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Hii. Names Alanna. I'm fifteen. I listen to mostly ;; R&b, pop, and hip hop. Im completely obsessed w/the twilight saga, and I guarantee that all my stories will be from it. Im a new member. And, I'm currently focusing on writing, the missing stories from breaking dawn; both in Bella's POV, and in Edward's. Wanna be friends? Send me a message.. or, if you have any good idea's for stories I can write, send me a message including that! I up for anything. Im deffinitely an amateur, but i hope you like the stories anyway. Please leave me reviews.. I wanna know what you think of my writing And, people that have been so nice to leave me reviews already, thanks alot for it... and also, if you like my stories.. fav me.

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whats yur name ? Alana favorite color ? purple, duh! how old are you ? uhmm. 13.. almost 14. where do you live ? pc, florida. 386 baby. do you think your a good writer ? idk ;; thats why i like reviews, lmao. do you think your cool ? yeah :) are you secretly in love w/edward ? yess! who isn't. did you like Michael Jackson ? ehh! no, not really. why not ? he looked gay, who is yur favorite singer ? I love miley cyrus, rihanna, jordan sparks, idk.. myspace or facebook ? both. do you have a bestfriend ? no, not anymore! whats yur favorite book, movie, etc. ? book;twilight saga. movie;haha,twilight. what do you love about twilight ? the intense chemistry between edward & bella. do you like the author ? i love stephenie meyer; she really brought the books to life, in a way I dont think anyone else can. are you gonna write about anything other than twilight ? maybe.. but right now im focusing just on the twilight saga. how many pairs of converse do you own ? uhmm. three. who is yur favv 'that 70's show' character ? lmfao. fezz (: dinosaurs or unicorns ? unicorns. you need new jeans, where do you go ? abercrombie, hollister, aeropostale, etc.. have you ever snuck into an R-rated movie, when you weren't old enough ? no, but i want to. team demi/selena, or miley ? selena. iloveher what do you hear at the moment ? my comp. breathing. do you enjoy surveys ? hmm. some. what do you think of people who do illegal drugs ? losers! what's the worst job you've ever had ? no job:/ how many emily's do you know ? 2, i think. wii or xbox 360 ? wii.

New Moon.

My heart stopped beating decades ago, But on this bitter night it shall break.
If I could cry, oh how these tears would spill.
The brown eyed girl, my love she did take.
Dancing from my mouth, words I did not mean.
My mind screams "I love you," but it is time to flee.
Our hopeless bond could mean the end of her life,
The lion & the lamb were not meant to be.
Her back pressed to the forest, I continue my goodbye.
"Of course I'll always love you... In a way,"
"I've let this go on much too long."
Lies burning in my throat & so painful to say.
She does not argue as her stomach turns in knots,
I shoot her one last glance before I seal the wound.
The rain pours upon us, concealing her cries,
My silent screams destroy me, beneath the pale new moon.-

1.Phone Call with Rosalie: This was the missing part in Breaking Dawn, in book 1/ chapter 7 (unexpected), page 118. This was the scene where Bella calls Rosalie to ask for her help. I hope you likee it :) But there are two chapters, so don't forget to click on the link to chapter two at the bottom of the page, to the right. Thanks, please R&R. Thanks!

2.The Honeymoon: This was the missing part in Breaking Dawn, in book 1/ chapter 5 (isle esme), page 75. This was the scene where Bella and Edward have sex for the first time on they're honeymoon. Hope you likee it :) Please R&R. Thanks!

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