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News 13/6 2002: I'm goin' on summa' holiday now, so you won' see any updates ti'l juli. Sorr' fliks, but that's the deal.

News 12/6 2002: Yea' schools 'ut for the summer 'n I got highes' grade in English. Plus Sweden made it to the finals in the football world cup, yeaz! We beat Argentina in the las' game. Happy I am!!

Glad to met'cha, the names Makos. Well, to be strait it's Kalle (or Charlie for you english speaking folks). I'm a great FF and RPG fan. Favoures Zell as the top FF male and Aeris for the ladies.

Here's me "vital stats":

Name: Makos

Age: 17 (yeah, 'm jus' a little punk, ya :)

Sex: Jes, plz! Hmm, male me think. Wait a sec, I'll check I out. Yup, still 100% male:)

Where's ya from: Sweden. Yup, I'm a frosty viking :).

Intrests: Well, let's see...hmm... Me like reading, Final Fantasy, acting, blitzball, Final Fantasy, jus' loafin' 'round, chillin', Final Fantasy, manga an' anime, FanFics (great fan of GlassShard), Final Fantasy, music, Norway (yeah, the country), jus' hangin' here, Final Fantasy, football (soccer for you stater's) an' 'course...Final Fantasy :).

Favorite Characters:
FF IV: Cecil 'n Edge
FF V: No one special, don' really like that game.
FF VI: Setzer
FF VII: Sephiroth (the so far coolest villian) 'n Reno
FF VIII: Zell (I love ti's fella') 'n the Laguna gang.
FF IX: Vivi (he's jus' to cool)
FF X: Wakka (jus' wack them, ya?), Auron 'n Lulu (she's jus' hot).
Sieken Denetsu (can' really spell it, ok): Charlie 'n Duran
Metal Gear Solid: Ninja (I'd like' te have me a suit like he's)
Metal Gear Solif 2: Raiden (he look's a wee bit like me lit' bro, but jus' a wee bit), Vamp (how much I wou'nt give to move like he. Alot me tell you)

Occupation: Still a student, ya. But that gig will soon bee over.

Favorite Music: Daft Punk, Nobuo Uematsu 'n jus' FF music all 'a way.

In the works: Working on my first serious fic now, "Sending a dream into the universe" Well, the first chapters up, but it's only some sort of prologe. Sadly to say, that projekt kinda down now. I'm jus' to laz'.

Thinking of a FF X fic, but I can't come up with a lot of unused ideas. I'll check it 'ut.

Plz if you have any ques's don' hesitate to send me a flip (mail, you dummy).

Well, thats all for today. Now, see ye all in the supermarked called life, ya?

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Someone to Hold by GrayFox474 reviews
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Sending a dream into the universe reviews
A FF8/FF7 crossover. Cloud and Tifa suddenly gets transported to the FF8 world. Not on the same location though. Something else also ecapses the with them. Something thats suposed to be dead a long time ago. Some romances will be promised.
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