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I'm nothing but a diamond in the rust. Trying to get by my everyday life. I'm simply myself. I am Dangerously Darling.

I'm no older than 13 and an in-the-closet dancer. And though it seems I look older and I don't dance in other people's eyes.

I've read the Twilight saga, the Blue Bloods series, the Harry Potter series and lots of other books some people haven't read...yet. I'm exploring my genres and widening my horizons.

I listen to indie rock, alternative rock, emo, punk pop, pop, power pop, classic rock and a lot more...

I've done so much things in my years of life. Some may call me "over-dramatic" and I'm PROUD. No one could be as stereo-typical as a computer, peeps.

My stories are obviously in progress. Two of my ideas will be posted.

Relapse is the usual plot line of Edward's leave in New Moon but this time, there was no cliff-diving, no motorcycles and no MIKE NEWTON (eww...sorry Team Mike). Bella gets pregnant and years later (in 2009), the Cullens come back to Forks to find Bella alive and human but instead they find her dead at a young age (21) with a gunshot to the head and heart. At the funeral, Uncle Seth Clearwater (uh-oh;) calls up our favorite vampire family in hopes that after the funeral that the siblings wouldn't be seperated in adoptions (sorry but...Grandpa Charlie's dead and about two months before his beloved daughter). No one but her four children knew the real story about her death and yet, they wouldn't warm up to their father, uncles, aunts and grandparents. Isabella (Isa), Charles (Charlie), Jacen (Jace) and Emmalie (Em) get to know the real Cullens as though they are the siblings only family left.

The Last Song is loosely based on the song by AAR. And if you don't know AAR, I'm watching you. Edward, Bella, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper used to be the most unstoppable group of friends in Forks but when our favorite little heroine (Bella) moves/disappears away for two years, the others (including herself) changed into the people that she feared they'd turn into. What she didn't know was that Edward had been falling in love with her since fifth grade and that Emmett was actually her twin brother.

Yes, Bella's emo-ish. Not the cutter type (I'm still deciding) but the cynical and dark kind who's an AWESOME musician. Edward's a playboy, I repeat, playboy who's got a new obsession for girls (I'm evilly laughing), Alice is the drama club president (oooh), Jasper is the bookworm and or the very stereo-typical...nerd (but WITHOUT the dork clothes and WITH the hot glasses), Rosalie is the aggressive captain of the girls' volleyball team (I'm not kidding) who has a vengeance with trusting girls and Emmett...(poor boy) is the son of the Chief of Police (which IS and WILL BE embarrassing).