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I signed up for the account here with an idea to write some fiction of my own as a sort of thankyou to all the wonderful authors that I have been reading over the last couple of years, and to write signed reviews - but I rather suck at that last part.

My fanfiction interest is very narrow, exclusively NCIS.

I am a fan of Gibbs/Abby - I think she is the woman to tame him. My apologies to those who only see them as father/daughter but the way they behaved with each other in the early seasons was anything but that for a relationship, although I will concede that later seasons have been more ambiguous.

I also find the dynamic between Gibbs/DiNozzo to be an interesting one (and of course that kinda leads on to Gibbs/Abby/DiNozzo as a "pairing" as well.)

I am one of the authors submitting chapters to the GabbCollab account, and am now collating the stories that I posted on the Gabby Forum to list here, and hopefully finish some of my other ideas and post too. (March 2012)

A big thankyou to CBS, Donald P Bellisario, the writers and especially the actors of NCIS for creating the characters and portraying them in such a way as to give the fanfiction authors so much material to work with. I am unlikely to earn a bean from writing any of the wild imaginings that my brain cooks up based on this series, however I hope that when I do finally post others will enjoy my work. All copyrights are acknowledged to their respective holders.

Finally, reviews - I'm rubbish at writing reviews, for the most part, which isn't fair to the wonderful authors I read and who keep looking for their reviews. Mostly, if I've read a story all the way to the end then I have enjoyed it and don't have much to say. If you, too, are like that I'll be happy with a simple "Ta" as a review. Failing that, I'll just look at the stats and assume that if people have looked at a story they've liked it (especially if they haven't left a negative review!)

As a reader here over the last few years I have been horrified at the apparent goings on at this site where a number of self-appointed vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to interpret the rules of this site in their own way and get stories deleted for "infringing" them. I have seen a variety of excellent stories vanish, and a number of excellent authors up sticks away from here without necessarily leaving a forwarding address. Many of these vigilantes claim that they want to see an improvement to the stories posted here, but telling writers to re-write their stories as these vigilantes see fit - and threatening them with deletion if they don't - is just plain bullying.

There are many stories here that are utter rubbish - yet meet the rules - and that belong here even less than ones that have been deleted for claimed infringements - especially where some of the rules are open to interpretation. These people need to grow up and get a life - as it is quite obvious that many of them are barely old enough to be registered here. They also need to learn how to use the internet if they think that any of these newer stories, good, bad or indifferent, prevent people from finding the older gems in the archive. But deletion certainly does!

I expressed my opinion of one such group on twitter the other day and was promptly proved correct by an anonymous 'review' to one of my stories that had nothing whatsoever to do with the story... Pot Kettle Black. (October 2012)

So, if they decide to have a go at me, and if you should wish to find my work elsewhere - after all, this is just a convenient place for me to post, and for you to read - I have an account at AO3 under the same username, and also at the ncisfiction site - which can only be accessed through the url as I write this.

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Abby has a new man, does Gibbs have a new woman?
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