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Hello to whomever has cared enough to click this. The name's Neurotic Nebula. I'm just a teenage girl living in California who shares a passion for reading and writing. I've been here since I was a wee thirteen-year-old and used to have a lot more stories until I got embarrassed by the quality as my writing improved and deleted them. I'm also prone to going through periods of hiatuses and taking centuries to update.

When it comes to the material I write, I don't limit myself to one fandom, group of people, or what others may think; I write what I want to write. So it's no surprise if I have stories that have nothing to do with one another. Also, if you try to flame me for what I write or who I ship together I will laugh at you.

Favorite Quotes:

"In order for people to be happy, sometimes they have to take risks. It's true these risks can put them in danger of being hurt."

-Meg Cabot

"You will never stub your stub toe standing still. The faster you go, the more chance there is of stubbing your toe, but the more chance you have of getting somewhere."

-Charles Franklin Kettering

"Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing and wishing you had?"


"Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it."

-Rafiki (The Lion King)

"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it."


Total Drama Revival Characters:

Name: Aiden Rose Hall

Nickname: N/A

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Stereotype: The Actor


Eyes (Color/Shape): Light brown, round

Hair (Color/Style): Sides are shaved, but the top is thick and black. It gets curly when it’s wet.

Skin Tone: Slight tan

Body Type (Muscular, skinny, curvy, chubby, ect.): He’s not an active bodybuilder by any means, but puberty gave him the gift of having broad shoulders and a firm body.

Height: 5’8

Weight: 160

Other (Piercings, Tattoos, Scars, Makeup, ect.): He has a strong jawline that’s covered with dark facial hair styled as a scruffy short boxed beard that connects to his hair. He’s told he appears older as a result.


Regular Outfit: Maroon red and black long-sleeved flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, light gray slacks held by a black belt, and dark gray sneakers with white shoelaces. Sometimes he’ll wear black designer sunglasses and/or a light brown cowboy hat.

Pajamas: Dark red briefs

Swimwear: Pale blue swim trunks

Winter: A dark gray wool coat, black skinny jeans, white boots, and a beanie.

Formal: A black and white tuxedo, a black bowtie, and black dress shoes. His hair is slicked back with gel.


Race: Caucasian

Personality (About 2-3 paragraphs long): At first, Aiden appears to be a naïve but sweet guy trying to do the right thing. As an old-fashioned young man who believes in manners and treating others with respect, he tends to believe in not judging others. But this makes him susceptible to being easily controlled if someone says nice-sounding words. Even after someone clearly manipulated him, he will believe him or her if they appear sincere afterwards. Aiden is quick to help others in need, always being one to lend a hand or say kind words to help a poor fella out. His optimistic mindset is one to push down any negative feeling he may experience, unable to handle feeling sad or angry. As a result, he’ll snap at anyone that dares try to get him to open up, but he’s quick to apologize and will give something like flowers to them.

However, what’s important to note is that how Aiden presents himself is a complete lie, using a cowboy persona to cover up his true nature. In reality, he is a pretentious, snobby scumbag, interested only in his goals and anything that can help him reach them. He believes no one should settle less for what they want, and so wants only the best of what is available for him. But this leads to him believing that everything else that is not so good is beneath him, where only the weak could possibly want less for themselves. Aiden is quite close-minded, only trying new things if he thinks they will benefit him or if he feels pressured by others. As for his goal-driven attitude, he will do whatever it takes to win, capable of doing even the lowest of low moves that make him appear cold. He’s able to be this way because he maintains an emotional detachment between himself and others as a way to protect himself from being possibly hurt. Self-preservation is key to Aiden.

Birthday: June 19th

Hometown: Albany, New York

Family: Jane (mother; a nurse) and Karl (father; a doctor)

History (Describe his or her Family/School/Social life): A young man of high prestige, Aiden was born and raised in an upper middle-class family in Albany, New York as a single child in an apartment. In his younger years he was a normal, healthy child, raised mainly by his mother as his father remained working to support the family, and as a result grew a close bond with her, feeling able to talk about anything with her. Growing up, Aiden was given the best of clothes, toys, and an education in a private school, but he remained a pretty nice kid when younger. But this changed when his mother left to go to work again when he was 6, leaving him in the care of his older cousin, Lila, from 2-7 PM every day.

Lila was obsessed with celebrities and always watched movies with Aiden. Her glamorizing celebrities and actors during a time where Aiden felt lonely because he spent less time with his mother made Aiden want to become an actor to have people look at him that way, and so he had his parents enroll him into acting classes at age 9. From there life went to hell. With other kids and parents being competitive to have their child be the star, Aiden had to learn a few nasty tricks in order to remain at top and be the best as anyone could be. Unfortunately, his new attitude has left many people repulsed by him, and so he has little to no friends now. They usually just gossip and go to Starbucks or theaters. In school, he just does enough to get by without being reprimanded by his parents. But Aiden doesn’t care much about having a lot of friends or school. As long as he gets his claim to fame, he’ll be satisfied.

Fear(s) and why: Subways. When he was 5, he lost his mother as he and she had to take it as an emergency when their car broke down. He couldn’t find her, and he ended up being trapped alone in a train full of people for about an hour, only found by a police officer after sheer luck. This was his first experience of being separated from his mother, and being near anything like a subway or train triggers anxiety.

Secrets: He loves comic books (favorite superhero is Iron Man), he doesn’t know how to swim, despite owning swimming trunks, and he’s a huge mama’s boy. He began to read comic books when he was 12 when a classmate showed him of one about Iron Man. He doesn’t own any, but he get giddy when he sees one. He also doesn’t know how to swim because he never bothered to learn. Him being a mama’s boy stems from being close to his mother, but he doesn’t tell anyone due to not wanting to appear weak.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Paired Up?: Possibly

If so, with what type of person?: -

How would he/she act around their crush?: If he recognizes that someone likes him, he’ll be his persona and act like a gentleman, doing kind things for them such as helping them stand up, opening doors, and doing favors. However, if he does form an actual crush, he’ll be in denial and get his true feelings mixed up with his fake ones.

How would he/she act around friends?: He’ll chat with them and try to be casual. He does maintain a certain distance, however, so he doesn’t get too comfortable with them.

How would he/she act around enemies?: He’ll glare at them and mumble insults under his breath. When they push his buttons, he won’t be quiet about showing his distaste and be open about how he feels.

How would he/she act around Chris?: Passive aggressive. He’ll make quips about Chris but hide it under his good Southern façade.

How would he/she act around Chef Hatchet?: Quiet. The man is someone that Aiden genuinely fears.


Likes: Acting, movies, TV, celebrities, gossiping, birthdays, reading (“Just manuscripts!”), plays, musicals, sleeping in, cooking (mainly French cuisine), coffee, Starbucks, drinking, comedies, rollercoasters, guns, Broadway, Hollywood, pot, concerts, money, sports, and parties.

Dislikes: Anime, cartoons, swimming, rain, nature, bugs, animals, video games, baking, flirting, hospitals, pranks, unrefined behavior (burping, chewing with mouth open, farting, ect.), old people, children, fat people, philosophy, sharing, waiting, and school.

Hobbies: Practicing his acting skills, chatting, watching TV/movies, making origami, playing his guitar, and browsing social media sites on his phone.

Talent(s): Besides acting very well, he can make a bunch of origami figurines and can play the guitar.

Strengths (At least 3): He is a smooth-talker than charms people, he is an excellent liar, he is quick to adapt to situations, and he has a strong memory.

Weaknesses (At least 3): He has trust issues, he is shallow, he is bad at cooperating with others, and he holds grudges over the smallest of things that manifest into hate.

Important possessions he/she brought: His touch screen phone, a guitar, and three bottles of whiskey

Medical Condition(s) (if any): N/A

Alliance? If so, what role does he/she act as? (ex. Leader, follower, ect.): He’d act as the follower, but he is willing to play alongside another alliance if it means he can get farther.

Attractiveness Scale (0-10): 6

Does he/she swear? When and how often?: Only when in pain. Swearing is for the common people.

If he/she a Protagonist, Antagonist, or Neutral?: Antagonist

Favorite Past Contestant: Heather

Why did he/she join TDR?: He wants the exposure to show the world of his acting skills. The money is a bonus that will help his future career.

Audition Tape (paragraph format):

The camera turns on upside down, with the camera closed up on the face of a bearded teenager. “Is this dang tarnation on?” mumbled the voice. Messing with some buttons, he holds the camera out, readjusting the focus to be on his upper torso. In the background he appears to be in a nicely decorated living room. The teenager is wearing a blue buttoned up shirt and jeans. “Howdy yall!” He greeted, grinning. “The name’s Aiden Rose Hall, and ah would be honored to be on yer show! I’m just a poor Southern fella from Mississippi who’s in need of money to help out mah folks and seven sistas and brothas. Yer show never had a cowboy, so ah thought ah would join. Ah know I’m not handsome, and mah family don’t think I’m too bright either, but ah promise that you’ve never had someone like me before!”

Instead of ending the video, Aiden flips the camera, walks a few steps, and sets it on a stand. “There. Much better.” He said, his voice dropping the accent. He steps backwards again. “So what you just saw there was a character I created. The truth is, I’m a full-blooded Yankee, not a white trash hick.” Aiden rolled his eyes. “You see, I want to be an actor. That’s been my dream for, like, ever. I’ll do whatever it takes to get to my dream. And your show would be a great stage to act on. On the show I’ll pretend to be a simple-minded good guy that others would want to use. Nobody would expect a Southern gentleman to be bad. The money would be nice to win, but I just really want to use my acting skills to mess with people and show the world that I’m a force to be reckoned with, especially when I show people that I can take any curveball you throw at me.” He winks at the camera before shutting it off.

Basic Info—

Name (Full): Leah Ramirez

Nickname (If any): Lee (but only for those she considers friends)

Age (16-18): 18

Gender: Female

Stereotype: The Reporter


Eyes (Color/Shape): Dark brown, almond-shaped

Hair (Color/Style): Long, straight dark brown hair that goes down to near her butt, with bangs that cover her forehead. Sometimes she ties her hair in a ponytail when needed.

Skin Tone: Somewhat dark olive skin

Body Type (Muscular, skinny, curvy, chubby, ect.): She’s skinny, but her muscle mass is lacking due to no exercising. She does maintain an hourglass figure, however, but nothing too remarkable about her body.

Height: 5’2

Weight: 115

Other (Piercings, Tattoos, Scars, Makeup, Chest size (if girl), ect.): She wears touches of concealer (to hide acne), black eyeliner, and red lipstick. Her chest size is B-cup, and she has a tattoo of a star on the back of her left shoulder.


Regular Outfit: A mid-thigh white spaghetti-strap sundress that has pink and red flowers, red sandals, and a white headband. She also tends to carry around her shoulder a purple purse filled with makeup of all sorts, a mirror, and “female napkins”, in case of emergencies.

Pajamas: A pink tank top that has a pair of red lips with the word “Kisses” above them, black briefs, and white slippers when out of bed.

Swimwear: A full body black swimsuit

Winter: An oversized yellow turtleneck sweater, a white scarf, black pants, and brown Timberland boots.

Formal: A navy blue maxi v-neck dress, black stilettos, and a (fake) pearl necklace. Her hair is tied into a bun, and she wears gold and small hoop earrings.


Race: Cuban

Personality (About 2-3 paragraphs long): Honesty is a trait that Leah values over everything else. Naturally a curious person, once she sees or hears something that may not be true, she engages in a crusade to find out the truth, with boundaries of what she should and should not do to obtain the information practically nonexistent. It doesn’t matter who tried to lie or how it was covered up; if Leah senses a lie, she is out to find the truth, whether it’s as petty as someone stealing a piece of gum or a conspiracy (though her effort level does depend if it is possibly serious). Honesty, in her opinion, is the most important foundation for any relationship, and with her focus in trying to be a good person and do the right thing, she feels obligated to tell the truth. Leah is a very open person as a result, and so she feels comfortable with letting people know how she feels or what she thinks about a situation, even among people who don’t want to hear her opinion.

When Leah is not snooping or indignant, she is not a bad person to hang out with. She can carry a conversation and tries to be polite, keeping a professional appearance that can either be off-putting or interesting to someone. But that professionalism is short-lived when Leah encounters a jerk whether directly or not. She’s not afraid to stand up for others, even against someone more than a foot taller than her. Despite her constant talking, she is able to listen to others, taking in their ideas and respond in ways that help people feel what they are saying is important. With working, she puts in all her effort for trying to complete the main goal, possibly sacrificing herself if it means the greater cause is achieved. But despite trying to be moral, Leah does recognize that sometimes in life people have to do bad things for a good cause; she’ll lie and cheat if she feels there’s no other choice if it means to protect herself or someone she cares about.

Birthday: October 20

Hometown: San Diego, California

Family: Jenna (mother; receptionist), Mario (father; janitor), Mariana (grandmother), Luke (brother; 20), and Frankie (brother; 19)

History (Describe his or her Family/School/Social life): Leah did not grow up in the best of economic or social situations. Her family was poor and her parents did whatever they could for their three children by working long hours and leaving them in the care of their father’s mother until she passed away when Leah was 13. But as the youngest child of three, with her two siblings being boys, as well as being small for her age, Leah had to develop a loud voice and hardheaded attitude in order to survive being picked on, although she has since mellowed out considerable since her elementary years. But despite the fights Leah engaged with her brothers, they were quite close and known as the “Three Musketeers” with how much time they played and spent time together (most of which was getting in trouble). Leah formed strong bonds with her grandmother and brothers, but not so much with her parents.

Growing up, Leah always liked to dress feminine, wearing dresses and occasionally touch of lip-gloss. But she still got down and dirty, her adventurous tomboy side showing. But in school, she was made fun of, and it only worsened as her classmates went through puberty and Leah didn’t so much, causing Leah to be a target of bullying during middle school by being called a boy who wears dresses among other slurs, and so she decided to keep the boyish side of her hidden and intensify the amount of makeup she wears. But she kept her grades up considerably well despite this ordeal. Her social life went up as she joined high school, determined to make her life better. She joined yearbook and her school’s paper, learning social skills that have favored her well in creating many (if not close) friends. Leah eventually founded her school’s news program (with her as an anchor), believing it’s important to keep people educated with knowing the truth.

Fear(s) and why: Elevators. She doesn’t have a story to explain why they scare her, but she hates the idea of being in a cramped space in something that could fall and kill her.

Secrets: She is a tomboy and her past relationships have all failed quite badly. Despite her girly nature, she is a huge tomboy by heart; she loves to play video games and listens to heavy metal, but she keeps this secretive so she does not tarnish her image. She also keeps secret that her first girlfriend cheated on her after three months of dating and the second girlfriend, even though they dated for almost a year, grew too clingy for Leah’s liking. She broke up with the ex-girlfriend, who responded by spray painting Leah’s house and leaving a threatening note that Leah never showed anyone.

Sexuality: Homosexual

Paired Up?: Possibly

If so, with what type of person?: -

How would he/she act around their crush?: Considering Leah wants to focus on winning, she’ll consider them threatening to her focus. She’ll act rudely to them and criticize their every move, as a means to get them to (hopefully) stay away from her. She’ll probably even start bickering over the smallest of things. But by the chance that they get through those barriers, she acts like a nervous wreck in fumbling over her own words and blushing profusely.

How would he/she act around friends?: Leah is simply herself, though she does try to refrain herself from being distrustful of them. She is loyal and tends to drag them in on her crusades. Leah may even be willing to keep a secret for people she considers to be close friends.

How would he/she act around enemies?: Leah is especially blunt about how she feels. She’ll not attack verbally with insults unless provoked, though.

How would he/she act around Chris?: Respectable. Despite his lack regard for humanity that makes him reprehensible, Leah does find him to be funny. And it would be better to try to make a friend out of him than an enemy.

How would he/she act around Chef Hatchet?: Also respectable. He’s no better than Chris, but again, he’s funny and being his friend would be a wiser move.


Likes: Talking, the news, reporting, yearbook, writing, candy, fruit, candles, video games, music (mostly metal and dubstep), reality TV, vines, shopping, dancing, puzzles, conservation, animals, flowers, showering, stargazing, romance, and glow in the dark things.

Dislikes: Driving, heights, things taller than her, bigotry, waiting, overly hot or cold weather, spicy/fast food, exercising, sweat, body odor, loud noises, crowds, horror, catcalling and unwanted flirting, reading, fire, crying, MTV, TMZ, blood, elitists, camping, and sports.

Hobbies: Uncovering lies, exploring, swimming, giving makeovers, solving puzzles, knitting, listening to music, and playing games.

Talent(s): She knows quite a bit of makeup techniques, knows graphic designing, and can knit mittens, scarves, and socks.

Strengths (At least 3): She has a high pain tolerance, she has good hand-eye coordination, she is open minded, and she is a focused, hardworking individual.

Weaknesses (At least 3): She is weak physically, she is horribly insecure about her appearance, she is too blunt, and she can be extremely annoying.

Important possessions he/she brought: Her makeup bag, an iPod, a knitting needle, and thread

Medical Condition(s) (if any): N/A

Alliance? If so, what role does he/she act as? (ex. Leader, follower, ect.): The mediator. If issues arise in the alliance, she’d be the first to try to resolve them by trying to talk things through.

Attractiveness Scale (0-10): 8 with makeup, but without it drops down to a 5

Does he/she swear? When and how often?: She tries not to swear, but she does it involuntary when surprised or really pissed off.

If he/she a Protagonist, Antagonist, or Neutral?: Neutral

Favorite past contestant: Brick

Why did he/she join TDR?: She tried to join the Ridonculous Race several times with one of her brothers as a team, but they have not been accepted. She decided to try Total Drama to see what her chances of being accepted would be instead. She wants to join for the experience, and the money would be a big boost in funding for college.

Audition Tape (paragraph format):

The video starts but rather than begin with some, an animated title card pops up on the screen with the words “Roosevelt High Presents: the Daily Dolphins”. The title card zooms off camera, revealing two teenagers in uniforms sitting behind a desk. One is a tall Asian male, and the other is a much shorter Cuban girl. The male is the first to speak.

“Welcome viewer for another update from the Daily Dolphins, bringing you the latest news in our school. But we’re not going to be doing that today. Instead, this is going to be a special message for Chris McLean from my co-host Leah Ramirez.”

“Thank you Dusty,” said Leah, flashing him a smile. She turns to the camera. “I believe that I am a perfect candidate for your show. I am bold, I am determined, and I am beautiful.”

“Emphasis on the beautiful!” interjected Dusty.

Leah continued, “Once I set my mind on something, nothing will stand in my way. In fact, I founded this show, and we’re quite popular. We have a youtube channel with nearly a thousand subscribers and our own fully functioning website! It’s certainly not as noteworthy as your amazing show or your website, but hey, if I, a high school student, can do this, then there’s nothing stopping me from becoming the next winner in Total Drama. And that’s all I have to say.” She leaned back into her chair.

“Well, that’s all we have to show,” said Dusty. “Daily Dolphins signing off!” Both he and Leah exclaimed together as the screen went black.

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