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Hi! Thank you so much for following my new story. It was inspired after reading one fanfic story, and then I got a little obsessed with Rob's buttonfly jeans so I wrote a couple of paragraphs about them on

My friends there, the amazing women of the alter universe, egged me on/encouraged me/begged me to write more (they love the buttonflys, too.) Especially PhoenixMP3 who loves the gray boxer briefs. I thought, surely there's more than one piece of Rob-garb that we can all relate to. So Brief Encounter is born.

Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight Saga, of course.

I HAVE CREATED A BLOG SITE ON TUMBLR where I am posting my fanfic stories along with some others quotes/pics/videos that I find amusing and inspirational. Check it out and follow me!

So enjoy and review! I read all of them and I truly appreciate the time you take to write to me.

World Peace.


December 30, 2009: I just got a message from KyuketsukiInOki asking wtf is going on with Brief Encounter? Just want to let you know that I am writing, promise. As usual, I'm slow but my intention is to finish the entire story and then post it as complete. I'm excited about the story, it's good! Hang in there, loyal followers! I love and appreciate each and every one of you! Meanwhile, have a Happy New Year!! xoxoxo AlohaFF

February 16, 2010: I just have the epilogue to go!!

April 11, 2010: Everything is getting beta'd with my new Beta, Lindz26!! Love her and thanks FL95 Jo for the referral. By the way, I'm getting a lot of new followers even though I haven't updated in months. Thanks to those who are pimping me... and thanks for your patience!

April 25, 2010: BRIEF ENCOUNTER IS COMPLETED!! I'm so happy. I'll be updating Chapter 19: Stoli T-Shirt, Part 1 now. Then I'll update every couple of days. Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

May 22, 2010: I have begun working on a new story! It will be in a slightly different format--I hope it works. Lindz26 has agreed to be my bitchin beta again. Thank God!!

May 26, 2010: I HAVE CREATED A BLOG SITE ON TUMBLR where I am posting my fanfic stories along with some others quotes/pics/videos that I find amusing and inspirational. Check it out and follow me!

July 2010: Thirty, yes thirty, of my friends and I met up at the Boston Twilight convention for an EPIC weekend of fun, singing, dancing and feeding our obsession for Twilight in a guilt-free, loving environment. We were the #BostonTweetParty and we rocked!

August 3, 2011: Wow! Thank you to everyone! Even though my review count doesn't reflect it, my little story, Brief Encounter, has had readers EVERY DAY since I completed it! I hope that means you like it and are telling your friends because updates have ended long ago. My humblest thanks, dear readers. Very shortly, I'll let you know of my new story that I'm writing. I love you all. MWAH!!

August 22, 2011: I just sent the first 8 chapters to my bitchin beta, Lindz26, for a little pre-read and I got an enthusiastic thumbs up! So I'm going to plow on and continue. Stay tune... it's other-worldly!!

November 30, 2011: It simply boggles my mind and makes me so grateful. Brief Encounter has had readers EVERY DAY!! Even though there are no reviews and I am not promoting it (I wish I could but I've run out of ideas, so let me know if you want to help me) you wonderful readers are spreading the work and pimping me out. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Meanwhile, I continue to work on my new story, so stay tuned! It's, um... different! :)

January 10, 2012: I need your help, Dear Readers. Even though Brief Encounters has had reader traffic every day since I completed it (that's over a year!), not too many have left any reviews. I'm currently at 460. I just got a message from IndieFicPimps that they won't consider pimping my story until I get reach 600 reviews. This is where you come in. Please leave me reviews so that I can reach that magic number, not to mention that I would love to get your feedback. Help me out and review! MAHALO!

May 24, 2012: Wow! Wow! Checked the stats for Brief Encounters and you're still reading my little story... every day you're reading it! I'm so grateful and delighted! Wish you would leave reviews so that IndieFicPimps will give me the nod (see previous diary entry). But, what the heck. Thank you, lovely people! You rock!

September 6, 2012: Message to Twimima7, since you don't have a profile page and I can't reply to your review directly, I'll do it here. THANK YOU so much for your awesome comments!! It fills my heart with gratitude that you took the time to read my story AND to leave me some feedback. I'm so glad you like it and that you found it different and suspenseful! Love keeping my readers on pins and needles ;) Spread the word to your friends! I love knowing that BE is being read around the world!! Mahalo xoxoxo

July 18, 2013: Hello Passionate Readers. It has been 3 years and 2 months since I completed Brief Encounters. With the exception of 43 total days, I have had readers EVERY DAY!!! Even without my promotion of any kind. I don't have reviews, but I know many readers who do not review, especially if it is a completed fic or the author is not popular (and I am not). That means that you are spreading the word about my little fic. So, I appreciate it VERY much! THANK YOU for reading and telling your friends. It warms my heart. LOVE LOVE xoxo

August 1, 2013: Halelujah! A mighty facebook group has discovered my story and I have dozens of new readers! Thank you all for hanging with me. I hope you love it. Give me a review, even if only at the end of the story. And spread the word! I'm loving it!


Crazy Love by Van Morrison performed by Glen Phillips

Crazy Love performed by Brian McKnight (sexy version)

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The Cullens backyard

The Cullens garden bench (Chapter 12)

Shoelace Bracelet (Chapter 13)

When exiting the linked site, use the back arrow and NOT the X or you will log out of fanfic. HASSLE.

You Learn by Alanis Morrisette (Chapter 16-Lesson from Carlisle)

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