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I can only be describe as a:

Nörd (Swedish)

Sonderling (German)

Nullità (Italian)

退屈な人 (Japanese)

Lerdo (Portuguese)

болван (Russian)

Empollón (Spanish)

Ballot (French)

書呆子 (Chinese-trad.)

Or to put it simply; a nerd...

(If it's the wrong word, then I apologise)

More about myself?

-Well, my sexual orientation is straight, but I'm in the strong belief that my soul-mate is going to be a girl just to spite me.. After all, fate is a btch, sometimes..

I wear glasses because It makes me look smart and also able to see... better.

Life Goals:

1) Travel by airplane (accomplished)

2) Tricking people to believe that I'm so dumb that I probably would forget the art of breathing. (Which I actually does when I'm fast walking..)

3) Getting a kid that's either hermaphrodite or albino.. Always been a dream of mine.

4) Make my twin sister actually finish one/all of her story/-ies she just can't continue so that I can post them up on (Never gonna happen..)

Funny events with my family:

Conversation between me and my twin sister at 6:22 am one morning:

Me: Catty, what would you rather choose? A kiss of death from a hot guy or a kiss of life from a geekish kind of guy? I mean, the worst kind..

Catty: Hot one. 'Couse then I can die happy.

Shouting match with my sister and I:

Catty: I don't cook because I think it's fun!

Me: And I don't eat your food because I like it! .:Realized what I just said:. ... I didn't meant it like that!!

Catty: .:door-slam:.

Questions from my sister (About DN Angel):

Catty: Do you know what DN stands for?

Me: Doesn't it stands for Daisuke Niwa? ...So what does the A stands for?

Catty: .:Unbelieving stare:.

Me: Oh, right! Angel.. .:Epic phail:.

My sister and I passing frisbee to each other (missing grandly each time):

Catty: .:Missing me once more by "a mile":.

Me: Who are you passing to?

Catty: .:Sarcasm:. Your twins sister .:end sarcasm:.

Me: But you doesn't stand there.. .:Laughing:.

My brother (Monkey1), my sister and I are flipping a key chain with my siblings pictures on:

Catty: No! .:Monkey's picture up:.

Monkey: Was it my picture up?

Me: No, it was your evil twin brother.. .:Deadpan:.

.:Repeat a couple of times:.

Catty: Yes! .:Catty's picture up:.

Monkey: Was it Catty's picture now?

Me: No, it was my evil twin sister .:Deadpan:.

Catty: Hey! I'm not evil!! .:Annoyed:.

(1 If you ask him anything he'll sometimes answer with "Monkey?")

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