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Name: Just call me Marie. Only a few people in this site can know my real name.

Age: That is for me to know, and for you to not find out.

Update: 3/12/2011

Okay...I know its been, what? Months since I've last updated but yeah, things were getting really hectic. I hope you all understand! But I updated to tell everyone that I'm officially going back to my stories and try to fix them up a bit (as I have with the Alphabet Challenge), especially Pranks. But this time, I'm going to take it slowly. I've noticed a lack of Pokeshipping fics nowadays (also with Mimato, which is why I came back) so I decided to return. I could never publish a story without it nagging at the back of my head.

So anyways, the next chapter for the Alphabet Challenge will come tonight. I'm not, in any way, satisfied with its outcome, but, let's just say there are no more options. Hope you all understand again!


(I've decided to keep this part up, just in case anyone wants to see my opinion.
Please skip if you think you'll be offended with my thoughts on the two subjects below.)

So lately I've been rather busy searching up inspiration for the next chapters of my unfinished stories. I've come across many, many Pokeshipping stories and in my opinion, they were a great piece of work. However, I also read forums indicating Misty's return to D/P.

When I was reading all of the comments, most of them were to say, "I wish Misty were back as a main character!" and so on. I shared the same thoughts as them, though I may say I got really ticked off when some were answering: "She has no reason to return as a main protagonist in the series. Before she did, but Misty got her bike back." and also a Pokeshipping hint in the Advanced Generation(?) movie starring Jirachi.

For the Pokeshipping hint, Ash CLEARLY stated that: "I had a best friend once. And I miss her everyday."

Many people claim that he was not pertaining to Misty, but when you're a hardcore Pokeshipper like I am, sometimes your instincts react. First of all, who could Ash be talking about? A lot of them say that it could possibly be any girl he met in his journeys, but seriously? Was he close to any of them anyway? Who else did he consider as his best friends besides his traveling partners? It just goes to show that many anti-Pokeshippers are not very careful in their words. Ash and Misty fought a lot, sure, but they had never emotionally and seriously hurt one another, have they? I don't understand why some people claim that he's talking about other girls or possibly even Melody. Hell, he wasn't even close to the latter, or any other girls besides Misty, May and Dawn! Recklessness and wish for Pokeshipping to be destroyed probably caused the arguments I read in a forum. If you would ask me, questioning the girl whom Ash was talking about is just plain dumb.

As for the 'no reason' comment, we all know that Misty almost never followed Ash for her bike. It was so, obviously clear even from the first episode that the bike would soon be forgotten. Misty returned to the gym in Cerulean because her sisters weren't going to be around, and for fear that they were going to sell the gym. When she got her bike back, did she look all too happy? I agree that Misty may not return as a main character in the future series, but even so, she still has plenty reasons to travel with Ash. First, wasn't it her ultimate dream to become a Water Pokemon Master? If so, then she couldn't possibly fulfill that dream all cooped up in the gym. And who better to travel with than her own friends? Besides, if anything, her sisters could take over once again if she wanted to leave. And nonetheless, she DIDN'T need a reason to travel with her best friends again, did she? The bike was an excuse to travel with him.

Oh, and let's not forget. Ash has two things of Misty: The lure and her hanky, while the only rememberance he has of May is the half-contest ribbon.

Anyways, if you feel whatsoever offended with my personal opinion on the two things that irritated me, then I apologize. It was not my intention to personally insult someone's thoughts without my wholesome knowledge. If you would like to share to me your own opinion, then I would gladly entertain thoughts and reply.

?: I'm sorry if I did not get the right season. I've stopped -seriously- watching Pokemon after Misty's departure from the show. It seems that a lot of people could say the same, too.

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