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There's a lot that you should know about me but, I'm only gonna give you the basics. One, I'm super random and happy 3/4 of the time. I flip flop from one subject to the next all the time. Two, I have hundreds upon thousands of friends but, my one true best friend is Courtney Alexis Laine, aka: TWIN1 :).

My fave books: The Vampire Academy series, The House of Night series, Harry Potter series, Maximum Ride series, Twilight saga, I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you, Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy, The Glass Castle, Perfect You, Inkheart, Inkspell, Eragon, Blue is for Nightmares, Where is Casse McBride, Wings, 1st to Die, Kit, Black Beauty, Little Women, Bloom, 13 Reasons Why, The Night World series, The Host, Evermore, Blue Moon, Daniel X, Percy Jackson & The Olympians:The Lightening Thief (The Sea Monsters is in progress), The Mortal Instruments series.

My fave movies: Eagle eye, Transformers, Transformers 2!! (yes it really did need its own spot), G.I. Joe, Handcock, Robin Hood, Bambi 1 & 2, Harry Potter Movies, Pooh's Hephelump, Tinkerbell, Bridge to Terabithia...anything with action, comedy and a lil bit of horrer.

My fave TV shows: CSI:Crime Scene Investigators (best show ever), NCIS (I love all of the actors/actresses) Handy Manny, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!! Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Snapped, House (omg he's awesome), My Life as Liz, 16 & pregnant and Teen Mom.

My fave book quotes and scenes:

House of Night Series: Marked: What about saying "hell"? It was my favorite cuss word ever. (Okay, it was really the only cuss word I used regularly.) Could I say it?-Zoey

Stevie Rae's eyes went round, and then she giggled. "She's not very nice, that's for sure."
"She needs pharmaceutical help, that's for sure," I added making her laugh some more.-Stevie Rae & Zoey

"Actually, since I'm gay I think I should count for 2 guys instead of just 1, I mean, in me you get the male point of view and you don't have to worry about me wanting to touch your boobies."-Damien

"Fuck that. They're hags from hell," Erin said.
"Watch that mouth Er Bear you have to eat out of it," Damien said a little primly.-Erin & Damien

"Okay, Please! Just please. Did nobody," She stared pointedly at Erin, "think to bother to wake me the hell up and tell me that we were going to dinner?"
"I do belive I'm your roommate, not your mamma." Erin said lazily.-Erin & Shaunee (me and my twin do this all the time)

Damien gave a long suffering sign "I'll explain, proving once again how valuable I am to this group, penis or no penis."-Damien

"Hey, isn't it disrespectful to your gayness to call them band fags?" Stevie Rae asked.
"I'm using the word as a term of endearment," Damien said.-Stevie Rae & Damien

"A 3rd former. But Erin and Shaunee have wings, and Aphrodite had something else."
"You mean besides that cob stuck straight up her skinny anus?" Erin muttered.-Zoey & Erin

"You're really prudey Damien," Shaunee said.
"Especially for a gay boy," Erin added.
"Erin, your hair's looking kinda frizzy today. Not to be mean or anything, but maybe you should think about switching products. You can't be too careful about those kinds of things. The next thing you know you'll be getting split ends."Erin's blue eyes got huge and her hand went automatically to her hair.
"Oh, no no no. I do not believe you just said that, Damien. You know how crazy she is about her hair." Shaunee stared to puff up like a mocha-colored blow-fish. -Shaunee, Erin & Damien

"If she shakes her butt anymore when she walks she's gonna break something," I said.-Zoey

Some turd boy told me to suck his cock. What was I supposed to do? Cry? Giggle? Pout? instead i bitch-slapped him (although I prefer using the word smacked), and I got detention for it.-Zoey

This particular movie I watched so many times I still have most of it memorized (and I can not tell you how many times I snot cried when he slipped off that board and floated away like an adorable Popsicle). -Zoey

"I thought Erik was just a pretty face," Shaunee said.
"And body," Erin added.-Shaunee & Erin

"Yeah, from some poor kid she caught in her nasty spider web," Erin said.
"by that she means the one between her legs," Shaunee explained.-Shaunee & Erin

"And Heath sounds like the name of a gay soap opera star."
"Close. He's BA's star quarterback."-Erik and Zoey

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