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Author has written 32 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, Titanic, War Horse, Sherlock, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Fantasticks.

Hello, My name is Gabby.

I'm a junior in college and I like writing. That is about it.

Ok, maybe not it. Lemme just give you the rundown on some of the stuff I've written.

Completed Works

Beauty and the Beast

Painted Roses on China Plates Admittedly not one of my better stories. It was written my sophomore year of high school during our production of Beauty and the Beast. Started as a character study for myself as a plate in the ensemble during the castle scenes and evolved from that. Maybe I'll revisit it someday and rewrite it, because I think the story is interesting and I don't mind the character. Just think the overall writing isn't very good and was rather rushed.

The Fantasticks

Ribbons and Rain Most recently completed one-shot. Based on the musical The Fantasticks, in which I played Luisa in our college production. Wrote this as a character study, not much else to it really.


Starlight Express Sherlock fic, though mostly Mycroft centered. Kinda just a random head-cannon I had one day about Mycroft owning a horse in his youth. The horse herself is based on a horse from a horse racing game I play, she was the first horse I bred myself on the game.

To The Moon Sherlock version of the game 'To The Moon' (Which is an amazing game I cannot recommend enough). Basically holds the same plot as the game, but is instead centered around Sherlock and John and their life together. Prolly the only true Johnlock story I'll ever write so... enjoy it I guess.

Someone's Waiting Was a songfic, but was forced to remove the song. Sherlock one-shot, kinda a meh story but I leave it up because some people seem to like it. Also kinda sorta Johnlock, not sure why though I mean I don't even ship it I swear!

Only Sometimes Another Sherlock one-shot. Based on an altercation I had with my own little brother, it looks at the relationship between Sherlock and Mycroft. The first Sherlock fanfic I ever posted here.


The Grand Misadventures of Thomas Andrews First story in a series of 3. Follows shipbuilder Thomas Andrews as he's inexplicably sent to the future. He teams up with a strange teenage girl, who helps him return to 1912 and the Titanic. Started as kinda a silly story I wrote to pass the time when I was stuck in summer school, but evolved into one of my favorite stories I've ever written. Considering rewriting this and its sequel when I find the time and motivation, but this story will always be here.

Just Another Grand Misadventure Part 2 of the Thomas Andrews saga, part 3 in the overall story, Thomas and wireless operator Jack Phillips find themselves in the year 2016 (Which makes my jaw drop because literally, it's 2016 now and that seemed so far away when I wrote this). They basically have to figure out how things work in the future, and come to terms with restarting their lives completely. This one was a lot harder to write than the original and I struggled a lot with it, but overall I just it just as much as the first story. It's pretty solid, though looking through it there are some aspects I may want to change at some point in the future.

Rags to Riches The first Titanic story I ever wrote, which follows a little orphan girl who gets adopted by Thomas Andrews and accompanies him on Titanic. This story is ok, but really needs a bit of a rewrite. It was my first solid piece of writing in my opinion, and I am really proud of it, but it could definitely be improved upon and I believe I did just that with my next piece.

I'll Keep You Safe Attempt number 2 at Rags to Riches, it's pretty much the same story but reworked and revamped. I essentially built on what I had already written, adding additional material in the beginning of the story and combing through the rest to add scenes and rewrite facts. I wanted this to be as accurate as possible and I think I got as close as I could to staying true to the real events while including an OC character. I'm really, really proud of this one, and it's definitely a favorite!

Phantom of the Opera

The Untold Story of Cesar My most popular and well-known story on Fanfiction, and also the first story I ever posted here. People seem to really like it, but looking through it, it kinda confuses me as to why. I've grown a lot as a writer since writing this, but overall it's a pretty ok story and I'm proud of it. I'm currently rewriting it, but the original will always stay posted. I wouldn't be the writer I am today without this story.

Phantom of the Waffles in Mailboxes for Halloween Super dumb Phantom one-shot I wrote while I was writing Cesar. The title pretty much says it all, I'm honestly not sure why this is still here but I can't be bothered to remove it so here it shall stay!

Countdown to Christmas Another rather silly Phantom story. Written in Script format WHICH I KNOW IS AGAINST THE RULES! I'm sorry, I was in 9th grade and didn't really know that was a rule. Nobody said anything while I was writing it. I don't write in this format anymore and this story is long buried so it shouldn't be a problem. Just in case though, please either enjoy this story or leave it alone!

The Pointe Shoes One-shot from the Untold Story of Cesar, basically just follows the main characters as they try on pointe shoes for the first time. Silly, random, doesn't really have a pointe (get it, lol I'm hilarious). After studying ballet and history I have also come to find this is completely inaccurate, so I may have to comb back through this someday and fix it.

My Little Pony Another Cesar one-shot. Cesar tries to help the Phantom write his Don Juan. Fluffy and cute, I'm kinda disappointed more people haven't read this because of all the Cesar material I wrote this is definitely my personal favorite out of those stories.

One Love, One Lifetime Yet ANOTHER Cesar one-shot. I wrote a lot of these. This one follows two OCs mainly, and barely has enough references to stand alone as a Phantom story. Fine as a stand alone story itself, better if you've read Cesar first.

Are we, Dancing? One-shot based on Leroux, short sweet and to the point. I haven't read the book in such a long time I'm not even sure anymore if this is an accurate representation of the characters in the novel, but I'd like to think so!

The Lost Ending This one-shot is based solely on the Lon Chaney film, and is one of my best Phantom one-shots unrelated to Cesar. Basically adds more to the really random weird ending from the 1925 movie.

Just Dance Someone asked me to write a happy ending for the Charles Dance movie, and I was genuinely going to write a serious one, but I wrote this one first and lost motivation to write the real one after, so this is what I have. Really goofy story, which honestly isn't a bad way to improve the ending of the Charles Dance version. All they needed is a little music change!

The Adventures of Erik and Erik Jr. Though not listed as a completed story, and never officially "ended", I will never add another chapter to this story. And as far as I'm concerned, I don't need to. This story is by far the longest running thing I have ever written, at 70 chapters and spanning nearly a full year. It's another story written in script style, as it was written right after the Countdown to Christmas story. This story is very near and dear to my heart because I wrote is as a distraction while my grandmother was dying of lung cancer. Which is why I beg for you to PLEASE leave this story alone and not report it. Please.

War Horse

Never an Absolution Written because MAJOR STUART NEEDS DA LOVE! But in all seriousness this is the character that first piqued my interest in Benedict Cumberbatch. If I hadn't seen this movie, I wouldn't have seen Sherlock. That would have been downright tragic. So, Captain Nicholls and Major Stuart have all my love, because without them I would have never discovered many of my other loves like Sherlock and Loki.

Incomplete/Hiatus Works


How to raise a nation I actually have several more chapters on my computer that are mostly written for this story. It's fluffy, sweet, and lovely, all the things I actually adore writing about. Might come back to this one once in a while when I find time since I love the characters so much and really enjoy writing chapters for this. ut in the meantime, it's officially on Hiatus.

Les Miserables

Valjean's Guardian Angel Will likely never finish this one. Was based solely on the game as a walk-through and character study/narrative. However the computer the game was on is long dead, and the remaining chapters of this story lost. If I ever find the patience to re-download and play through the game again I just might finish it up because it's so very close to being done. Right now though it's going to remain incomplete indefinitely, possibly forever.

Girl of the Barricades I'm really on the fence about this one. I like it, but I also firmly believe it needs a total re-haul which I just don't have the time or motivation to pursue right now. As a story itself, it's fine. Very flawed, rather dramatic (But most Les Mis stories are), all the angst and hurt/comfort! If there was an interest I might consider rewriting this one, but people are still reading and favoring it so for now I'm content to just let it stand.

Love Never Dies

Shadows of the Park I think about returning to this story frequently, and have drawn several doodles of the characters recently. Perhaps during my winter break I'll write up a chapter or two for this, because I really loved this story and was excited for where it was heading. May do some minor reworking of the earlier chapters but otherwise, I enjoy these characters and Coney Island. I'd love to pick this one up again!

What Could Have Been Not much to say about this one, kinda started as a serious story idea then got goofy, then serious again, then forgotten about. If people showed interest I might consider writing up a few more endings, because I had a ton more ideas for this particular prompt. Otherwise, might go through and correct some things before presenting it to the Phantom Reviewer or something. Think he might appreciate it.

Phantom of the Opera

Abastor, Lost in Atlantic City I have thought about this story on and off for years, but at this point in time I think it has to rest until I complete the rewrite of Cesar. Not much is gonna change plot-wise on this one I don't think, I actually really liked the story for this and had the rest all planned out in my head. It's tempting to finish sometimes but, I dunno. I think Cesar has to go first.

Abastor, The Untold Story Continues This story is dead and will never be finished, the details on this decision are written in its final chapter so I won't elaborate on them here.

Life of an Erik Plushie I think about this story a lot too. Might have to post an FAQ chapter because I actually get messages sometimes from people worrying. For those concerned, my Erik is still alive and thriving. He sleeps with me every night, I take him everywhere (He's been overseas with me twice now), and he is dearly loved. I sadly haven't had time to chronicle all his adventures, and frankly there are so many now that I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to write this again. Maybe someday though!

The Untold Story of Cesar: Retold The world's slowest work in progress, but it is an active work in progress! I haven't had time, but I do periodically write the next chapters for this. Likely over my winter break I'll post another few chapters for this story but there hasn't been much interest and therefore I'm not too motivated to write. Also quite busy, and writing some other stories as well!


12 Days of Christmas on the Titanic Crack galore! But I'd actually pick this up again, because it's kinda cute in its own weird way. Titanic is my favorite topic to write about so, this might get finished someday after all!

War Horse

Roses of Picardy I got kinda stuck on this one, I love the characters, I know where I want this story to end up, the problem is finding a way to get there. With all the other things I'm writing at the moment it's unlikely this will get updated anytime soon but I do think about it and it's definitely on my to-do list!

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