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"If you don't know where you are going, then any road will take you there."

~Lewis Carroll, author of the 'Jabberwocky' a poem of gibberish, Alice in Wonderland a story I feel isn't really that child friendly, and Through the Looking Glass, I still have to read that one.

In case you were wondering, the bird is a Peregrine Falcon. It's one of my many dreams to own one. It's the fastest animal alive. It can reach up to 200mph in a dive. See a cheetah do that.

Just for your information some of my other dreams are:

1. Go to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

2. Become an anesthesiologist or neural surgeon, that has been my life dream since the fourth grade.

3. Move to Iceland, I like the cold, and yes I know Greenland is colder, but Iceland has geothermal heated sidewalks. No, I have never been there, but I know things.

4. Visit Swaziland, just to say I went there.

5. Own an alpaca farm, because alpacas are better than lamas. Or is it llamas?

6. Get in to Harvard just to reject their acceptance.

Anyway, about me. "A question that drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?" ~Albert Einstein. Good question Einstein. I am still trying to find the answer to that myself. Straying from my mental stability though.

Favorite Books: The Hunger Games(after that, all books sort of have a mutual liking towards them) 3rd and 4th books in the Harry Potter series, Wake trilogy, Incarceron, Cryptid Hunters, How to Ditch Your Fairy (I have a gravity fairy), Shiver, Inheritance Cycle, Life as we Knew It, Tithe (all those books are cool), Girl in the Arena, City of Ember,Basically, I like all books that I have read. Except for Twilight (series) and Johnny Tremain.

Here is a weird fact about my life. At school, I've been hit in the head with: basketball, confetti, soccer ball, kick ball, lunchbox, icepack, mechanical pencil, tree branch, metal pizza tray, can of pringles, person, ladder, empty bottle, plastic pipe that was suspended ten feet in the air, and a ping-pong paddle. And that's just the head. I'm not complaining though. I think it's pretty cool. Maybe it's just me suffering from brain damage though...

How I got hit in the head with a pringles can: My friend was trying to open one at lunch, and by some weird means lost her grip on it. I guess that the resistance on the top, and sudden change in force made it sort of like a sling shot. I was sitting next to her, so guess who got hit in the head with a can of pringles. ME.

"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."

~ Vincent Van Gogh

"I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

~ Galileo Galilei

Have you ever noticed how spell check fails to catch the mistake when one spells 'privet' instead of 'private'? Yeah, it isn't that cool. My GPA has suffered greatly from mistakes like that. So I hope that I will be able to prevent that unfortunate event from repeating itself by practicing writing.

Yeah, if you wanted to know, even though you probably don't care, I go to an IB school. Not in the IB program itself until my Junior and Senior year. Pretty cool. Not. But hopefully my vocab. and grammar will improve, so I can write better.

OK. MY goal: I want to be in the Hunger Games movie. I am obsessed with that book. My brother tells me I have an unhealthy obsession. And for once in his life, he is right. I really want to be casted Katniss. I have dark long brown hair (Which I have been wearing in a braid since I read the book), weigh 98 pounds(divide by 2.4 I think to change to kilograms), am 5'4, awesome at climbing trees if that matters, I've been trying to make bow and arrows since I was five, and finally my mom's allowing me to take archery, I'm getting an agent, and have blue-green-grey-brown eyes(from a distance they look grey, and close up it depends on the sunlight). I can do a southern accent (I'm from West Virginia, I just don't live there now) if they don't scrap that detail. I know a ton of people want the same. I know there are rumors about the cast. Oh well! I want this. I am never selfish, well almost never, and this is the one time I'm going to be! I really want to be in that movie! I beg, if anyone knows anything for certain, can you tell me?

Ok, the stories that I've written:

The 11th Hunger Games- Finished- Twelve-year-old Glynn Sail gets chosen for the 11th Hunger Games. So it's basically the Games and the events that happen in between all the way up to the 74th Hunger Games. My awesome summary skill. If I ever do write a sequel to this, it would have to be after the third book comes out. I don't like being wrong, like how I say 9 is lumber but really 7 is. Yeah, I don't like to be wrong. It makes me upset. :'(

Knives Fall- How random people die. That's it. Trust me though, everything is way more interesting then it sounds. I think. Well, it gives you something to do if you're bored. And it has a cool title. Hehe... Finished.

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