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Author has written 19 stories for Warriors, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Final Fantasy XIII, Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Current Status

These are preview(s) of my current stories and what their statuses are from each update. They won't, however, necessarily be updated in the designated order.

1) Growing Up and Blitzkriegs' -- Chapter 2 -- 55% Complete

Everything hurt.

From the tips of his callous and element hardened toes to the dry, longs strands of choppy hair that sat atop of his pulsing head. Every single time he tried to shift a muscle or strain his finger--it hurt.

The morphine, Naruto thought hazily, the blurry dreamscape of his mind clashed with the reality of his atmospheres and distorted the surroundings, Where, where was the morphine?

He wanted to die.

2) Of Broken Hallelujahs and Cracked Mirrors -- Chapter 2 -- 80% Complete

She lays the two bouquets against the haven of her twig arms and Naruto’s breathing tube goes up and down as his malnourished chest caves in. His shaved blonde head retains its stubborn spikes and her heart fractures just a tiny bit—they cut off all his beautiful sunshine hair off and Hinata fingers the pink scar that situates itself daintily on Naruto’s bumpy head with all its spunky spikes and stubborn softness. The black stitches are still very noticeable as it glows light pink and she leans down to press a light kiss onto it—lips brushing over blonde fuzz and the two garlands lay forgotten in the crook of her slender arms.

Hinata presses quiet love, forlorn affection, and blooming hope into the little press of lip against scar and wishes that she can muster the love for that starshine boy that lies so vulnerable in the stark white hospital with its white sheets and pure walls.

Hinata hopes for a miracle.

3) Fallen -- Chapter 5 -- 0% Complete

Fallen--A Preview!

Lightning trembled as Noctis caressed her cheek.

The smooth, slightly calloused finger trailed down the invisible path of her cheekbone to the steep valley between her breasts. A cool sensation had her shivering in soft chills and her bound and abused body rejected her from doing so. Vain pain coursed through her and the tickling sensation of sluggish blood swam down in muddy droves down her back. Pronounced goose bumps popped up along her involuntarily shivering arms and almost instantly, the Seraphim before her knelt down and wrapped his unbelievably warm body against her own chilly entity. Lightning felt the once-comforting sliver of his mind reach out towards her own and she rejected it—her own pitiful remnants of wispy power trying their best to keep the impossibly powerful man before her from breaking into her own head.

She felt his anger before she heard it. The sickening crack of gloved knuckles hitting a high cheekbone resounded before the vast room and Lightning's head tossed to the other way—blood seeped down her fractured flesh and violent pain blasted its way to the rest of her still-aching body. "Light," Noctis whispered, the guilty hand that was capable of hitting her caressed her broken bone lovingly and she flinched, "You know that I don't want to do this to you—don't want to ever harm you in any way, but you're forcing me to do this. Inflict all this pain unto you and believe, it hurts me more than it hurts you. By a hundred-fold." His cobalt eyes closed, "So on Hell's bells, just give in. I don't care if you’re the embodiment of Honor and Duty. Just, for my sake, become my queen. I’ll give you anything and everything. Riches, power, status—I can give you them all. The only thing I want,” Once-sky eyes opened to reveal a pair of crimson gems, “Is for you to be my queen. Once I commemorate my position as Hell’s King, I’ll begin to dominate all of Heaven. Soon, we’ll both rule over all of Eden and Hell.”

Her eyes flashed for a mere second—a sign of greed covered it and Lightning shook her head ever-so-slightly. It was a testament of her angelic will growing weak in a place where everything had defied what Eden had stood for. Once upon a time, she would have never been tempted by such vicious means of greed, but now, she was continuously battling against her more than treasonous thoughts of fleeing with the ex-Seraphim. Her L’Cie sign burned incorrigibly on her breast, her eiolden clashing with her hellish thoughts. She was bound to the Heavens by Duty and Honor—Lightning had taken the oath in Etro’s temple to forever guard Nirvana and carry out the tasks of being the container of such a sacred beast. She had stood, for centuries, as the being for Odin—the version of the blunt, stubborn, and opinionated knight had always been with her and the very thought of having it ripped from her seemed salaciously unrealistic. Lightning had been the holy embodiment for Odin—of righteous Duty and blunt Honor—for so long that she had failed to see beyond that.

Seeing her distracted, the dark-haired fallen angel hissed into her ear for the killing strike, “Make up your mind, beloved, or I’ll do it for you.” There was a deep chuckle, “I have absolutely no qualms about taking your beautiful body for myself; with or without your blessings.”

“You better hurry or all of Eden will fall because of your indecision, White Knight.”

4) The Glass House -- Chapter 2-- 50% Complete

He didn't get what was so interesting about this girl.

A mortal one at it as well.

Amaimon surveyed Shiemi from his perch in the tall birch tree. She was sitting on a elaborately embroidered cushion and had a colorful kimono wrapped around her petite stature. A cup of tea was held and the matching pot sat daintily atop of a low table, its glossy surface had a shiny sheen and a hand-painted picture of numerous angels being tortured was branded on top. He noticed that the girl refused to even glance at the gory picture and Amaimon wondered why she did so.

It was such a lovely depiction of beauty.

5) Heartlines -- Chapter 3 -- 85% Complete

Levy felt her life draining away from her, its comforting essence as it was siphoned from her small body left her feeling eerily frigid and numb. She closed her eyes—entire being and soul waiting for the inevitable. She slowly drifted into a black nothingless while flickers of light flashed from behind her eyelids. The black abyss captured her consciousness.

Levy clasped her pale hands with death's awaiting grasp.

6) Omake -- Chapter 4 -- 70% Complete

Gajeel wanted to die of mortification.

Because sitting right in front of him was his own tall reflection—it held his splitting image.

Except the very fact that his mirrored clone was donning a frilly pink dress and had a pink bonnet situated on its now tame head of braided hair.

What did he ever do to deserve this?

7) Honey, I'm Pregnant -- Chapter 3 -- 57% Complete -- On indefinite hiatus

His tiny mage was pregnant. His precious little Levy was pregnant with his child.

And all Gajeel could do was hold onto her cold body spattered with bright red blood.

His body trembled as his hands shook uncontrollably. Smoothing back unruly stray pieces of blueberry hair, Gajeel pressed his hands against his little lovers stomach and poured his magic into her.

8) don't make me whip you -- Chapter 2 -- 40% Complete -- On temporary hiatus

"I hate you Karin. I hate you so much." Temari glared at the flame haired female as she bit into the blueberry shortcake, then letting out a growl as Karin purposely made a loud moan of appreciation, "This is so good. Thank you 'Ari-chan."

Letting out a depraved sigh, the dirty haired blonde turned over to glance over the rest of their rag-tag gang.

She was met with a knuckled fist to the face.

Clutching her bloodied nose, Temari swung wildly across her blinded vision and was immediatly relieved to feel smashed tissue and bones underneath her fist.

She growled, "Com're asswipe. I'm gonna stuff this fuckin' pole up your tiny arsehole."

9) Omnibus-- Chapter 2 & 3 -- 90% Complete

“Hey,” A baritone voice greeted her ears, hot breath puffing softly against her neck, “Why are you out here all alone?” Warmth coursed through her voluptuous body while another pressed against her back intimately. “The soiree can’t be that bad.” Hands smoothed down her body and left a searing path of heat in their wake. “We can always go upstairs and have…fun. Hell, I’ll even let you dominate if you want.” A laugh threatened to burst out of her lips, “As much as I’d enjoy that. I really don’t think that your mother will think too kindly of me anymore. Not that she ever had, per say.”

Craning her neck back, a pair of lips met her own.

10) A Year of Breath -- Chapter 2 -- 45% Complete

Arching her back off the bed, Lightning groped for her last slip of sanity as her hands went down to grip the head between her thighs. Toes curling and head thrown back—she let out a raspy gasp of pleasure.

—As of April

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