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Author has written 8 stories for Pitch Black / Riddick, X-Men: The Movie, and Firefly.

Please have patience I am very much a Sagittarius and tend to be distracted easily by shiny objects and random plot bunnies.


SQUEALS! I have the best fans ever ArtLightLove has posted a Firefly Chronicles image you can find it at http:// artandlight. deviantart. com / art / Ode-to-The-Firefly-Chronicles- 160698214 (just remove the spaces) and a second image :D http:// artandlight. deviantart. com /art/ The-Firefly-Chronicles-Poster1-161302824 (just remove the spaces)

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

Douglas Adams

12/08/2015- So it's been years, I'm ashamed to say and I'm sorry for not keeping ya'll better updated. The truth of the matter is life has just been kicking my ass the last couple of years and with everything that has happened there just hasn't been much in me left to write or be creative in any real way. I got married, I had my son, then Hurricane Sandy hit and those of you who live along the NJ coast know what kind of devastation that wrought. My husband and I were lucky but other members of my family and immediate circle were not, and a lot of me went into helping them pick the pieces of their lives back up. Years later and we're still not back. (F*ck you very much Chris Christie).

I never did stop writing completely and The Firefly Chronicles has undergone a MAJOR overhaul with changes both small and large and my Beta, Thug-4-Less, and I are really happy with the way it's looking. My goal is still and always has been to finish each uncompleted work on this site; but, I'm a better writer than I was when I first published and much of the old stuff needs to be edited and revamped. The edit on TFC is very close to being done with only a handful of chapters left and a final read through. As for Partners and BnB they will continue to take a backseat to TFC and Whispers.

That all being said, I have a new bit of, well difficult news. This summer I got sick, I'll spare you all the medical details but after a long period of testing and visiting specialists and a terrifying cancer scare I have been diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disorder. It's not going to kill me, I'm not that kind of sick but the disorder does cause the growth of very painful masses inside my body and right now one of those masses is causing a major infection the doctors can't seem to get under control. Some days are better than others but my son and husband have first dibs on those good days. The treatment for this disorder consists of basically a low dose chemotherapy pill and steroid combo for an average of a year with only a fifty percent success rate of complete remission. If that is the route I take over some other more radical options I can make no promises or guarantees for any of my stories. This won't kill me, so I will be back, it's just a question of when. (You know, like the super volcano under Yosemite...good luck sleeping at night now)

Until that time Thug-4-Less has an awesome compilation of run-alongs and background pieces for The Firefly Chronicles 'Verse. The Firefly Chronicles: Untold Tales of the 'Verse is just one of the reasons my Beta is the absolute bees knees. He's been with me since almost the very beginning and his contributions and tweaks have elevated this new version to amaze-balls. For real. I can't wait for ya'll to read it.

There are some unanswered PMs in my inbox right now and I'm sorry for that. I will do better in the future to keep ya'll in the loop.

-'Til after now.

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The Firefly Chronicles reviews
Follows The crew of Serenity thru the series, what happens what a certain Furyan looking to rejoin the human race hops on board? Rated M to be safe for later chaps and 'cause its Riddick. CURRENTLY UNDERGOING CONSTRUCTION...STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS.
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In an odd sort of way another installment to follow 3 AM, and what happens when I start talking myself. It's ridiculous, you have been warned. Rated T for language because we all know I'm worse than a drunken sailor on leave.
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