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Name: Twinky Thats what you may call me. _

Age: i'm over 500,000 yearls old!! Mwhahahahaha!!

Gender: the human kind

Height: Short. T_T Well compared to all of MY friends anyway

Hair color: Dyed a different color almost every few months

Eye color: The color of your worst bloody nightmare!! if it had a color...

Skin: Yes, i have skin.

Clothes: What about them?

Personality: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! My personality will destroy all of you! IN THE WORLD!! I want my cookies back! GIVE THEM TOO ME NOW!! Yami: shoots tranquilizers at me Me:faints bleh...

About me: I think Edward Cullen is actually Gay an made up that "all vampires sparkle" thing as an excuse to to wear body glitter.

Favorite Music: I mainly like anything from soft rock to the heaviest metal you can think of. Oh and classical is awesome! And i like Eminem too.

Favorite Books/Anime/Manga: Any horror or sci-fi books. I like Yu-gi-oh! (obviously), Naruto, Code Geass, Bleach, DBZ, Yu yu Hakusho, and lots of others i can't think of at the moment...

Favorite Anime/Manga person, male and female: I love Yami Bakura and Yami Marik for sure. Vegeta from DBZ. Sasuke and Itachi from Naruto (i'm not a fangirl damn it!), Hitsugaya from Bleach, Lelouch from Code Geass. Heai from Yu yu hakusho...rambles on and on and on for hours

Favorite T.V. shows: I love the show Dexter, Dead like me, NCIS, TDI, and any reality T.V show. (I know it looks fake and all, but i can't resist watching those jerks squirm!)

Favorite Movies: God there are so many to choose from...Any horror movie that's certain. I love the Dark Knight, Moulin Rouge, Wayne's World (Exellent!), Austin Powers...Yeah

Favorite past times: Writing, drawing, reading are what i do on a regular basis. But i also love to just lay sprawled out on the floor with my Mp3 turned up as loud as it will go for hours. It's where i get my best inspirations for my stories from. That, and i love stealing money from orphans and pushing old ladies down the street...hee hee

Activities: Well i used to play sports, but i'm too lazy now. I'm planning on taking a few art classes though.

Interests: Didn't you already ask me that with different words? You stupid survey you! GET A JOB!

Favorite food/drink/candy/soda: Dr.Pepper all the way! Nothing beats that drink! NOTHING!!

Favorite animals: Snakes, Lizards, and cows. I LOVE ME MY COWS!!

Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh shippings(In alphabetical order): Bronzeshipping, Psychoshipping, Tendershipping...yeah, thats it. I'm really picky about what i read. However, i will read Angstshipping from time to time. And i don't mind Puzzleshipping. Other than that, no.

That was really stupid!!

I'm glad i did it! -Runs into a wall- Need...SODA!!

@(' . ')@ MONKEY!!

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