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Hellooooooooo Fan-fictioners!!

Soooo, I am FEMALE. I was born in the Caribbean, but grew up in Boston, Mass. Graduated from college 3 years ago. (Oh god, I feel old) If anyone is wondering my age I’m sure you can figure it out just by this: ((44 / 2) + 3) = What was that?! LOL, You do the math.

By the way, my major had nothing to do with writing... Totally numbers. Numbers numbers numbers, lol. I'm crazy for numbers (O_O) So when you read my fan-fics please keep that in mind. I'm only writing for my own amusement, not because I want to be a writer or want to improve it or anything of the like. I've probably said this a million times before: I. Am. NOT. A. Writer! Lol, just wanted to say it again to make sure you guys understood.

NH1021-san is interested in/Loves:

Japanese food, Yum Yum, truly exquisite, perfectly balanced. Can never have enough Sushi, Yakisoba and Okonomiaki in my system.

Music, listen to anything that sounds good. Don’t really care about the language or rhythm. That’s just how I am. Although speaking 3 languages gives you more of a choice too.

Reading, especially Manga and fan-fictions. But also enjoy to read normal books, mostly if they are history related. I used to read a lot of those before I discovered this site. History is just soooo interesting!

Travel, Where haven’t I been in my short life? Lol. I've traveled almost everywhere I guess. And Absolutely love it. My true passion (Besides my partner) So yea, pack up and leave the country whenever I have a vacation. And usually drag her along with me (It's not fun to travel alone). She doesn’t really complaint though. She loves it more or as much as I do.

Favorite Characters/Pairings: Manga/Anime

Mai-Hime/Mai-Otome: Shizuru and Natsuki of course! Hurray for ShizNat!!! Lol. Who doesn’t love this pairing? They are just sooo cute! If Sunrise is ever thinking of doing another Mai-Hime or Otome series they should really bring these two together. The fans (Me, Myself and I) will definitely buy the merchandise ;)

Madlax: Madlax and Vanessa – Love the complexity of the show and the characters.

Aoi Hana: Fumi and Akira – It’s a cute Manga I’ve been following since it was first released. And guess what! The Anime was released the summer of 2009! Definitely recommend it.

Inuyasha: Kikyo – She’s just so cool. Love her love her love her. Great character. I haven’t read the Manga, and honestly, not interested. Kagome just pisses me off, lol.

Sailor Moon: Haruka and Michiru (AMARA & MICHELLE in the English version) My other #1 favorite pairing besides ShizNat. Sailor moon got a lot more interesting when this pair came along, lol. Oh god I remember when I was a kid and they would do certain things. You know. Touch each other or say things that “Cousins” don’t usually do or say. Cartoon Network tried to hide what they could I guess, lol. I was like (o_O) Really? Something’s not right. I didn’t figure it out until I was much older though. Ah, but all thanks to the power of the internet :)

I also fell completely in love with the Manga Octave when I discovered it last January 2010 while in Japan. I totally recommend it. Totally totally totally. Very good realistic Manga.

Other Favorite Pairings: TELEVISION

Greys Anatomy: Calliope Torres and Arizona Robbins - WHO DOESN'T LOVE CALZONA!!! They are just so cute together!

Amar En Tiempos Revueltos (Love in difficult times): Ana Y Teresa - I was on the edge of my seat since their first meeting. I could sort of tell by the way they met and by the way Ana was looking at Teresa that something was going to happen between them. AND THEN, like about almost 200 episodes later, THEY KISSED!!! AND THEN, lol, about 200 more episodes after that, THEY MADE LOVE!!! I really wish they would bring these two back into the series, I didn't like the vague ending for the two.

Fanfics I’m currently working on:

Mai Hime: Brought Back Together By You (I'M WORKING ON IT)

Summary: A hurt Shizuru & a sorry Natsuki can only mean one thing. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! - Life after the Carnival. Totally SHIZNAT - SEASON 1 COMPLETE. SEASON 2 In Progress - SEASON 1 Theme: Try Sleeping A Broken Heart. SEASON 2 Theme: Slowly Crawling Back To Love

Main Characters: Kuga Natsuki, Fujino Shizuru, Fujino-Kuga Fumi aka Shiaki-chan

With Special Appearances: Amara & Michiru (From Sailor Moon) & Manjoume Fumi (From Aoi Hana)

Genre: Drama/Angst (SEASON 1) Drama/Romance/and more Angst (SEASON 2)

Rated: M

This is My FIRST fan fiction. I don't know when I will be updating. This fic takes a lot of time, and really don't really have it at the moment. When I do update, I usually do so on Wednesdays. I don't know why though, that's a mystery to me, lol. But sometimes/rarely update on Sundays and Mondays if its ready by then or if its been a while since I updated.

Mai Hime: The Diary Of Our Past (I UPDATE WHEN THE MOOD SPARES ME)

This is related to 'Brought Back Together By You' in every sense. Flashbacks (Sort of like a diary) of the happy and not so happy days ShizNat had as a couple. The Flashbacks start soon after the ShizNat relationship starts. There is a good chance that when you are reading BBTBY there will be a reference of these memories.

Greys Anatomy: Looking for Paradise (CURRENTLY ON HOLD)

Summary: Why is it that when you're most miserable, everyone else around you seems so shiny and happy?

Based on the preview of 7x12... Before I heard the news that Callie was pregnant.

Okay that’s all I can think of at the moment. If you guys have any questions you can PM or ask when reviewing. I usually don’t mind answering... Unless it’s REALLY personal, lol. Thanks for visiting! See ya laters! Ciao! Nos vemos pronto! Adios! llane! Bye bye

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Looking For Paradise reviews
Why is it that when you are most miserable, everyone else seems so shiny and annoyingly happy?
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