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Author has written 10 stories for Bleach, Pokémon, Blood+, Soul Eater, and Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro.

My pen name used to be Grimm-Inuoka004, which I completely forgot where that came from and changed it to be more personal and simple: The INU for dog and the four because it's a special number (And no, it's not for Ulquiorra, despite what I write and what I like, I am not a Fan Girl/Boy).

Hello and welcome to my profile! Apparently you show enough interest to look! Why, I don't know! But let's start with a few main things I am sure to write about as they are also what I love to read about and all that junk!

-Bleach Mainly UlquiHime. Why, I don't know. Seriously it just popped up out of nowhere and *Bloop* I became captivated by it and made me love it even more as I watched/read the story. Hooray randomness, originally I did like the idea with Ichigo and Orihime, but while I'm not against it, the concept just doesn't spark much interest. But hey, I may write one. Maybe. Scratch that, I did, but I think I deleted it, 'cause I was obviously not happy with it.

-Soul Eater Current obsession being CroMa (Crona x Maka). Why? Why, indeed. There's just too much to talk, too much to write about them I can't take it! However way you see Crona is fine, as for me, well obviously I'm gonna believe he's male. Why male, 'cause nothing else really points to female. He has no magic like a witch, and though he is half human, I would think that he would have something akin to magic to kind of give us a hint that Crona's female. BUT! Since there is nothing of the sort that has given me such hints, my obvious conclusion is he's male. Nothing can prove me otherwise unless the creator themselves actually brings it to light (Something that may never happen until the end of time itself). Slightly interested in Stein x Marie also, but hell if I ever write one (Shut up, you might!). Also, faintly interested in Kid x Patty, but I don't think I'd be able to pull that one off. Seriously though, I'm obsessed with the CroMa pairing, it's no longer funny. If I actually draw fan-art of them, then yeah it's not funny. Well I've drawn Crona, but Maka... working on it. If I draw a good one I might post it...

-Pokémon So many Shippings... Ferriswheel (N x Touko/White) and Frantic (Sapphire x Ruby) are the only two current shipping's I'm interested in. Even though the actual Ferris wheel ride actually scares me a little and well, I don't even know what the Frantic is supposed to mean... Although I love the games, writing and finding a good read of some are very difficult. Yup, I'm very picky. Game-wise, Currently looking for a Shiny Registeel (ORAS) because, why not? I play all my games over and over, but I'd much rather leave my Platinum Game alone after I re-create my original team.

-Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Love the relationship between Yako and the weird monster bird thingy (Why bother, his name's right there). What more could be said? Working on the cross-over though and then maybe I can write another story I don't really know... This one also has numerous possibilities, but best to focus on one at a time (Hypocrite).

Other pairings that I like to read about (or just like), yet I may not write about.


Ichigo x Rukia - I think they're okay, but only if I'm extremely bored will I actually read stories about them.

Grimmjow x Nelliel - Looks cute, seems cute, and hey, I think they're just cute (or just very funny).

Shunsui x Nanao - No comment other than amusing.


Naruto x Hinata - Very first thing that got me into FanFiction! Of course I'll love this pairing forever, plus it's already reality so... Yup. :)

Sasuke x Sakura - First pairing I really liked. The fire's dimmed though.

Sai x Sakura (Guilty Pleasure I guess) - Because Sasuke eventually became a jerk and I was actually hoping SasuSaku wouldn't happen. I should've just let it be. And it was almost there, maybe, slightly! Or I'm just fooling myself. :/ Even though Sai actually goes with Ino, their kid is adorable. But it still depresses me...

Gaara x Matsuri - 'Cause why not! :D I love it and wish there was more (then again I haven't really checked).

Other Minor pairings I like/read, or maybe even doodle on scraps of paper:

AruAni (I think it's what it's called) - Shingeki no Kyojin (or Attack on Titan). Armin and Annie. Yup. I still count it minor, but it's dangerously close to becoming a main thing. You have no idea how bad. I want to write it (I already drew small snippets), but then I can't; I just got back into looking at the show and the pairing itself is so bleak. I just sit here browsing through stories and ask myself: Why must I torture myself? Just why? UlquiHime's sadder than this 'cause it doesn't even happen, but this... I don't even know... It's close. So close to being written... I'm going to have to move it soon, 'cause I know I'm gonna do it. On a side note, Annie is currently my most favorite character. Ever. So far no one comes close. Well, maybe Sai, but still, she holds number one! :D

EreMika (SNK/AoT) - Cute. Stupid. Cute. Almost painfully obvious. But hell if I ever write one! :D

Trunks x Pan (DBZ or GT I forgot) - I read a few, liked a few and *bloop* went on with my life.

Shigure x Akito (Fruits Basket) - First Manga I officially read and got me into reading more! Yay! And this is the pairing I liked the most!

Conan (Jimmy/Shinichi) x Rachel (Ran) - To be perfectly honest (you're going to think I'm stupid but who cares) this show scared me. Yup, murders and old wooden doors opening and closing as well as the hints in the show were enough to make me nervous. Yup. I'm a pansy. Lovely. But the pairings cute and made me eager to watch more.

Meier Link x Charlotte (VHD Bloodlust) - Technically the first anime (actually it was the first movie: Vampire Hunter D) I've ever seen. So that could've started the whole anime thing. I think. Maybe. Most likely. I just can't remember.

Link x Zelda (All Zelda games) - Bound to happen. Any time now. Yup... Just... waiting...

Dawn/Platinum x Lucas/Diamond - 'Cause I think they're cute together and I read the manga and it seemed like there was a moment? Can't remember...

GaLe (Fairy Tail) - All sorts of cute and all sorts of funny.

I will not state pairings or stuff I don't like with the exception of two items below (the sexual bit and the personal preferences outside of writing). Why would I do that, no one really cares and well why mention it anyway? I'm not going to look for them on here (but then again some do slip in somehow). One major problem of mine is LAZINESS. I can't stress that enough, some of you can't fight it, I can't fight it, (complete lie) it's a hard, painful truth. Long gaps in between updates will happen because of either this, Writer's Block, or it's just taking me a really long time to straighten up everything. And, as always, occurrences that Life may throw at every single Author there is known to the Internet.

Apparently, to some people, I'm a perfectionist.

Little bit about Me(Since I got more time)- First and foremost, I love playing video games (If you couldn't already tell) and I absolutely love reading. Too bad I can't do both and if I try (which I have), it gets very frustrating. If I get tired of both I love to draw and listen to music. And the most important, I love food (and sleep). Sweets to be precise. I like keeping to myself and doodle on the side of the paper when I should be writing. I love animals so when I go outside and someone is walking their dog or I see a cat, a turtle, a snake or any animal, I'll stare at it and wonder if their owners will let me pet them. Is that weird? I like green tea and anything made out of green tea, (cake, Pocky, mochi, all of it)!

I do not like: getting into arguments, dealing with people (sometimes) 'cause I just can't handle it, and bugs. And I don't mean all insects and arachnids, and other classifications of bugs. Some of them are beautiful cute, and fascinating, it's just I hate the ghost-like ticklish feeling they give you when they crawl on your arms. I hate that feeling so much... I hate yaoi, 'cause it freakin' gets in the way of what I want to read here. Annoying as hell. And soda, I don't like soda or soft drinks whatever they are. Cigarettes, foul language used in conversations and alcohol.

I most certainly will not nor am interested in reading or writing:

-Yaoi/Yuri -Yeah, not my cup of tea.

-Lemons/Other weird hentai words for various situations (I don't know how people can even write it down on paper or, more importantly, come up with those sort of things...) I can barely write romance, how in hell am I supposed to write that!?

Other than all that, I do hope some of you enjoy whatever story I have to offer. I appreciate every Review, Follow and Favorite, you at least gave them a chance to look at, so I'm very grateful!

Stories that I'm currently trying to fix and update (stories I'm not so lazy on):

First and Foremost! A Puppet's Tears- My very first story that was horribly choppy and just a pain to read through. They just weren't realistic in my eyes so I'm trying to polish it up so as to be better.

Living with FearI am very uncomfortable in this area. So much so I'm scrapping a lot of my drafts trying to get through it. So I beg of you who are interested and waiting to be patient with me! It's almost stressful to the point where I just have to leave it alone for a bit. I'm trying though! X(

Silence Why this one is third despite it being the one most viewed? "Cause Writer's Block wants me to suffer. Everything is there! I just can't transfer from mind to computer...

Welcome to My World I'm fighting with the stupid title so of course I'm going to fight with the chapters. But I do have something very good planned out for this one. I don't think it's very fair for me to just delete it on a whim just because I'm uncomfortable with Cross-Overs. To those of you still waiting I hope that when it does become updated, you'll be very pleased with the results.

Other ongoing stories that have not been mentioned, well to be frank; I still trying to figure out if I can salvage them so to speak. Which is, like, two. I'm not certain about it yet, but it's a major probability I won't be able to finish them the way I'd hoped to. This includes stories that I may start anew from whatever category they are (Games, Anime/Manga, etc). New stories for me are more of a spur of the moment thing, so yeah... So if I start a new story *Stares at AruAni* please don't murder me. My attention span can sometimes be very short.

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