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Ohayo! As you all know my name is The Years Gone By...and maybe some of you know this but they are a band and one of my favorites so i just used that name... i don't own them. but here some information on my being!

Name: The Years gone By

Sex: Female

Height: about 5'2" ish...

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brownish

Interests: sports mainly basketball and softball, Naruto. Rosario Vampire. Slam Dunk. facebook, fanfiction. sleep...yes sleep is important to me.

Hobbies: i usually spend my time playing sports i know from my last profile here that I update kind of slow... i guess.

Likes: Working out, sports, my friends, cell phone, texting, ramen, pockey, my cat.

Dislikes: Boredom, talking on the phone for excessive amounts of time. sometimes my brothers. sometimes my cats, sometimes referees and umpires... yeah.

Dreams for the future: basically to have a family and be happy. but i do really want to have my name be known for a long time...i want to be famous but not rich i dont really care about money.

Mangas/Comics: Mainly Naruto...i love this manga. other than that it would be Slam Dunk and Rosario Vampire.

Intense movies that I love: Transformers 2 is amazing. same with The Proposal...any movie that has Ryan Reynolds in it is amazing or Brad Pitt. my two favorite actors. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Famous people i have a crush on: Ryan Reynolds...sexy man. Brad Pitt, people say he's old but just watch Troy, or Fight Club. you'll change your mind. And Alexander William Gaskarth from the band All Time Low...look 'em up homies, they are intensly amazing...yes

If i were a lesbian i would date...: if i was a lesbian i think i would have a crush on Isla Fisher...i would date her right now and im straight lol. but other than that...Amanda Bines, Megan Fox. ANGELINA JOLIE... but i would have to say i love Isla Fisher till the death of me.

My Favorite Pairings: Naruto x any girl..., Naruto x Harem!! i love harems so much.

My most Hated Pairings: TemarixShikamaru...fuck all you guys out there that like them. NarutoxHinata...all i can say is What the Fuck?

Things i absolutely hate in the Naruto Manga: Sasuke...i won't bash him in my stories because i believe bashing ruins a story, but seriously. He thinks that he can beat Naruto when he pretty much died when he fought Itatchi when Itatchi was only at half power! (Itatchi's fucking awesome by the way) and Itatchi took orders from his superior which was Pein aka Nigato. Itatchi couldn't beat Pein so... Naruto beats Pein, Pein beats Itatchi, Sasuke beats Itatchi, Pein beats Sasuke, and sooooooo as a result Naruto Beats Sasuke!! ha! annnnnnnd i also hate Hinate... enough said. Oh! and Naruto's sense of fashion, i like orange but not on clothing, also jumpsuits are overrated and complete douchebagish...sorry Naruto. get a new outfit, there can be orange, but just have it be a jumpsuit.

Favorite bands: All Time Low.

my stories that i have so far is!!

Legend of Naruto: The Kitsune Monster

It's about Naruto, being sent away by Danzo the Hokage of Konoha, after Naruto defeats Nigato in a battle. Danzo doesn't like him so he sends him away to possibly get an alliance with this school of powerful beings. yes Danzo sends him to a school, which school you ask? well Yokai Academy of course!! haha but anyways Naruto meets Moka, Moka likes his blood, instead of Tsukune's because she didn't meet him till later on. Follows the Manga Rosario Vampire closely but gets more and more original as the story goes on because of some clomplications in the future.

Naruto x Rosario Vampire

Rated M for violence and Language. blah, blah, blah. you are warned, if you think you can't handle this don't read it...

well thats the only book i have right now soo... yeah if anyone wants to message me some ideas to put on my profile because i dont feel like coming up with any other ideas do it cuz i'm awesome and i know you love me... peace out.

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