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Author has written 7 stories for Final Fantasy VII.

Well hello there, curious profile wanderer!

I'm Ziggy Pasta. Ziggy for short.

So I think ffnet prohibits a lot of links for some dumb reason, so I can't guarantee that ANY link in my entire profile works. Good ol' ffnet. :T

Ways to contact me if you're so inclined!:

Twitch: Roguetatertot

Tumblr: RogueTatertot (I post Malady sneak-peeks on there, and reblog Clack pictures)

Twitter: RogueTatertot (I tweet sometimes, but mostly follow a Final Fantasy VII roleplay group on there)

deviantART: Ziggy-Pasta (I have fan-art and personal photography on there, although I think I'm best known for my silly Final Fantasy VII icons on that site)

Discord: RogueTatertot#1336

Ko-Fi: ZiggyPasta

E-mail: ziggypasta@g

Malady on other websites:

Malady on AO3

Malady on deviantART

Malady on

Here is the link to my special "gift" to my readers of Malady that I mentioned at the end of chapter twenty-one. Please enjoy!


Malady now has a soundtrack! Download it here:

*Malady OST*

Reader/Fan Stuff! (listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some links may or may not work due to the artists changing accounts, taking art down, etc..):

BeforeTheMomentGirl on has created a lovely piece from the end of Chapter Forty-Nine, and from Chapter Fifty, as well as pictures of Ratcliff and Mejia. Go here to view, fave and comment!:

Malady Fanart Ch.49
Malady Fanart Ch. 50
Malady Fanart Ch. 50 Again
Ratcliff - Sleeping
Ratcliff - Sleeping 2 (With Effects)
Ways to Kill Mejia
!NEW! Malady fanstory full pic

BeforeTheMomentGirl also has a speedpainting video of her "Ratcliff - Sleeping" artwork on YouTube! Check it out! It's always interesting to see an artist's process!:

Ratcliff Speedpaint

She also has started making a Ratcliff plushie! LOL! Check out these work-in-progress shots!:

Ratcliff Plushie WIP
Ratcliff Plushie WIP2

New: I actually OWN the Ratcliff plushie now! She sent it to me and it's just the cutest thing ever!

She also ALSO wrote a Malady fan-story! It's a fan-story of a fan-story...it's kinda like fan-fiception. LOL But it's based after Malady in the Advent Children setting, and is about Ratcliff meeting up with Cloud. She really ships those two together. lol!

!NEW! Malady fanstory - A new start

Thank you, MomentGirl!!

Black-Moral-Taka on has created two beautiful pieces of fan-art for us, one from Chapter Twenty and the other her versions of my OCs! Go here to view, fave and comment!:

Malady: Serendipity

Malady: Original Characters

Thank you, Black-Moral-Taka!!

BunnyNeko created a very accurate and strangely handsome picture of Angels Mejia! Strange only because it's ... well, Mejia. Go here to view, fave and comment!:

Angels Mejia

Thank you, BunnyNeko!!

Mahado/Chibi-BB has created some sexy and sweet fan-art of Zack and Cloud! Go here to view, fave and comment!:

!NEW! Come on Cloud - ZackxCloud

!NEW! I will always call you Angel

!NEW! Cloud under the shower X3

!NEW! Graves icon

!NEW! Ratcliff confess icon

Thank you, Mahado!!

Dante Tomochan, my self-proclaimed number one fanboy, drew this insanely cute and hilarious collage depicting Angels Mejia, Clack and the big tree, the strawberry gelatin from chapter thirteen, even himself and me stalking a Kitty Cloud in a corner! And so much more! Can has Kitty Cloud raep, plz? Go here to view, fave and comment!:

For Ziggy Pasta

Thank you, Dante!!

Djali has created several beautiful pieces of fan-art for various chapters! Go here to view, fave and comment!:

Chapter One: Malady.Enigma
Chapter Eight: Malady: Color of Existence
Chapter Thirteen: Card
Chapter Twenty-Four: Malady.Understand
Chapter Thirty-Three: Malady.Unspoken Words
Chapter Thirty-Five: Malady.Labels
Chapter Thirty-Six: Malady.Cause and Effect

Sneak peek!! Here are some concept sketches of what Djali plans on drawing for Chapter Thirty-Three and Chapter Thirty-Five: Malady.Sketches

Thank you, Djali!!

Kishiko-kei on turned the opening scene of Malady into a doujinshi page! It's so smexy omfg! And she drew the fountain scene from Chapter Sixteen as well! Go here to view, fave and comment!:

Chapter One: ZackxCloud Final Version
Chapter Sixteen: Undercover Angel

She also drew SHIRTLESS!Ratcliff!:

Uhmmmm Haigaiz.

Thank you, Kishiko-kei!!

Lady Gunblade created a beautiful and amazing promo video on YouTube that focuses on Zack and Cloud's insecurities. The song is just ... so sad and perfect. Makes me tear up, actually. Anyway, go here to watch, rate, favorite and comment!:

EDIT 07-08-2011: YouTube is a total douchebag and blocked the video recently because of copyright issues. It says it's blocked in "your country" (USA) so I'm not sure if people from other countries can still watch it. You can try watching it with the link below, but it might not work regardless. I'll speak with Lady Gunblade and see if I can, with her permission, upload the video to my Photobucket account for those who want to watch it. I am so bummed!

Malady Promo

Thank you, Lady Gunblade!!

lady-yuna7 created several amazing pieces of fan-art, including my OCs! Go here to view, fave and comment!:

Chapter Eighteen: Save a Turk, Slay a Zolom
Chapter Nineteen: Malady: Motive of a Child
Chapter Twenty-One: Malady: Catch 22
Chapter Thirty-Six: Malady: Chapter 36

She has also drawn my OCs!:

Malady: Elici
Malady: Graves
Malady: Ratcliff
Malady: Realistic Ratcliff
Ratcliff Chibi
Ratcliff and Cloud

Thank you, lady-yuna7!!

MeykoLove created tons of fan-art for Malady as well! Go here to view, fave and comment!:

Malady Chibi Meeting
Malady Cloud Jogging Suit
Malady Cloud Strife Victim
Malady Cloud Chibi
Malady Cloud Dun Like Beer
Malady Doing Laundry
Malady kiss kiss KISS
Malady Zack's Angel
Malady Surprise Embrace
Malady Together on a Date
Malady Zack Fair Profile
Malady Mejia Trials
Malady Elici Trials
Malady Graves Trials
Malady Ratcliff Trials
Malady Collage
Malady Joining ShinRa
Malady Imagining Cloud
Malady Chibis

Thank you, Meyko!!

Vallentyne of has created this gorgeous piece based on chapter eight! Go here to view, fave and comment!:

!NEW! Color of Existence

Thank you, Vallentyne!!

Panda's Forever Yeah put all those pictures together as an amazing slideshow on YouTube for all of us! It has a great song to it! It's so intense! You can feel the Zack/Reno/Big Snake tension in the air! EHEHEHE! So go here to watch, rate, favorite and comment!:

Midnight Syndicate - Vampire's Kiss - Battle at Zolom

Thank you Panda!!

So much love and thanks to them all! I'm honored that something that I've written inspired these talented people to share with us their passion for their art, and for my story. Whenever I have a bad day, or writer's block, revisting these pieces from these amazing friends helps me through my day. I honestly can't thank them enough!

In-Progress: Malady - After a four year long hiatus (hahahaghaskgfasdfas) I've finally gotten off my rump to continue the story. I can't give exact dates as to when the next chapters will be out, but let's just hope it's not another four years until the next one. /dead

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