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hello ladyies and gents. well i dont really know what to type . i love music can play piano and guitar myself. you must be wondering about my name well i was born in russia and moved here when i was 4. well thats about it.

in joy my storys and i'm open to critizizem but that dont mean just say HEY YOU SUCK and nothing else

i would also addthat i am going to a georgia high school this augest and i'm scared to death but also excited i'm afraid that i'll be one of the ones with maps stuck to their faces running into walls getting lost

you know the last eighth grade project i did was a power point to the 7TH graders about 8TH grade me amd my friend worked on it mr. hill said it was the best and he sent it to the 7TH grade classes i asked how it went and he said that i scared, amused, and prepared them. i asked what the teachers liked about it and he said the beginning be cause it had a devils fase on the front and o top it said THE BEGINNING OF THE END then when you clicked it had evil music and a Evil laugh so that was cool it had animation on it to and every thing

look at me i'm rambleing this is why i dont put AN's on the stories then i would just make a new story in the story

~()_()~ peace up V, A~Town down go ATL. lol peace

BTW i luv drominony fics and lily/james fics that dosent mean that i wont read others i also like rose and scorpous, harry/ginny i dont really like herm/ron fics sorry no offens and i'll read them if i was betaing but i dont really care for them

BTW/BTW: i know ALMOST every fact in the harry potter world ask me any question and i'll answer and if i dont know then i'llpost it here and look up th answer thats how dedicated i am. :D