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UPDATE 2-22-20112

I AM BAAAAAACK! And I am on a mission to write my ass off! lol Thank you to all that waited patiently, thank you for all the kind messages while I was busy dealing with life...But I am good now, and I have missed FanFic soooo much. I have added 2 new Chapters to Haley, and I hope to upload one chapter a week...and hopefully start brainstorming for a new story...

Well, I finally decided to grace fanfiction with a story or two! Ok, not really...I was more like FORCED to post a story on fanfiction, by my best friend. We both are over 25 and disgustingly obsessed with all things Twilight.

I had never heard of Twilight until it came out in theatres. I took my nephew and his girlfriend to see it, note to all aunts out there...it's kinda creepy when your nephew is making out with his girlfriend in the back seat of your car! But getting on with the thrilling tale... There I was sitting next to two horny teenagers, in a theatre filled with even more teenagers. I am only 25, but at that moment i felt incredibly old. I was there to see some SiFi movie, about vampires...could this get any more lame? But what do you know, I was completely engrossed, and even a little turned on...I mean, a man who was strong and really fast...imagine what sex would be like! Anywho, after the movie was over, and I was able to get the attention of the two teenagers who were eating each others faces, we left the theatre. I asked about the movie and what not, only to find out it was based off of a book series! I said to myself, "Self, if the movie was that good, the book has to be better". So I bought the book, and began to read it at 11:00pm that night, only to finish at 8:00am the next morning; dying to know what happened next, and so on.

And so here I am months later dying to see New Moon, having read the book a disturbing number of times. I was so sad after finishing Breaking Dawn, because it was over, there was no more of Bella and Edward, or my Favorite...Emmett! But my world changed when I read an interview that Rob Pattz gave. He mentioned something called fanfiction...I googled...you get the idea. I became so consumed with it my life literately revolves around it! My husband is extremely jealous of Twilight, and Fanfiction (well more facfiction now, because all i do is read off my I-phone in bed, or on the couch, hell! even at the bar! lol). I don't watch TV anymore. I hate to clean, cook, or anything else that will take away from me reading. Like I said...disturbingly obsessed!

My best friend Nellie, shares my obsession, and begged me to write her a story. I told her, " I am an okie, Nellie...and i have horrible grammar! I never, ever, ever liked English...people will hate me for my small vocabulary and inability to make complete sentences!" But she continued to beg, so i did. After i finished my first story i was disappointed. I thought it sucked ass, but Nellie loved it, even though it didn't have a hot and heavy sex scene (that little perv! lol). She begged me to write another one, and so i did. And that ladies, and one gentleman (cuz you know that's true); is how Peaches was born. Peaches is a story close to my heart because i based Bella's character off myself, my lifestyle and personality, not to mention upbringing...so, that is where i am right now. ( Well actually it's 3:20 am, and i am in the Doctor's office at the hospital i work at, but who really cares, right?)

I hope you enjoy my one story, BTW reviews are almost as good as chocolate...so...yeah, anywho, thanks for reading my rambling! luv LaceyJ

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