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Author has written 11 stories for Covenant, Zombieland, Newsies, Twilight, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Wallflower, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Super 8.

Well, first off I'd like to thank you for clicking on my name. Because if you weren't interested in my writing you wouldn't have clicked right?! But there I go rambling again...

Name: EmiShae

I read something today that upset me so much, that I'm updating my profile. Which I've never done before.

RANT: So, there's this Giftfic that was written for me by a good friend (UnderdogAngel) it's called Whoever She Is. It's really very sweet, not a main focus of hers, more of a favor to me, for being one of her consistent reviewers in her bigger stories. After she started writing it, the story developed a decent sized fan base. There's 17 chapters now and 62 reviews. 2 out of the 62 reviews I read upset me quite a bit. First, I'll say that this person that reviewed didn't log into their Fanfiction account and instead decided to remain anonymous, which is their right, of course. Second, I'd like to say that said person left a very long detailed review about how she has been reading my friend's story for the past week and how much my friend's story sucked, how she found my friend's story disgusting, how her characters are complete Mary Sues, points out how original characters should be paired with each other, how my friend is disgusting and how her characters are completely disgusting. Of course I also took personal offence to this, because the main character was modeled after me. The Emi in the story is the same as the Emi in real life.

Needless to say I would have liked to give this awful FLAME reviewer a piece of my mind. However, because of this reviewer's cowardice, there's absolutely no way to retaliate. Therefore, I am restricted to saying what I would say to this reviewer on my profile, not exactly to this reviewer, but to reviewers that work like her. Here it is:

1). Why read the entire story and waste an ENTIRE WEEK OF YOUR LIFE on something you supposedly hate? Do something better with your time.

2). If you'd like I can lend you a thesaurus so that you can widen your vocabulary, just so I don't have to read the word 'disgusting' again.

3). APPARENTLY, little Miss-the-pairings-have-to-be-the-same-no-matter-what, you have no idea what Fanfictions are even about. FYI in Fanfictions, you can pair whoever the hell you want to with the main character. Get over it.

4). I'm so sorry that my personality is complete shit and that you find me, once again, disgusting.

5). There's nothing wrong with the three main characters enjoying life with the Host Club.

6). You've never heard of constructive criticism.

7). Use the correct form of, "You're," or, "Your," when writing a Flame review. It just makes you look ignorant and incompetent as an author.

8). If this story is really as bad as you say it is, I'll just click on your name and read some of your work so that I can see what real writing looks like- Oh wait. That's right. You're a coward. You can dish it out, but you can't take it.

9). Come up with a better name than, "Anonymous Flame Reviewer."

10). The reason why you can review on here is to build other writers up, not tear them down.

Thank you very much for bearing with me in my rant. It just really irritated me and I needed an outlet. I always wondered why my friend stopped writing. I know now and it frustrates me that I can't do anything. So, remember that constructive criticism helps the author a lot, but Flames can destroy any shred of confidence a writer may have.

XOXO EmiShae

What can I say? I'm blond. So sue me. Anyways, for me there are very few joys in life. 1) Pizza, 2) Reading, 3) NEWSIES!! 4) Phantom of the Opera!! But, I also love the Covenant, Sweeney Todd, Vampire kisses, Darkest Powers Series, and my new favorite: ZOMBIELAND!! I loved it! Seriously though, if you have a chance, check it out!

What(or who) I love about these movies/books/ Anime/Manga:

Newsies: Okay, I like Mush and Skittery, but I LOVE...RACETRACK HIGGINS!!(Otherwise known as Max Casella) And hey, Spot's not half-way bad either...

Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom. DUH! I mean who doesn't love a mysterious handsome man that sings?!

Dazed And Confused: Seriously? 1976. Graduating high school. Oh my goodNESS. I loved it. I mean life back then...Hazings and crazy teachers...Oh my favorites out of that movie are Mitch and Carl (though I usually call Mitch 'Adidas' because I can never remember his actual name...I mean, I had to look it up just to put it on here...)

The Covenant: Well, Steven Strait. Duh, again! And the guy that plays Reid Garwin! I mean hot blond!! Gotta love 'em!!

Percy Jackson And The Olympians Series: What is not to love about this series?!?!? Percy is awesome and I'm a HUGE Percabeth fan. Though my favorite guy has to be Conner Stoll. I don't know WHY, but the bad-boys are just my favorite, I guess... =]

Twilight: Oh, I don't know...Let me see...JACOB BLACK! WHO'S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF!! But, other than the obvious, I also love, Embry, and Seth...Ahh, my two favorite boys! ( Oh, and I'm not a big fan of the movie, or the actor's and actress'. The only people I think fit the part are Taylor Lautner (drools) and Dakota Fanning for Jane. I mean she acted circles around them!)

Sweeney Todd: Well, I think Sweeney needs to visit a shrink, he's a little...Out there, if ya know what I mean...And Mrs. Lovett, I loved her, even though she tricked Sweeney and all that jazz...

Vampire Kisses: I actually thought the series was weird at first. Strange. But I really like Jagger, even though he's the bad guy and all, I had hoped that he would end up with Raven, cause Alexander is a wuss in my opinion.

Darkest Powers Series: Well, the first book was The Summoning, and I really loved it! Chloe, I think is a lot like myself, same color hair and all. I also LOVE DEREK!! I think Derek and Chloe should end up together cause...I dunno, I guess I have this thing for Werewolves...

Zombieland: What's not to love about this movie?! It's hilarious!! All the rules and everything, like Cardio! But Tallahassee is my favorite! He's soooo funny! By the end of the movie I REALLY wanted a twinkie!!

Fruits Basket: Well, first off who wouldn't love a cursed family that changed into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac? And...Oh man, oh man, who doesn't love a moody cat? And Tohru...She's such a sweetie...

Ouran High School Host Club: God. That really has a loooong name. I absolutely LOVE it though. Really. My favorites? KYOYA AND HIKARU!!! And NO get your mind outta the gutter! I DO NOT LIKE THEM TOGETHER. I hate slash.

Vampire Knight: Had to add this. Favorite...Who...I think you can guess. It's Zero DUH! I mean, he's so...Kyo-ish, and you already know how I LOOOVE Kyo!

Corpse Princess or Shikabane Hime: Not quite sure how I feel about this one yet. I've only seen five episodes, and there's like two seasons. Though I can tell you that I love Makina's contracted monk, because he's voiced by my dear J. Michael Tatum. -fangirl sigh-

Addison my OC for my Fruits Basket fanfic:


Anyways, I hope you read, and review on my stories, it seems Spencer Hastings And The Fantastical Host Club, is the most popular though. But, anyway, if you review on my story the chance's are I'll reply, and read and review one of yours!

So yeah! Have fun, reading and reviewing, and thanks for reading my stuff! And don't be afraid to, you know, message me. I don't bite...


XOXO EmiShae

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Ouran High School Host Club - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 26,920 - Reviews: 252 - Favs: 134 - Follows: 111 - Updated: 11/16/2010 - Published: 9/7/2009 - Hikaru H., Kaoru H.
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