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Author has written 7 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Cartoon X-overs, Game X-overs, Parodies and Spoofs, and Shugo Chara!.

Hi, I'm Fairyfriend100. Personal, I do not want some review the said bad things about my stories. All of my stories are dedicate to my best friend. More About me

Live: United State

Some of my favorite fictional Characters are Cosmo Seedrian, Cream the Rabbit, Yakko Warner, Manic Hedgehog, Mimi From Fairy Foxes, Coco Bandit coon, Marine Raccoon and Sonia Hedgehog.

My Favorite Video games are Sonic, Spyro, and Mario games.

My Favorite Couples: RhythmXKusuKusu, HarmonyXRhythm, SonicXSally, SonicXAmy, SonicXBlaze, TailsXCosmo, SoniaXKnuckles, and ShadowXCream, StitchXAngel and many more.

Favorite Shows are Sonic SatAM, adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, Lucky Star, Lilo And Stitch, Shugo Chara, Tokyo Mew Mew,Muppets, Animaniacs, Fairy Foxes(Search Youtube), Sonic X(Japanese), and Winnie The Pooh(Yes, I Still like it).

Hometown: Not Telling

Favorite Activies: Japanese Club, Watch Anime, typing stories, read FanFiction, listen to Japanese song, and Chating with my best friend.

If I Could Have Three Wishes I Would Wish For These:

1. I would live with my best friend, who moved about a week after birthday or somewhere like that.

2. Watch Wicked with my friends

3. That I would be Star on Broadway

My stories are dedicate to my Best Friend, Christy

Name: Fairyfriend100 "Kathy" Kokoro-Stap (Last name for Stories)

Age: 15

Appearence: short brown hair with any color hair band and brown eyes. I wear any outfits that suits me. Sometime bunney ears pop out.

Experiment form: a lite blue shapely female experiment with two long tendril like blue-tipped antennae, blue-tipped ears, small eyelashes, slightly larger chest puffed out and blue Stitch-like back markings.

Rabbit form: Pink rabbit with ears up wearing a lite blue dress.

Voice Actress: Kether Donahue (Singer Actress: Selena Gomez)

Speice: Half Human/Half Toon/Half Anti-Toon

Powers: Time, Fear, Poison, Wind, and Darkness.

Family: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Brother-figure), Ortensia (Sister-figure), Mushu (Second Brother-figure), Yakko Warner (Third Brother-figure), Wakko Warner (Fourth Brother-figure), Dot Warner (Second Sister-figure)

Pets: none.

Pokémon: Buneary, Budew, Buizel, Luxio, Pikachu, Piplup.

Boyfriends: Sparky(experiment 221)

Crush: Sonic(Sonic x)

Love-Hate: Knuckles(Sonic X: love-Hate)

My Sonic Oc

Jazzy Hedgehog: She is Sonic's (4 year younger) little sister. She is blue like Sonic, quills like Amy's, her hair is purple in a two ponytails and her eye are emerald green. She wears a white headband, a pink skirt and shirt and a pair of red boots. She is thought to be dead, but she was found alive. She treat Erin as her big sister. She died when she was nine years old. She is now 14 years old. Erin and the other find out she not dead by BeBop, Her Shugo Chara. she is a trumpet player and a huge jazz lover. Voice Actress: Lara Jill Miller (Juniper Lee's voice).

Ice the Snow Seedrain: She a good friend of Kathy. She is white with yellow flowers buds and red eyes. She wear a punk black long-sleeve shirt and skirt with grey boots. She is very moody and violent but alway there for her friends. She know how to fire a gun and control ice. She is 13 and have a little crush on Mark. Voice Actress: Janice Kawaye (Ami's voice from HHPAY!).

Mark the Echidna: He another good friend of Kathy. He has orange fur, long dreadlocks with purple tips, green eyes, and wearing a red vest, white gloves, brown belt, blue jeans, and green sneaker. He the smart one in the group. He is 14 and have small crush on Ice. Voice Actor: Dante Basco (Jake's voice from American Dragon: Jake Long)

My Shugo Chara Oc

Fair: The first guardian to come out of Kathy's Guardian Egg. She has brown hair down, and her eyes are red, and she wears light magenta ribbon and a bunny ears and tail are pink, a purple short sleeve shirt, a light purple skirt, white leg warmers, and dark purple slippers. Fair is a guardian chara for Kathy's desire to more hyper, perky, and like a bunny and cute. Fair is a Guardian character with a hyper flair and cute, but kind and giggly. Kathy becomes “Hyper Bunny” when she Character Transforms with Fair. Hyper Bunny's special move is “Smile Bunny Rod!”. When Kathy does Character Change with Fair, Fair exclaims “Hyper, Bunny, Smile!”. Her egg is pink with a bunny face on it. She is best friend with Amai and KusuKusu. Voice Actress: Lacey Chabert (Elise's voice from Sonic the Hedgehog)

Envir: The second guardian to come out of Kathy's Guardian Egg. She has short dark green hair in pigtails and emerald eyes, wearing a blue and green Earth hair clip, a light green shirt, yellow bracelets, blue jeans with a black belt, red and white striped knee high socks, and blue ankle boots with black laces. Envir is a Guardian chara for Kathy's desire to save the Earth from pollution and animal hunting. Envir is a guardian with a serious flair and shy yet sweet and caring character. Kathy become “Hyper Earth” when she Character Transforms with Envir. Hyper Earth's special move is “Planet Arrow Surprise!” When Kathy does Character Change with Envir, Envir exclaims “Planet, Save, Earth!” Her egg is red with the plant Earth on it. Voice Actress: Jennifer Hale (Sam's voice from Totally Spies)

Harmony: The third and the last guardian to come out of Kathy's Guardian Egg. She has long light blue hair with gold sparkling ribbon and baby blue eyes, and wears a yellow music note hair clip, a dark blue sparkling shirt with a microphone in the middle, a navy blue petaled skirt with leggings, Sapphire gem necklace, and green Mary Janes. Harmony is a guardian chara for Kathy's desire to better sing and dance, and her dream to star in Musicals. Harmony is a guardian character with creative flair and a outgoing yet smart, funny and gentle character. Kathy becomes “Hyper Music” when she Character Transforms with Harmony. Hyper Music's special move is “Musical Dance Storm!”. When Kathy does Character Change with Harmony, Harmony exclaims “Sing, Dance, Perform!”. Her egg is blue with purple music note on it. She is great friend with KusuKusu and have a crush on Rhythm. Voice Actress: Tara Strong (Bubble's Voice from The PowerPuff Girls)

Winnie: The new fourth Guardian come out of Kathy's New Guardian Egg. She used to be an EX-Egg from Kathy's sadness for not being important. She turns back, when Kathy believes in her. She has short little-yellow hair in two bun that look like bears ears, honey pot hair clip, orange eyes, wearing a red shirt, a yellow skirt, little-yellow knee high socks, and yellow Mary Janes. Winnie is Guardian chara for Kathy's desire to not worry about anything and to be like Pooh Bear. Winnie is a Guardian with a bouncing-flair and excited, yet talkive and clumps character. Kathy becomes "Hyper Pooh" when Character Transform with Winnie. Hyper Pooh's Speical Attack is called "Honey Pot Surprise". When Kathy does Character Change with Winnie, Winnie exclaim "Think, Honey, Pooh." or when some one ask Kathy a riddles. Her egg is red and yellow with a honey pot on it. Voice Actress: Clint Howard (Roo's Voice in Winnie the Pooh

Angel: The first guardian to come out of Cream's Guardian Egg. She has white fur with light apricot trimming around the ears and eyes, brown eyes, and two cobalt ribbon with her cyan cream's shape hair clip at the ears, wearing dark magenta dress, gray gloves, a raspberry belt, gray socks, and magenta dress shoes. Angel is a guardian character for Cream's desire to help her friend and to brave and strong, but still kind-hearted. She is a guardian with headstrong, kind-heart, sweet, fun, and happy character. When Cream Character Transform with Angel, she becomes “Rabbit Angel”. Angel chant, “Sweet, Kind, Brave!” during a Character Change with Cream. Her egg is pink and yellow egg with Hero Chao symbol on it.

Navy: The first guardian to come out of Marine's Guardian Eggs. She has gray fur with black trimming around the eye and the ears, yellow eyes, wearing a sailor hat with a boat hair clip, green sailor shirt, black sailor skirt, a brown belt with a bag for a compass and a telescope, white socks, and green and orange shoes. Navy is a guardian for Marine's desire to go sailing and have adventures. Navy is guardian with a hyper flair, excited and determination but, caring character. When Marine Character Transform with Navy, She becomes “Seven Sea Sailor”. Navy chant, “Ship, Ready, Sail!” during a Character Change with Marine. Her egg is blue and aqua with a sailboat on it.

Burn: The first guardian to come out of Blaze's Guardian Egg. She has magenta fur with pink rims, orange eyes, wearing fire shape hair clip, red coat like Blaze's, white gloves with roll ups hold by a yellow rings, an aqua belt, white socks, and blue and red high heels. Burn is a guardian character for Blaze's desire to make new friends and to be better with her friends she has now. Burn is a guardian with a fast flair obnoxious and headstrong yet calm and serious character. When Blaze Character Transform with Burn, She becomes “Fire-Heart Cat”. Burn chant, “Heat, Melt, Passion!” during a Character Change with Blaze. Her egg is red and yellow with fire symbol on a gem, that look like a sol emerald, on it.

BeBop: She is Jazzy's Shugo Chara. Dia found her still inside her egg when every one was help Sonic clean out his sister room for his parent, but her egg was warm. With help from Dia, She hatch and tell that If she didn't hatch, then Jazzy is really dead. She has red fur, pink hair in two ponytails, quills like Amy's, yellow eyes, and she wears the same outfit as Dia but, her is sparkles green with yellow headband that sparkles. On the headband is a trumpet. She was born from Jazzy love for Jazz and play the trumpet. She is outgoing, a fast flair obnoxious and tempered yet calm, smart, funny, and serious character. She chant "Swing. Bop. Jazz." during a character change with Jazzy. Jazzy become "Jazz Star" When she Character Transform with BeBop. Her egg is Mult-Color with a trumpet playing note , which are pink. Voice Actress: Daveigh Chase (Lilo's voice from Lilo and Stitch: the Series)

Aqua: The first guardian to come out of Ice's Guardian Egg. She grey with green flowers buds, pink eyes, wearing a ty-dye shirt, blue jeans, white headband, brown sandal, and and peace symbol hair clip. Aqua is a guardian character for Ice's desire to be more relax and calm. Aqua is a guardian with a slow flair calm relax yet gentle character. Ice become "Hippi Girl" When she Character Transform with Aqua. Aqua chant, "Peace. Love. Happiness." during a character change with Ice. Her egg is ty-dye with a peace symbol. Voice Actress: Tara Strong (Bubbles's voice from the The PowerPuff Girls)

Mac: The first guardian character to come out of Mark's guardian Egg. He has green fur, Yellow eyes, wearing wrench hair clip on his blue goggles, black shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers. Mac is a guardain character for Mark's desire to built things. mac is a character with a fast flar smart sweet yet serious character. Mark become "Bright Inventor" When he Character Transform with Mac. Mac chant, "Built. Create. Invent." during a character change with Mark. His egg is black with a wrench on it. He has a crush on BeBop. Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson(Tech's voice from Loonatics Unleashed)

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