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Author has written 5 stories for Initial D, Grand Theft Auto, and Splinter Cell.

For those who don't know, the name is Rossriders, I'm 22, American. Have an interest in games, anime, cartoons, and so fourth, a fan of Initial D and also Grand Theft Auto.

I also like Gundam (in general,0079,08th MS, 0080, 0083, Char's counter attack, Z-Gundam, Wing, G-Gundam,can't say yet for SEED since I missed that :(...same for SD Gundam...), Digimon, Zoids, Ben 10, Heat Guy J, Half Life, FarCry, Crysis, Metal Gear, Portal, etc.

I like game parody/machinima stuff such as Red vs Blue, PANICS, Sponsors vs Freeloaders, Fire Team Charlie, This Spartan life and so on, I may think of something with one or more of these mentioned for some other project in mind. I actually write stuff on this (not just here) and it's probably decent. But being self critical more ofthen than not, I can at times be hard pressed to look at my stuff. Though that seams to motivate me to try even harder, I should try to be happy with what I write for once where it actually counts.

If you want to contact me, do so via-Email which should be accessible by users, or youtry that option to send a message on the front of every FF dot net user page. I'll try to respond but I'll either be lighting quick or painfully slow (and by slow I mean I'll make a snail look as fast as a Ariel Atom 2 with a 2.0L Eco-tech with a Supercharger boosting north of 300bhp at the speed I may reply at times... something else to fix).

As for writing advice. I can only really say, spelling, grammar, make it generally presntable, and try to write out what you put online as if you're trying to get an A for a school/college assignent. Take your time, do your best, try not to be discouraged, try not to get angry, and well, keep trying no matter how much you feel like it's pointless (I should actually follow those words for once while I'm at it... yeah I realize I contradict myself... go figure...) to go on.

And although there's more than obvious signifiance to what you're working on, it's just as, if not more important on just how you work with something. It takes time and effort, but what dosen't?

"Sometimes you fight fire with fire. But sometimes it's a better option to fight fire with ice... or simply water." - Unknown.

My two cents... as they are any worth, till later.

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Initial D From around the world 'prologue' reviews
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