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Author has written 2 stories for Alvin and the chipmunks, Digimon, and Tokyo Mew Mew.

Hi guys i am XsapphireblueX I love reading XD I am 19 years old

My fav colour is blue

My best friend has a account here too her name on it is Love doodlexxxxxx !

My fav artists are Taylor Swift, kesha, Demi Lovato, westlife, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga

My fav movies are Grand Torino, The wedding Planner, While you were sleeping, The Hangover, The lovely bones, Haunted Mansion, Ghost of Girlfriends Past, He's just not that into you, Take the lead, Click, Valentine's day, Pretty Women, The Runaway Bride, Alvin and the chipmunks, Night at the museum, Letters to Juliet, Three men and a baby, Three men and a little Lady, What Women Want, Fame, The Spy Next Door, The Proposal, Cheper by the Dozen, Cheper by the Dozen 2, Bride Wars, Camp Rock, A Cinderella Story, Another Ciderella Story, My Sisters Keeper, Wild Child, Get A Clue, Nancy Drew, Casper, Rush Hour, Addams Family Values,

My fav couples is jeanette and simon(alvin and the chipmunks), rocket and tia (galactik football), flora and helia (wink club), Shrinking Violet and Brainiac5 (Legion of Superheroes), Seto and kisara (yu-gi-oh), vivi and koza (One piece), Jasper and Alice (Twilight), Klaine (glee), Santana and Wes (glee)

The first story i read at fanfiction was fight for flora

My fav Characters are:)

Izzy (digimon) - I think he is sooo smart and cool. I can picture him falling for Bridget from mew mew power.

Cody (digimon) - I think he is sooo adorable, innocent and smart for his age.

Flora (winx club) - I think she is sooo sweet, caring and a wonderful friend to everyone she meets.

Tia (galactic football) - I think she is sooo cool, caring, a great friend and smart. I can really picture her as a doctor as she likes to help people that much.

Jeanette (Alvin and the chipmunks) – I think she is sooo sweet, timid, bookish (a good bookish), innocent and a wonderful friend.

Bridget (mew mew power) - I think she is sooo sweet, timid, bookish (a good bookish), innocent and a wonderful friend. I can really picture her coming out of her shell after she meets her true love. I can all so picture her and Mariah being best friends.

Shrinking Violet (Legion of Superheroes) – I think she is strong willed and sooo smart, caring, cool, free and misunderstood for allot of things mostly her shrinking powers but I love her powers.

Ray (beyblade) – I think he is very smooth, charming and mature (at times).

Mariah (beyblade) – I think she is sooo cool, down to earth and just wants to have fun.

Alice (Twilight)- I think she is deadly (i have lots of storys i want to write with her and Jasper)

Santana (glee)- I think she is deadly! she just tells it like it is! She is one of the best characters

Kurt(glee)- I think that he is deadly! he is one of the best characters and I am so happy he has Blaine!

In some of my stories Cody, Flora, Tia, Bridget, violet and ray are cousins!

My own characters

Forrest is Flora’s twin brother. Forrest has light brown with yellow tips. He has the same eyes and is allot like flora so he is a real gentleman.

Blake is Bridget’s twin brother he is allot like Bridget as in how he looks: green hair spiked up and same blue eyes with glasses. Blake is the opposite of Bridget personality wise he is really the ‘bad boy’ of the family but is over protective of Bridget.

Vance is violet’s twin brother he looks like a Goth with his longish black hair and black cloths but really is not. Like his sister his love music.

Rosa is the rays twin sister she has long black hair tied back in a long braid same colour of eyes, loves dancing, one of Mariah’s best friends and loves to have fun.

Timothy is Tia’s twin brother he looks allot like her and loves football but loves to perform and wants to be in a rock band.

Ruby she is a girl that is obcest with simon. She has blonde hair and thinks she is the greatest!!!!

This is some of the stories I hope to write

Missing Persons

Alice Brandon and Jasper Hale have been best friends since... Well forever. Then at the age of 6 Alice was kidnapped and never seen or heard from since even when her kidnaper was found! Now 9 years later Jasper and his twin sister Rosalie move to New York to attend a performing arts school when they meet a student/waitress... Alice Cullen! But is this the same Alice they once known and loved?

You belong with me

When 17 year old broken hearted, country girl, singer and song writer Alice Cullen moves to Forks it turns her world upside down. Fallow this story of love, friendship and heartache

St Trinians Girl

At birth Alice Cullen has been dumped in St Trinians. 17 years later the school is closing since Alice was discovered as an orphan it is discovered that she has a uncle that lives in Forks Washington... Carlisle Cullen. Carlisle agrees to look after Alice. When she arrives she finds it very... Different! Alice and her bestfriend Kelly Jones are trying their very best to be anything but ordinary and do anything to open St Trinians once again! But will a friend of her cousin help change her? Or will love slip through Alice’s fingers?

Single Parent

Alice has a 7year old son and finds it very hard to find love which is why she gave up long ago! After being saved by kind hearted Jasper Whitlock is possible for her to fall in love again?

Don't change

Jasper and Alice have child-hood friends when Alice went to visit her Gran. Years later Alice's Gran fall's and brakes her hip. Alice moves back with her fiancée . But there is something about him that both Jasper and Alice's Gran they just don't like what can it be?

Double agent

Shrinking Violet is not who she says she is... she really is agent sent from the 21st centenary to protect the league from evil much worse than the fatal five... their ancestors! But was everything about ‘shrinking Violet’ a total lie?

Real life

Did you ever wonder what Tia’s life was like before she became a snow-kid? Well the rest of the snow-kids have! What happens when it all comes out at a party at her house?

The Digi Life

The aliens have given up on earth. They are about to leave when they discover the Digital-world! They soon move to this ‘undiscovered’ land. Now the mews have to find a way to travel to the Digital-world and still hide who they are. Has Izzy finely fallen in love?

I love you

Bridget is a Marine Biologist and as we all know Izzy a scientist! Izzy’s wife died when their child was only 1 years old, Bridget has always put her job first. Meeting at their friends wedding Izzy does not want to lose her!

I hope yous all ejoy my story's XD

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