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I'm leaving this site. I simply don't feel like posting or reading anything here anymore. Is there a way I can outright delete my account?


I had completely rewritten the first chapter of Shining in the Darkness a while back... but I forgot to post the new version here. The new version of the chapter is up now. I've also posted the second chapter here now, too, so check that out. But read the new first chapter first if you've already read it. And when you review the second chapter, make sure you also tell me what you think about the new first chapter.


7/11/12: First chapter of Shining in the Darkness is up here. It's also on deviantART and Fimfiction.net, if anyone wants to read it there.

...Good god, the layout of everything on the site has changed quite a bit since I was last on here...


6/24/12: Oookay, Return of the Green Thunder (and by extension, the rest of the RPG trilogy), has been put on hold, as I honestly have a lot more ideas for my MLP: FiM fic, which will be called "Shining in the Darkness" (no relation to the Sega Genesis game). I'm still not sure exactly when the first chapter will be posted, but I do know that I'll be posted it at other places in the hopes of gaining more reviews/comments/feedback.

...Sigh... why do I even bother with these? It's not like anyone actually reads them...