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hello, everyone! thanks for stopping by, but unfortunately i'm not a good host like tamaki. xp

name: kiss-me-sweet

gender: female. cat. telephone. rawr.

age: 0.0912121343435 or so that's what inui said. blame him if he got it wrong not me. xd

fave anime: pot, but i also like code geass, bleach, hakuouki, vk and yumepati.

fave manga: ouran, but i also like liar game and ghost hunt.

fave book: harry potter. 8D all hail jk rowling!

fave characters: ryoma, fuji, sakuno, yukimura, shiraishi, kintaro, tezuka, kikumaru, atobe, oshitari (pot); byakuya, ichigo, hitsugaya, rukia, renji, uryuu, grimmjow, orihime (bleach); akiyama (liar game); lelouch, c c, suzaku, kallen, nunnally (code geass); zero, aido, kaname, yuki, ichijo (vk); kashino, ichigo, ando, satsuki, henri (yumepati); hijikata, chizuru, kazama, okita, hajime (hakuouki); hitachiin twins, kyoya, tamaki, hani (ouran); naru, mai, bou-san, gene (ghost hunt); hermione (hp).

fave pairs: ryosaku (pot); ichiruki, ishihime, byakuhisa (bleach); lelouchxcc, suzakuxeuphemia (code geass); zeki, shima (vk); kashigo (yumepati); hijikataxchizuru (hakuouki); hikaharu (ouran); naruxmai (ghost hunt); dracoxhermione (hp); tsukihino, shimizuxfuyuumi (lcdo).

fave zanpakuto: senbonzakura. byakuya's awesome that way. 8D fear the flowers of doom!

fave quote: “Let me tell you about the difference between you and me. It’s like the story of the monkey trying to capture the moon. However close he thinks he is to the moon, its still just the reflection of the moon in the middle of the lake.

No matter how he struggles to capture that “moon”, the inevitably sinks to the bottom of that lake to no avail.

[You] will never reach me.” - byakuya kuchiki

top ten fave bishie: ryoma echizen, byakuya kuchiki, lelouch lamperouge, kazuya shibuya/naru, shinichi akiyama, zero kiryuu, toshizo hijikata, souji okita, hajime saito and makoto kashino.

top ten fave bishojo: sakuno ryuzaki, yuki cross, rukia kuchiki, c c, orihime inoue, mai taniyama, kallen stadtfeld, chizuru yukimura, sakura kinomoto and hikaru minamoto.

i'm trying to write stories like the rest of you, but i prolly suck.

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