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Author has written 5 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Vampire Knight, Merlin, and Katherine Kurtz.

Well, I decided to add a sort of preamble. Call me anything you like...as long as it can pass as a name and not an insult. My mum always said to never put any personal information up and so I never will. I could give you a list of all the names I will answer to but really, as long as you tell me you're going to call me that, I'll answer to anything. The same secrecy goes for my location as well. Ask me and I'll tell you "in front of a computer". Creative, huh? If my profile says a certain place, don't believe it. I like to mix it up, as long as the main language of the place is English (my personal first language) I'll tell you I'm from there.

The one piece of personal information I will give out is my birth year. I'm not sure what a pervert could do with that... It's 1993, by the way. Which makes me about... I'm not going to say my age. This isn't because of personal privacy but only because I'll forget to change it and three years from now I will be glancing at my profile and think, What the -beep-? I'm not that young anymore!

If you haven't noticed, I don't like to swear in public which includes the internet. I will, however, swear in my stories if it is in character.

I adore works of fiction, be they novels or cartoons, video games or television shows. I also love the fan-fictions that naturally come with that, both reading and writing them.

I have ADD and am un-medicated, whoohooo! My mind can never stick to one thought for more than a minute and a half, but mark my words, if I say I'm going to obsess over something you'd better believe I'm going to obsess over it 'til it's dead. People think I'm a little on the crazy side, and who knows? Maybe they're right.

Writing is my all time passion and the only other thing that can get me as excited is reading...and possibly acting. I love to act... Making up my mind is a bit of a problem for me but as soon as I make up my mind of course I'm gonna waver. This tends to make a lot of plot holes in my original works, but when it comes to fan stuff I cover every inch of ground twice because I have to get it right. I guess I'm a tad bit OCD...

Story Progress:

New story policy for me! I am going to be checking my stories daily. I will not be updating any of my stories until there are 10 visitors or 1 comment on the previous chapter. This is more for me than for any of the readers. I tend to get discouraged easily and strict guidelines keep me going more easily. I'm just posting this to let people know in case they're wondering why there hasn't been an update in a month.

What I like to write about:

Final Fantasy VII

Death Note

Skip Beat!

Katherine Kurtz's Deryni series

(Also vampires but that is currently irrelevant)

What I like to read about:

(See above)

Note* I tend to forget about my stories...meh...when I have more to do in a day than lie around the house and write. If you're wondering why my story progress is a little patchy, that's why. I'm motivated usually by attention. The more attention my stories and I get, the more I'll want to write. I'm not writing only for myself when I post stuff. If I were doing that, I wouldn't bother posting it.

That's about all there is to me. Well...not exactly but I don't think I have to go into my life's memoirs here. XD (I'm not really one for the smileys and I have absolutely no idea what that one means, but heck, why not?)

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