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Updates: 6/11/12: I am so sorry guys! I know I went completely AWHOL there for a long time, but I promise I had good reason. Read the author's note in the last chapter of AH to find out. Also, I have taken this oppertunity to get organized and I have totally redone my blog. Today it should be posted and looking good!

12/12/11: Hey guys! Wow, it's been forever since I've posted a profile update. Well, I just wanted to say finals are going to be over this week...which means, MAJOR UPDATES ON ALL STORIES COMING YOUR WAY! Haha, yes! And I have come up with the main idea for Nate's story and will be posting a little sneak preview very, very soon. Maybe before Christmas! :) Hope you guys are all doing well! Cheerio!

7/4/11: Happy fourth everyone. It's 1:57 in the morning right now, but I promised I'd put up the link right now! So I am. Here is the RAINN wesbite link: . They provide help for anyone who needs it, as well as information for loved ones.

6/15/11: Hey guys! So, I have like two bars of internet connection right now, so I am typing this quiet quickly! I'm at the beach house and get this - NO INTERNET CONNECTIONS! I know! It totally sucks, right? Well, anyways! I am posting to tell you I have typed up three or four chapters and will be rereading and posting them as soon as I touch ground in town! Thanks guys! You rock...seriously! Love ya, mean it!

6/5/11: Breaking Dawn trailer was freaking incredible!!! I screamed so loud I thought the house might fall in! I was so pumped for the final showing of it that I was bouncing up and down and Ariana was like...??? HAHA! Congrats to everyone who one as well as everyone who was nominated! Great show! Great show! Can't wait til November!

6/3/11: Hey guys! So I'm just here to let everyone know I am working hard on this next AH chapter, but I am having so much trouble. I may be PM-ing you guys to see what you think should happen next! I am so happy that Absorbing Heat has now reached over 100 reviews! WooHoo!

5/31/11: My Twitter is all messed up guys! I am posting this because I opened a new account. Its now called officialzalicez. I will repost the link to my twitter down at the bottom and PM my followers from my new account. Thanks so much guys!

5/30/11: I don't get to work at Disney, but I do get to host a huge party at my house for Twihards and HP Fans! I love Harry Potter to death, but I have to confess that all thirty something times I have voted so far, I have voted only for Eclipse, except for best villian! GO TOM FELTON! Also, I'm in love with a boy - but he has a girlfriend. Life Sucks! Nobody's Perfect!

5/21/11: Pirates was freaking amazing! Now all I do is study! But, I'm getting a break tonight to take my best friend to see pirates, since her parents wouldn't let her go at midnight. Also, Disney World Character Auditions start on Thursday! If I do get to fly down there, I will definately keep you guys updated.

5/18/11: Pirates comes out tomorrow at midnight! And I am going to the premire here in town with my besties! We all got together and worked on our costumes and now I am so EXCITED! Also, EXAMS!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR SCHOOL TO BE OVER! My exams start on Friday with Math from 8-10 and History from 10-12 and then I'm out for the rest of the day! :) Any one already out for summer break?

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My Stories:

Absorbing Heat: absorbingheat_blogspot

Absorbing Heat is a story I started about three years, posted it two years ago. Megan Beshires has been head-over-heels for Brady since she moved from the beautiful, sunny California to rainy, cloudy La Push. When Brady imprints on her, she's brought into a dangerous world of werewolves and vampires. She thought she left her old life behind, but even Megan doesn't know how close vampires have been to her...

About Imprinting:

There is alot of controversy over the aspect of imprinting in the Twilight Saga. But, without stepping on any ones toes, I want you guys to understand my take on it. One website says the perfect definition: "the imprinter will fall in love with his imprint. He will not 'see' any other woman in a romantic way, at all. His imprint is all he cares about and he will love her even if she does not return those feelings" (Twilight Saga Wiki on Imprinting). Many people believe imprinting on a child is disgusting and wrong and sick...but, if you read carefully, there are steps to imprinting. They are a brotherly figure, then a best friend, then a lover when the time comes - if it comes at all! People seem to forget that the imprintee has a choice in the matter. This isn't a forced thing. In Absorbing Heat, Nuca imprinted on Adeline days after she was born. He is kind of over used as a babysitter by Embry, but he enjoys it.

By my point of view and opinion, protecting the imprint is the number one thing on the shape-shifters mind. Of course, he loves her! I just always felt that he needed her to be safe more than anything. He would kill anyone on the spot for the imprintee's death or even any kind of harm. Twiligh Saga Wiki says, "the imprinter will never be able to forget or forgive. If the killer happens to be another pack member, there would be no other choice than to fight to the death. Therefore, the most important law among the La Push shape-shifters is that no wolf may kill or harm a fellow wolf's imprintee."(TSW on Imprinting). This also explains the fight between Brady and Nate in Absorbing Heat.

Notices: I will be starting a 'major clean up' of Absorbing Heat. This means alot will change: Last Names, First Names (no major characters), Grammar, Spelling, ect.

My Twitter is: officialzalicez

Here is the link: http://twitter.com/#!/officialzalicez

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Stories to Come!:

I am going to begin a kind of universe with Absorbing Heat, equaling why I am taking down all my old stories. I already have some of them written, as well as a sequel to AH involving Megan and Brady's lives after AH. Jacob Black and Melanie Shrader's complex love story is soon to come. As well as Paul Lahote and his astrophysicist imprintee, Ali Mansoue's heartbreaking story. Then, we will get Garrett Chee and Lila's secretive love story. And, what happens to Seth and Daisy, how they came to be the perfect couple, and how it was all ruined. I am considering doing one on just Nate Chee, as well as one on Adeline and Nuca, Embry and Clary, and Emiliana and Tristan. But, those are maybes, the others are definate.

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Jump Then Fall by LeilaOpheliaRose reviews
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Keeping Warm reviews
Destiny set Noah and Gracie Calebs on a path to destruction, or at least that is how they like to see it. Gracie's imprint rejects her after almost killing her and hands off his Alpha duties to a too young Noah. But, when Noah imprints on a young and frightened non-Quiluete wolf, everything begins fall and a fight with the Volturi seems inevitable. Sequel to Absorbing Heat.
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