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Hi there, I'm Hybrid the resident here as you might already have guessed . Sometimes my cyborg(s) may visit but no need to think about that since he's currently out on a mission somewhere.

Now you may wonder what those missions are but sorry that matter is strictly confidential. But if you hear about some objects disappearing without a trace or a mysterious happening like a fire etc, then it most likely is him doing what he's programmed to do.

... Actually now I've got like 2 new cyborgs (the first one broke), anyway their job is to get some parts to my experiments... Why am I even telling you this? The damn Wraith has gotten to me -.-

Complete fanfics:

Title: Red Moon
Fandom: D.Gray Man (Though it could be any fandom)
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Rating: T.
Lenght: around 3000 words.
Summary: a woman is running away from something, something that's not supposed to exist. Will people believe her when she tells them? Minor LenaleeXAllen.

Title: A fateful meeting
Fandom: D.Gray Man
Genre: Supernatural/Friendship, perhaps a bit of humor.
Rating: K
Lenght: around 1500 words.
Summary: Krory and Lenalee are sent to Paris on an akuma extermination mission, there he meets someone that he never thought he would (don't want to spoil to much)

Title: Dear Diary
Fandom: D. Gray Man
Genre: mixed I guess, now it's mostly romance and a bit of humor.
Rating: M
Lenght: 38 chapters.
Summary: Komui's at it again, and now he wants our dear exorcists to write a diary for his own selfish needs, and poor Allen is the first victim! Pairings inside, both gay and straight.

Incomplete fanfics:

Title: Don't do crack (I guess this is put on Hiatus until I write the last chapter or somethin...)
Fandom: D.Gray Man
Genre: Humor/parody/general
Rating: T.
Status: 2 chapters done, 3rd chapter still in planning status - will try to write it down soon.
Lenght: Won't be to long, every chapter is around one-two pages long, don't think it will be more than 3-5 chapters.
Summary: Series of one-shots that's somewhat connected. Pairings inside, so far Yullen and heavy hints of LavixOC. 1st chapter written at three am (try to be up for 24 hours and then write lol), chapter 2 kind of forced out but I think it's okay at least. 3rd chapter will mostly revolt around Komui and the OC Palex.

Title: Hypnotic Revelations
Fandom: D.Gray Man
Genre: Mystery/Angst
Rating: T
Lenght: won't be too long, I'm doing fast development so I guess about less than 10 chapters.
Summary: Allen goes to his psychologist to use hypnosis to get some lost memories from last night back.

Title: As Love Grows (cheesy title is cheesy )
Fandom: D. Gray Man (duh).
Genre: Romance and adventure.
Status: 10 chapters published
Lenght: I have no idea how long this will be, I wanted to write a serious fic and the plot bunny which I will call 'Arranged marriage' hit my head with this idea.
Description: AU!!!!!! Kings, princes, princess(es), throne-wars, arranged marriages... ALL HAIL KING CROSS! Lol. Oh right there will be pairings: Yullen, LaviLena, KroDevi (by request from the Wraith), MariMira, CrossAnita, CrossNeah I take requests - as long as it fits in the story!

Fanfic plans:

Title: D.Ghost Man ... Yeah, sucks I know, good thing it's only TEMPORARY!
Fandom: D.Gray Man (seriously do I need to say that everytime?)
Genre: No friggin' idea, too lame to be horror, suspense maybe? Think friendship will be one... perhaps.
Rating: There will be M (like saying: there will be blood).
Status: 1st chapter approx. 90 % done.
Lenght: 5 chapters, and I think that all chapters will be around... 5000 words? Am currently hand writing it and I've written 10 pages o.O!
Description: AU! Lavi and Lenalee are amateur ghost hunters, and every time they get a lead it's always some prankters that want to mess with them. But then they get an e-mail from a certain Allen Walker who tells them of some rather... questionable supernatural experiences - are the two friends in for the real deal now, or is it another dead end?

Fandom: DGM.
Genre: Romance and either fantasy or sci-fi - anyone seen heroes? Would one classify that as fantasy?
Status: I'm planning it thorougly. Actually made a time line and I'm nearing the end.
Lenght: ... Long?
Description: AU!! In a certain tribe, people, when they come of age, gets a certain ability that's been passed down for generations. The tribes people are mercenaries of the Black Order. Some excels in sorcery others in intellect and then there are the ones who gets weapons, all powers are unique and it varies for each generation. Then there's the other, rivaling, organization called the Clan of Noah - a family where all powers originate from a single man.
Warnings: First of all there will be Yaoi (not sure with the M though), secondly I'm planning to make this a M-PREG, for those who doesn't know what that is: M-Preg is male pregnancy. Why this will be M-preg? I need the tribe to LIVE = the tribe needs BABIES. The M-preg won't be explained scientifically since it's not scientifically possible, this is because of magic. Magic makes a lot possible right?
Pairing(s): Yullen (Kanda x Allen), Lucky (Tyki x Lavi), what to do with Lenalee? Got any ideas? Marinda (Marie x Miranda ... good name right?)

Title: Unknown.
Fandom: DGM.
Genre: Unknown.
Status: 1st chapter roughly planned.
Lenght: Unknown, thinking of making it a long one-shot
Description: In a tribe, hidden somewhere in the world, the men can go berserk if wrong buttons are pressed. The leaders of the world don't want that tribe to exist and therefore gives a generous amount of money to people who kill those men. Kanda is one of those men and during his travels his origins are leaked out and is therefore hunted. And by some miscalculation from his side, he meets Allen - a slave in the Leverrier household, and for some reasons Kanda don't even know himself he brings the confused and frightened Allen with him.
Pairing(s): Yullen and Lucky.
Wraith have two characters that have an interesting story, whereas one is from a race called Berserks who finds his soulmate: a slave. This story is, with permission of course, based from that. You won't find the original story here or anywhere on the internet since 1: she hasn't written it, 2: she can't put it up on ff since it's not a fanfic it's a story she made up herself with characters she created.

Title: And Then The Boy Fell Asleep
Fandom: DGM.
Genre: Friendship and angst (though not really sure if it's angsty enough)
Status: Nothing written - neither plans or chapters, it's all in my head right now.
Lenght: Won't be too long, I guess that it will be less than 10 chapters.
Description: Allen and Lenalee are the new super popular music duo called the Golden Butterfly. With Allen's uncle Cross and Lenalee's brother Komui they travel around on tours - and never stop. Lavi sees himself as their biggest fan dragging Kanda along on concerts, he wishes that he could at least once meet his idols in person - and something very surprising happens: Allen and Lenalee start at the same college as them, Lavi is overjoyed but Kanda notices a dark secret hiding under the smiling faces of the duo...
I got this idea from the anime Macross Frontier (google Alto Saotome he seriously looks like a nice version of Kanda, they even call him princess!), in that anime music play a large role and music will in this too - which means that I will put in some lyrics from some Japanese songs I like, I will put the English lyrics and not the Japanese (they're not in Japan). I wouldn't really call it a songfic but rather a fic with songs.

Some general info on me.

Name: Forgot it when I became an hybrid.
Age: Not to young, not to old.
Likes: Good and/or long fanfic, reading, writing, come up with ideas to fanfics/original stories etc.
Dislikes: When it's chaos in a text, room, situation whatever, bad or boring stories... It's kinda hard to come up with stuff so this will be it.
Status: Trying to write down an idea.
Goal in life: Repair the ship my dear dead Michael left here before he died (damn you Sheppard and Teyla for pushing him of the edge!), get to the Pegasus galaxy and take a Wraith ship and kill every Wraith I come across while turning humans to hybrids. Aaaaaah... I hope Michael will be proud.


D. Gray Man - (Hahaha, my friend, who I will call the Wraith, got me to read the manga and see the anime, then I got two of my friends to to the same and now one of those friends have spread it to two others, Hahah!)
Eyeshield 21 - (Again the Wraith introduced me to this and it was Hiruma that made me continue reading that hilarious manga)
Fullmetal Alchemist - (Got the first book on my birthday by my friend who I'll call the Human from now on)
Harry Potter - (I and two others made a 109 pages long fanfic filled with humour and randomness, someday I might translate it to english and put it up here hehe)
Stargate Atlantis - (I think I've made myself clear on what side I'm on)
Jak and Daxter - (I love those games!)
Legend of Zelda - (When I found out it exists as a manga I immediately bought them)
Pandora Hearts - (it was actually a fic that had me start reading this manga, I first listened to the soundtrack then i wiki-ed it and then I started to buy it)
Kyo Kara Maoh! - (My friend the Wraith introduced me to this one as well)
Death Note - (Seen all episodes and the three live-action movies, I'm currently buying the books.
One Piece - (Wraith love it and made me love it too *sigh, I'm so easy to influent -.-')
Hetalia: Axis Powers - (I was at an convention and there was someone that sang 'The Delicious Tomato song' in karaoke. I've seen all the episodes so far and am anxiously waiting for the english edition of the manga to come here)
KINGDOM HEARTS - I can't believe I forgot about this!! My live-in friend was ready to hit me for forgetting this -.-. AXEL AND ROXAS FOR THE WIN! And Xemnas is a pain in the butt!!!

My general history:

I was this lowly human who got turned into a Hybrid by Michael. I was the first real hybrid and therefore I am (was) his right hand. I'm the only hybrid that exists today and also the only one that got a free will (which means that I didn't have to obey Michael all the time) and therefore he sent me to Earth to study humans and such, but then he died and I'm currently trying to find out what I want. Since I have no one to contact or trust I'm stranded here for now. While trying to live as a normal human I met this wraith in disguise. He is here to study humans and their habits in depth before his buddies picks him up.

It was fun living on the ship with Michael and the other Hybrids. I have accually considered writing a biography of my life there and make a list of my friends on board.

Humans I want to make into a hybrid:

Ronon - since he was a runner, Michael did make a runner a hybrid but he got himself killed, he was to obsessed with his obession.
A great cook - The old one died when Michael's ship blew up.
Rodney McKay - I need someone to FINALLY be able to fix things! The hybrids that said they could sucked and are now dead since they failed to repair an OBVIOUS damage; the surveillance system. Okay McKay would be a pain in the ass but he'll do until I find someone more suitable.

I've read a lot of profiles here on and saw that many put up favorite quotes... I wanna do that to *pouts*... So I think I'm going to start doing that (and fill up the page ).

"Much fail I see in you!" - My friend on msn wrote that before, and I think it rocks.

"If it is potatoes today again, I'll go and buy some chocolate" - me when standing in line in the cafeteria in school.

"AXEL DON'T DIE ON MEEEEE!" - me when watching the death scene of Axel from Kingdom Hearts II (sorry if I spoil...not)

"Don't look so sad Roxas, I'll try to buy an Axel as soon as the store get it." - Me talking to my Roxas figurine.

"Omg... COOKIES!" - I'm a cookie monster.

"Happy yaoi yum yum... Happy yaoi yum yum" - There's a crack yaoi hentai that has that title... the title got stuck in my head so I sang those words over and over again.

"WTF, that's a guy?" - me when seeing the front cover of some japanese magazine.

"HAH, INCOMPETENCE LET'S POKE HIM WITH A STICK!!" - from the fic 'CAPSLOCK DGM SUMMARIES' - totally awsome if you like dgm and have read the latest chapters.

"*Sob* Kanda's mean to meeeee *sob sob*" - me when trying to write Secret Diary.

"I just have to check so it doesn't already exist! And then I'll have to make sure that you won't have too much trouble finding it." - Me when psyching Wraith about her christmas present

"Your christmas present is approx. this big... but I guess it's really this big which isn't really that big but still quite big." - Me when psyching Wraith even more about her present.

... yeah, I think I'll stop here for now. Have to find that black book of randomness...

It seems I spend more time reading fics than writing on my own, if there's someone that reads my fics and wants me to update, pm me and I'm sure I'll get a rush of inspiration to please that someone. That is, if someone read Don't Do Crack and want me to write another chapter for that.

updated last: 11/07 - 12 12:22 a.m.

Hybrid out.

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