a re-write, and I'm really looking forward to the publishing of the updated version, which will include an all new prelude and what I hope is a much more solid and defined plot-line. As you all know it was my first one and I started it with no clear direction, just a rabid plot bunny thanks to Shadowglove's A Firefly in Pitch Black (a MUST read, as it was the first substantial RnR pairing I ever read, and the inspiration for my obsession with all things Ridver, as ArtLightLove coined it.), the new version will be completely cleaned up and much easier to read as I have finally gotten the hang of FF . net's godawful formatting. As soon as I can get that done I will be publishing the next installment of it, and hopefully wrap it up shortly thereafter. There is a sequel planned for that which I am really looking foward too.

Partners: Carcrafter7 if you're still out there and reading, I haven't forgotten your one shot that goes with this story, which is also undergoing a re-write and a clean-up, your one-shot will be written into the new version; since til this day I regret that choice I made with that story. Once the re-write is in place I will probably however publish it as an entirely new story as several serious changes are spinning around in my brain pan on that one, it will also probably have a new title. The only reason i plan on leaving up the old one is because of said changes, it is in fact almost an entirely different story and there are many people who like it as it is, so I will simply mark it complete when that time comes and make a note referencing the edited and in my opinion improved version. i will however leave that for your judgment.

Whispers- Oh holy cheese and rice crackers this one is a hot mess. I just reread it today and I had to ask myself, "DJ, are you for real?" So that too has a rewrite in the works. I'm just chewing over what I have carefully considering this will be the third rewrite on that one, but what the hell, third time's a charm right? And this time I having an amazing and tireless Beta.

One-shots- At the moment are strictly just that. If anyone of them have a chance at becoming more, it's Bad Things, which currently has three possible follow-ups already written and sitting on my laptop. I just can't decide which one I want to take. I've actually mulled over posting all three on live journal (since choose your own adventures aren't allowed here) and letting people vote on which avenue they want me to go in before continuing the story on here, but as for right now, it stays a one-shot.

Active Updates:

9-4-2012- wedding-check, baby-check, brain melting sleep deprivation-check.

But seriously, no more BIG DAMN EXCUSES. As of today, I am offically going back to work on my fics. How productive that work will be is entirely dependent on the mercy of a 5 week old but I am going to make the effort. Promise. My hiatus has really lasted much longer than I thought it would, and I am really really sorry.

To the faithful- ya'll are the shiz-nittest of the shiz-nits, the very definition of the bees-knees, in short-ya'll rock. Thanks for hanging in there and not deleting me from your alerts and your favs and for all the re-reads...seriously. Some of you have read these fics multiple times, especially TFC and holy cat whiskers and stale cheetoes at almost 600,000 words that's some serious love for me... I got it for ya'll too. :D It's a much needed kick in the ass to get back to work. I only hope that I don't disappoint!

Currently TFC will be my priority but...ya never really know with me. I can only promise no new stories until I wrap up at least one of my works in progess.

To those just joining us- Welcome!!! Please note the Douglas Adams quote above. :D Much Luv.

To everybody who's been keeping tabs on me via PM- Awww shucks. :D :D :D The hubby and I while some days delirious from sleep deprivation are absolutely estatic to be a daddy and mommy now. Our little man was born happy and healthy on July 31st, weighing in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces. A Leo in the year of the Water Dragon. We couldn't be more terrifed. Lol.

My frick-tastic Beta is still on the case and if you haven't yet, I urge you to check out his authorized and totally sanctioned run along to TFC entitled- The Firefly Chronicles: Firsts. It's a bit of Riddick backstory that you won't be disappointed by.He's listed under my fav authors so check him out.

Much Luv & 'Til After Now.


Well...crap...Okay so...


Just wanted to update my beloved readers, because believe it or not you are all truly my beloveds.

I took a long break from writing during my wedding, almost immediately after I got married, I got pregnant and life just got crazier.

Finally, the dust settled and I sat my butt back down in my computer chair, fired up my laptop, and...well, stared blankly at the screen completely and utterly overwhelmed.

The Firefly Chronicles, which is my active story right now is just so gorram epic in length I was completely lost in it and everytime I tried to get the next installment out it didn't end well. Mostly I plucked my eyelashes out and rocked myself in a corner crying and sucking my thumb...

but then...

my kick-ass beta, well, kicked my ass back into gear.

Currently, The Firefly Chronicles is undergoing some major construction. It was really the best way I could figure to get back involved with the character and plot lines. There are NO MAJOR PLOT CHANGES, or at least nothing I consider major and I've been assured by both my beta and my awesome husband that all the changes I am making are for the better. Really it comes down to going through what Thug-4-Less wasn't around for in the beginning and trimming some fat and tweaking the flow.

As of the date of this profile update we are in the middle of the interlude, The Lost Episode. Thug jumped onboard during Our Mrs. Reynolds which is the episdoe that comes after that interlude so all the major work has been done. It is now just a matter of making sure the rest of the story aligns with the tweaks.

So yup. That's where we stand.

Please know that I haven't abandoned anything. There is a TON of work going on behind the scenes.

I'm so grateful to everyone who has sent me Pm's and I'm sorry it took so long to reply to some of them, but I do try to always reply.

You guys rock. Thanks for the faith.

Much Much Much Luv

til After now.

OH!! PS-If you haven't checked out Thug-4-Less's The Firefly Chronicles:Firsts, you really really should. It is a fully and offically sanctioned runalong that toes into a bit of Rididck backstory.

It, just like my Beta is frick-tastic.

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