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Still, nothing interesting. Just random stuff.

Boo! Scared? Good. I'm writing random stuff about me in here because I'm bored.

- I lost my faith to humanity due this site

- I hate Mary Sues

- I hate starting a story

- I hate spiders

- I hate when people misspell words (Honestly, if I can spell that stuff with my non-diagnosed dyslexia and attention problems, really, you should too)

- I still hate Mary Sues

- I hate projects

- Enough of hating, I don't like it

- I like sunshine and rain (when I'm inside)

- I like cold weather more than warm

- I love almost everything sweet

- I really love characters that are well planned (and not Mary Sues)

- I like to annoy people

- I'm really unactive here at times

- I like reading

Nah, enough. I don't want you hunting me down, you know? If I tell you more, you could actually find me (le gasp).

And because you're DYING to know my loved/hated fandoms, here you go:

I absolutely LOVE:

- Harry Potter

- Lord of the Rings

- The Hunger Games

And I hate:

- Most of Twilight fandom, though I've read also good fanfiction about it :)


Let's start with something basic.








What? Surprised? Really? Oh, no, I must be wrong, because hey, they even speak English in the books? Well, ever thought the fact that even though people translate books into Finnish (and many, many other languages), the people in, lets say London, do not speak only Finnish! I MEAN COME ON! Do they? No? That's what I thought too.

Well. What the heck do they then speak in Middle-Earth? You probably know that there is Sindarin (Yeah, SINDARIN, not Elvish) and Quenya, though it is more rare, like Latin in nowadays. Then of course, there's the Black Speech, Khuzdul and so on, the specific languages for each race. Well, what is the "Common language"? My dear, let me teach you something. It is called WESTRON. Suprise! Westron is really lonely nowadays, so please, when you do think of writing people like Elrond speaking English to your magically appearing Mary Sue or other character, please, consider the feelings of poor Westron too. Please?

xoxo Lynathia

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