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Hey everyone well let's see what I can write in this thing... mmmm... maybe start with what I like.

Well, I love to write stories any kind fanfiction to whatever my crazy mind writes down. I also love drawing, but only anime. I draw for my stories or just for the heck of it. Sadly I wouldn't even be on here if it weren't for my friends believing in my talents, so gladly I thank them on here for helping with the little brain blocks I get when in the middle of something and for deciding some of the color schemes for my art.

Anime/ movies I like:

Inuyasha, Labyrinth, any good Disney movie, children movies because there's a kid still inside all of us, and any cool looking anime with real action or just plain out funny...

if you want to see some of my artwork or some other stories I have written then my account on DeviantArt is... http:///

Okay for the most part and the important I can clearly state that if I am not writing I am usually drawing, reading, or working on my life. I will update my stories as fast as inspiration hits me, but when that does it is contrasted with the inspiration to draw a scene in the story. So that's the reason it takes me so long to update any story I write.

I want to chime in on something I am in love with How To Train Your Dragon, don't like it then I don't care... I just want to clear a few things up about how I feel about certain characters. Mainly all the stories I write for How To Train Your Dragon are pretty much Hiccup and OC's. Don't be surprised if that happens in my story, but I will write stories where Hiccup and Astrid are together only because that is what the movie portrays and I respect their decision on doing so. I do however love Astrid's character and Hiccup's character but personally them together they are not my perfect couple, maybe if they build upon the fact of them working together on their relationship I will start liking them more than them being "Oh hey you/I ride a dragon... I'm dating you now." That's all I have to say honestly... Oh, and I will not bash anyone who likes the pairing as long as they don't bash me for my opinion.

Because this is a big thing now and random apps are stealing fanfiction author's work and making a profit on it I thought I should clarify something.


That's it for now see ya.

Dust in the Skies Chapter Scenes:

Chapter Twenty: Time to Cool Off

First Meeting

Chapter Sixty-Three: Dressed in White

Night Fury Family

Sketch Dump Hiccup and Eira (Mature Content Warning)

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